[PROPOSAL] FRIDN - first do2earn loyalty program mobile app

FRIDN (www.fridn.com) is a blockchain web3.0 ecosystem in which people are rewarded for useful actions (like taking steps) in the form of FAR tokens, which are redeemed by a business to attract new or retain existing customers.


  • FRIDN NFT is a virtual representation of a person that needs to be fed, treated, taught and developed
  • Differents in-game activities
  • Easy and multiform marketing integrations for businesses;

The project was founded in 2017, and the first public launch took place in Q2 2018. For several years, we have been researching and testing various hypotheses and testing business processes. As a result, in Q3 2021 we found a unique business model that combines the real economy and the crypto world in a single space.

So now, more than 40 thousand private users are registered in the project, and we have processed more than 13 billion steps! In addition, in the spring and summer of 2020, we successfully challenged Microsoft’s application for a patent for the technology of paying rewards in cryptocurrency to people for physical actions.

We want to speed up the development of core mechanics with NEAR protocol and share our expertise with your community.

The platform

FRIDN is not just a game. FRIDN is a web3 do2earn&loyalty system for the real economy.

The ecosystem

Platform - web and android/iOS app;

Marketplace - home of the platform’s auction house and economy driver;

The main idea

At the moment, there is a fully functioning application on Android and IOs

In the future, after a complete update of the application, it will be possible for private users to develop their NFT avatar by upgrading its characteristics by upgrading their characteristics in the real world (steps / running, active sports, health, sleep, learning languages, learning and educational games for children , social activity, etc.)

All this will allow you to come up with an unlimited number of game scenarios for developing your NFT avatar, and consequently keeping the user in the ecosystem for as long as possible

Fridn Promo

The customers

There are 3 types of Users:

Regular players - “do-to-earn” players who expect earnings for winning games;

Guilds and Unions - communities of user which can unite to increase benefits from using platform

Businesses - companies with ability to integrate own marketing companies;

The goal

Create first and biggest do2earn & loyalty system and we already on the way

Goals with NEAR

As we’re collaborating with HumanGuild with this grant, we’re planning the following steps:

Integration of FRIDN to NEAR ecosystem

The first NFT sale will be on NEAR

Part of token sales will be on NEAR.

NEAR will be the entry point for our users.

Building of motivated, strong big community in social networks and Discord with more than 500k members

The market

We focus not at gamers but at people who take part in businesses loyalty programs ~ 1.05 billion

The Roadmap

Q3 2022 - migration to public blockchain, mobile app upgrade, team development and recruitment, preparation of marketing events

Q4 2022 - attraction of private users, development of an application for business participants

Q1 2023 - attracting private users and business participants, as well as attracting investments: with the help of VC, Crypto Funds, IDO, Launchpad and public sale of tokens

Q2 2023 - attraction of private users and business participants, as well as listings on CEX / DEX exchanges

Q3 2023 - attracting private users and business participants from European countries as well as listings on CEX / DEX exchanges

Q4 2023 - attraction of private users and business participants from Asian countries as well as listings on CEX / DEX exchanges

2024 - marketplace development and global expansion

The Team

Alexander Mashiach Spindler, CEO linkedin(dot)com/in/olspindler/

Boris Rozenberg, CFO linkedin(dot)com/in/boris-rosenberg-052a7490/

Alexander Donos, CTO linkedin(dot)com/in/alexander-donos-a4499968/

Alex Reva, Lead Blockchain Dev linkedin(dot)com/in/daniel-ganbarov-0a01001b7/

The costs

We asking the grant for blockchain integration development and marketing goods to bring as minimum 50 000 new users to NEAR ecosystem

Total Request: 25,000 NEAR

I suggest that you familiarize yourself with a more informative presentation


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