[PROPOSAL] Favela Session's Podcast DAO

Project title: Favela Session´s Podcast DAO 1/2
Purpose: Creation of a DAO that will showcase and support the local economy of non-normative creators, designers & performers within a podcast.
Projeto DAO: Social Token DAO
Challenge area: propose your own challenge
Project members:
*Ana Paula Miranada Casa de Criação Miranda (anapaulamiranda.near)

  • Samantha @mxlll Muleca13 (muleca13.near)
    *Jô Kalagary (kalagary.near)

Project Wallet: favelalx.near
Favela Lx

We intend to create a seasonal series of events, starting with a PodCast to host and support creatives of all kinds that will include art market, talks about contemporary social issues, talks about blockchain integration, concerts, poetry slams, bar, NFTs & Fashion show. FavelaLx NFT Arte Project has a strong educational and social focus, and we would love to promote debates across different communities. So this events will happen in differents venues and neighbourhoods in Lisbon in order to grasp all kinds of backgrounds.To cast the project, we already have the support of Homie’s a Local Joint a charming restaurant in São Vicente de Fora, Lisbon Central Neighborhood, which have already accepted a partnership with FavelaLx NFT Arte Project in the integration of the events that promote the NEAR Protocol, that also support our podcast project, accepting to sell tapas and drinks, as well as Homie’s Street Closed, which will accepts Near in your negotiations especially for the hosting of our first episode and more If the project moves forward with your support, collaborating in the creation of an experience with the use of crypto currency Near.
After the launch of her first exhibition at the artist residency Arroz/Near, Jô Kalagary, also invited two more art educators to compose the framework of the FavelaLx NFT Arte Project, thus introducing two more members who are willing to collaborate in the construction of our Near community, giving body the creation of our own DAO…
_ support non-normatives creatives from all backgrounds, working with them on the creational process of and the comprehension of Blockchain, NFT´s market and Near Protocol, onboarding them first with a Wallet, them MintBase and NFT at favelalx.near if appropriate also ask for funds to help them open there won Mintbase NFT Shop and selling their art at the venues
_integrate different communities by boosting collaborations between different agents working in the community to create the contents/events and all the technical solutions that the project demands in the same economic model with events that have focus on showcasing the artists that´s building the FavelaLx NFT Arte Project or it’s working with Blockchain, NFT´s & Near Protocol by inviting them to talk about their experience within.
_try new ways of rewarding participation by inviting intellectuals, sociologists & anthropologists to talk about the FavelaLx NFT Arte Project, Blockchain, NFT, Near, Ecology and Social Issues that can be related to the FavelaLx NFT Arte Project also build a relationship during the construction of the project we´ll give incentives to all of them to use the coins between us and at the venues, instead of the exchange agences.

Technical Execution

We´re asking a total of 70N In order to get the first part of project started, we need to cover costs such as the;

Favela Session ́s PodCast Brand Design & Develop 70N (only once)

We need one week to showcase that proof after release of funds to:

Initially the FavelaLx NFT Art, by the name of Favela Session´s - Podcast Project- has one-year plans and We are requesting funding for the production of the first 3 months of the project, with a total of 8 content per month, divided into 2 new content releases per week and then so more three months till the end of the project, started immediately after the release of funds, taking till 2/3 weeks to launch the podcast.
Note: It´s imperative that all project collaborators create their wallets in order to trade their coins among community members.

Additional Section

Ana Paula Miranda Casa de Criação Miranda (anapaulamiranda.near)
Ana Paula Miranda, black woman, mother, creator of the brand Casa de Criação Miranda, multi-artist who started working in the arts in 1999 at UNB (Federal University of Brasília) and walked a whole path in various aspects of the artistic area. Having worked with the audiovisual (producers: dog face, conspiracy, gift artistic productions) She was part of the team of the feature " Mulher Invisible", she worked in various segments of the theatrical area, production assistant, makeup artist, props, set designer and costume designer. He is currently part of the team at Circo Macaco Prego, a children’s entertainment company.

The visual arts was and is the language that, during the pandemic, the artist realized a way to continue living from her art. Despite painting since he was 13, he chose painting as a language to portray his particular universe. Always with inspiration connected with the African diaspora portraying the Afro-Brazilian culture. Participated in Project Duna doing his residency on the page profile for 3 days.

After this residency, the HUB (Art Nucleus of York University) began to publicize the artist’s work until she was invited to participate in the online exhibition

Fixing your space on the University’s website where you can see your work in the artists’ hall.
Conquering his space as an artist of the Afro-Brazilian diaspora in the visual arts market.

