[PROPOSAL] FOR NPK GUILD (NEAR Protocol Nigeria) November/December activities

Post to be created under NPK GUILD (Near protocol Nigeria)


Hello @Kareemc2 ! Thanks for sharing this proposal

Please could you share more links here on your post, for example, will be nice to check on the Nigeria Fintech webpage or events where you participate with them, any relation there, or how are you going to connect with them

Also, you don’t need to ask for funds to start this activities:

  1. Increase activities within the near Nigeria telegram group in terms of number and interactions targeting an average of 50 messages per day
  1. Opening up more social media accounts in popular platforms individuals and corporate bodies use to get relevant information
  1. Creation of at least 8 graphics/Infographics/meme per week which will be used to interact with our communities on various social media platforms
  1. Translation of already prepared articles into the 3 major languages in Nigeria, meaning we expect to have a minimum of 6 Translations by the end of the month.
  1. Hosting at least two AMA sections one in NEAR Protocol Nigeria telegram group and second in any of Nigeria creator or developer group

You should start this activities right away ! :rocket: and you will be rewarded by OWS if the quality and the content create value to the ecosystem @Sofia_Alum

Cheers :beers: :v: