[PROPOSAL ] Film poster art competition

Hi all!

Proposal for a bounty for an art competition. The competition will be to create original alternative posters for classic films. It will be a great way to engage local artists with film, and fuse the two genres. Seeing the work of the Polish Poster School has been very inspiring, and there is definitely a lot that can be done with the format! www.polishposter.com. They have some amazing work on their site, and it’s well worth checking out.

The three winning entries will be posted on the Black Cat website, blog, and social media, and be minted into NFTs. @tabear has kindly offered to help with minting. Two will go into the upcoming BCC Mintbase store, and one will be donated to the Muti Mintbase store.

Bounty funding request: Total $150 in NEAR

Funds to be divided as follows:

1st place $75 in N.
2nd place $45 in N.
3rd place $30 in N.

Additional funding request:
6.5N for setting up the Mintbase store.

Timeline: Competition open for 14 days after approval. Winners announced 4 days later via BCC and Muti channels.


Looping in @marianeu @tabear

Hi! @BlackCatCinema

Thanks for making this proposal!

The audience for the competition would apply to the Bounty here at the Forum?

Also some utility for the poster NFT’s would be cool, that could be related to your project, beside being a digital asset, but It really depends on the idea of this proposal.

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Hi! @TRosario

Apologies for the slow response.

From the competitions I’ve seen before, it looks easiest to post the entries directly in the post. They would be large image files, so it might make sense to ask people to post smaller versions here, and then email the full quality files.

The initial idea was that the NFTs would be the digital asset of the art, and simply serve to be art without any other purpose. But if there is a way to utilise them then that would be brilliant! At the moment I’m wondering how else they could be used… I’m definitely open to ideas about what could be done with them to further their utility. This field is relatively new, so any guidance is always appreciated!