[PROPOSAL]February, 2023-NEAR Japan

Hi all!
I am vinyl from Fracton Ventures(NEAR Japan)

[NEAR Japan]

  • Funding scheme: Monthly
  • Lead: vinyl from Fracton Ventures
  • Payment: fr-grant.near

[What is NEAR Japan?]
NEAR Japan is managed by Fracton Ventures, Japan’s first web3 incubator, and has been active since last November when it was awarded two grants, NEAR Education Grant and NEAR SAMURAI DAO.Its activities are not limited to Japan; it has also committed as a partner of the NEAR India Accelerator and participated in NEARCON last year and this year.Through this activity, many Japanese people have learned about NEAR, and the number of people who are interested in NEAR is increasing.As NEAR Japan, we have spoken at keynote sessions at the Tokyo Web3 Hackathon, which was attended by about 400 people, and at invitation-only events organized by Coinbase Japan.We will continue these activities and make this proposal to support the Japanese community and developers.

・Twitter: japan_near
Followers: 750+

・Twitter Community
Members: 1200+

・Telegram(NEAR Smurai DAO)
Members: 200+

Social Media → Promotion & Community Channels → Twitter & Telegram

  • Task: Daily posts on Twitter,Support community members on Twitter Community & Telegram
  • KPIs : increase community members
  • Metrics: increase the number of new followers and community members
  • Budget : $1,000

We have been using Telegram since the beginning of NEAR Japan, but we noticed that Twitter is used more than Telegram in Japan. Therefore, we have been active as a Twitter Community as our main community. We have been more successful in getting information about NEAR to a larger number of users here.On the other hand, we also receive occasional inquiries on Telegram, so we are constantly managing that as well.

Content → Audio → Twitter Space(NEAR Talk)

  • Task: A Twitter Space will be held once a month to deliver updates on the NEAR ecosystem.
  • KPIs : More than 100 members participate.
  • Metrics: increase the number of new follwers.
  • Budget :$100

In previous NEAR Talks, we have used Link3 to issue WEST (like a POAP), which has been successful in getting many users to participate. However, we realized that this included bots, so we plan to implement Twitter Space without using Link3 in the future.

Content → Writing → Guide,News

  • Task: Translate articles published by NEAR Foundation into Japanese and publish them on Medium
  • KPIs : 4 translated articles published per month
  • Metrics: To be able to follow the latest information on NEAR in Japanese
  • Budget :$400

Japan is not an English-speaking country, so there is a language barrier, which we believe is a very big problem. So we will translate important information from the NEAR Foundation into Japanese and publish it as articles.

Total Cost: $1,500


Thank you for your proposal. Could you please fill out the form Form Marketing DAO Proposal Application and share links on Near Japan social media? Thanks!

Hi @vinyl

Can you please include the links to your previous Twitter Spaces, Telegram Channel, and Medium?

Usually, with first-time proposals, we like to see what has been completed within the first month to determine if additional funding is relevant.

Would you be willing to change the propsal to a 1 month proposal?

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Thanks for checking this propossal!
Fill out the form above to change your proposal to a 1 month proposal.

Sounds good, I hope it get approved

Thank you for checking our proposal!
Proposal has been revised to one month.

Unfortunately my account does not seem to allow me to post links or images. How can I do this?

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