[Proposal] for funding for Airloom iteration

As the NFT ecosystem on NEAR expands there is going to be a need for an over arching social layer that will allow people to not only interact (comment, like, share etc) with each others on-chain activities, but to also enable P2P sharing as the ultimate expression of decentralisation.

Enter AIRLOOM. MagicPowered has built the MVP of Airloom, a “instagram” style platform to display, share and interact with NFT collections of users in this steadily growing ecosystem.

The current proposal is to request funds to cover the next two iteration of the product to expand both the type of assets - FT and semi-fungible assets - but also increase the scope of Airloom from a sharing application to a Social interaction/sharing protocol for the entire NEAR ecosystem.

The next two iterations are as follows:

  • Iteration 1 - P2P barter SC development. In this iteration the team will build and test the smart contract to enable sharing and bartering of non-fungible, semi-fungible and fungible assets. Once tested, the SC will be integrated with the current application to allow users to trade assets among themselves
  • Iteration 2 - Protocol development and tokenomics. Building a sustainable protocol requires strong tokenomics. The last part of product development will require building on two fronts - building out a protocol by expanding the system of smart contracts, and rigorously building and simulating tokenomics of the protocol.

Estimated timeline:

  • Iteration 1 : 3 months

  • Iteration 2 : 4 months

Estimated budget : 20,000 NEAR

Project pitch deck: Airloom_Pitch Deck.pdf - Google Drive