Samantha Muleca13 (muleca13.near)
Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, the artist who signs as Muleca XIII currently resides in Lisbon and defines herself as a Cultural Ambulant. The rapper, graffiti artist and educator composes lyrics with a strong social political nature, always with sharp rhymes, whether in her songs or in her freestyle, a strand of improvised rhymes that she practices with great aplomb. The entrance to the rhymes took place at the Comando S.E.L.V.A 22, collective of artists and the long journey was made through cultural militancy in the favelas.

Jo Kalagary 1 (1987) is a Brazilian artist and cultural producer, now based in Lisbon. The artist’s been working in cultural production, events idealization and artistic presentations for a long time, including Favela LX that once was a bar and a performance venue that promoted diversity and representativity.
Favela Lx also promoted open talks and a stage for minorities to have a voice in a collaborative way, touching on issues such as racism, xenophobia, LGBTQphobia and misogyny. In 2018, Favela LX closed the physical space due to financial struggle and gentrification but the project has survived and it is bearing fruits and collaborations.

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Hi @kalagary thanks for submitting a project, this podcast seems like a well thought and interesting idea we would love to support :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We ask our proposers to break down their timeline into phases and deliverables, and we pay as you complete each deliverable.

This is very flexible, so you can choose what makes sense for your project workflow and the costs you need to cover.

For example, you can put on Phase 1 brand design and ask for 70 NEAR.
So when your designer finishes the work you then submit it here, get paid from us and with that you can pay them and also get funds for the podcast platform fee.

For Phase 2 you can choose a number of editions of the podcast, and a corresponding amount of NEAR, after that is done and you submit here you can then get funds from us, pay the producers, editors, etc…

You can edit your original post with your proposed breakdown and ping me here when it’s done. Looking forward!

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@lenara it’s done like you advise me
Thanks so much for your help and support also big hugs for @chloe that have been also supportive on that project.

Thanks @kalagary !

We will be reviewing projects in a couple of days and will get back to you. In the meanwhile, I suggest a couple more edits:

  • you can remove the lines mentioning “Projeto DAO” and “Challenge area” since those were requirements for the hackathon and you will be submitting to the Createbase DAO not the Social Token DAO.

  • you can also remove the line “We need one week to showcase that proof after release of funds” since it works the other way, you first showcase proof and only after that we can release the funds.

  • if you want you can already write down your expected budget and next phases up to the total amount of 150 NEAR for the whole proposal. This way we can pre-approve the funds and you only need to show the work you have done to get a payout, without having to wait for a new approval.

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@lenara soon I get my PC fixed I’ll be done with this arrangement!
Thanks so much for your feedback ^^ :pray:t5:

We reviewed your project and have a few requests in order to approve it.

The projects we fund have to focus on Mintbase NFTs, so we need to make this connection clear. We suggest the following:

  • mention in your podcast how you are using Mintbase NFTs and how their features connect to the goals of the projects being discussed (for example, split royalties, audiovisual content inside NFTs, etc…)

  • tokenize the podcast itself as an NFT (if you create an auction for selling it we can help you promote)

  • onboard at least 10 - 20 people and proof that they did that by giving us the NEAR wallet addresses or link to the store

Please let us know if that is OK for you and if you have any other suggestions.

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Hello comunit, I´m Back to Near Forum, after havig my PC afrom the manutention ^^

The Podcast is about Mintbase NFT´s and Near Portocal in how the users can mint they art work.
Tokenize the podcast is also a thing that WE´ll do for sure, becouse de project is based 100% in NFT´s so We´ll tokenize the podcast.
About the 10-20 onbording people I think its to much for a beguiner project, we do have the support of or artist team for it and also new artists, but here to achive that number I would need to give all them a workshop in how to use it and that is the point we´ll work with the artists to teatch them in how to do it and also at the same time recording the process to creat not only the podcast content also social media contend.
The onbordig is or priorite, to have accesses to the podcast recording session event we´l also demand a NEAR Wallet so we have a plan to onbording also, but not inicilly that amount.
We also have some artwork for the posdcast give a look and tell me qhat do you think

Processing: VID-20210828-WA0054.mp4…

That Art work was maded by Samatha muleca13.near her wallet in case of approvement
Just to remember we have alred the place to record the podcast that will also acept Near for all the services and product on the shop like i sad on the first post.

Must appreciate your feedback

Hi kalagary,

I am the new community manager at mintbase /createbase and I am trying to continue where my antecessors left it :slight_smile: So, if you want I would love to have a call with you where you tell me where exactly you stand with this project. I think it sounds amazing. As a fellow brazilian I am double interested hehe. We can talk portuguese too, if you’d like! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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