[PROPOSAL] Form Wyoming DAO LLC for TulumCoin DAO


Amount requested: $50

Wallet: Shiftshapr.near

This is a proposal to form a Wyoming DAO LLC on chain using otoco.io. the cost is $39. It does not require anyone’s name to be on DAO LLC. My East address would be associated with the DAO LLC. That would not provide me any benefits regarding ownership of the Dow though I would have access to the administration panel which includes the ability to issue a token and crowd pool for the launch of a token. I obviously would not do anything like that without the Dow’s approval.

The benefit of having a Wyomig DAO LLC is it will allow us to enter into legal contracts, provide everybody in the DAO with limited liability protection, and provide Safe Harbor for 3 years during which the DAO should become decentralized. I think we can do that much sooner.

Here are some articles that you may find interesting:

Note that otoco.io is able to offer DAOs permanently on-chain for 39 DAI Is that it is sub entity (member of a series of DAOs) governed by their series master. The series master/series member does not confer any ownership rights but it enables us to register for a lower fee and also to not have to have register agent or to disclose members. Normally the state charges $100 to form.

Total Amount: $50

$39 DAI =$39
$11 fees = $11 (1 purchase, transfer to Metamask, DAO Formation transaction fee)

Team: please weigh in. Are there any changes that you would need to see to be supportive of the proposal?

Council members: please weigh in. Are there any changes that you would need to see to be supportive of the proposal? If all council members give their explicit consent (or abstain for 24 hours), i will post the proposal and any changes to the AstroDAO. If 24hours is too short, we can make it 48 hours.

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Awesome @shiftshapr i think is perfect!
I would love to know if someone from this forum has any kind of suggestion on this topic, we would love to have some guidance from the Near Gov forum.

@Dacha @adrianseneca @godofnfts @osc.near @cryptocredit Any suggestions or contacts that can guide us with this?

Hello, this is proposal to TulumCoin DAO, but I can cover the expenses. Have a great day.

Cc: @shiftshapr


OW thanks @Dacha !!
The proposal and the tagg was not for asking u guys for the money, more like your advise an opinion on this subject.

But thanks so much for your support! its very appreciated!
Sending u guys blessings to Portugal if you are there! i wish i was there, i would love to meet everyone in person.


Thanks @Dacha ! Much appreciated. Every little bit helps when we are bootstrapping.


No problem. Please, let me know if I can help you.