[PROPOSAL] Family DAO Project Funding (march)

A great vision, a great start… big ups ! :raised_hands:t5:


this is great :clap: :clap: :clap: go ahead!

nice project… great for the families!

oh wow this really really sounds interesting, i’d to introduce families… i just joined the telegram group!

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nice nice, we are good to go! @bgem

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Hey Family DAO, just dropping this link here in case you have not seen it yet.
A conversation surrounding the introduction of kids to web3 that would likely benefit everyone in the community:


Thank you so much @ted.iv . It sounds pretty nice… I guess their can be a collaboration between this and afrostar guild too, they run projects with two talented kids monthly



Hey there,

Thanks for your proposal. A couple of notes from a moderator point of view:

  • Educating kids and supporting their creativity is great, monetising it becomes difficult, especially when the kids are too young to understand the full scope of it.
    As @ted.iv already posted above, there are several talks about onboarding kids in the NEAR creative ecosystem.
    Obviously the other DAOs will vote on the poll once the proposal is approved, not us moderators, but from our side we just want to mention the concerns when onboarding and working with minors so that, if it is done, it will be handled carefully.
    (from a muti DAO point of view: we support artists but as of now will not work with minors in that way, given the mentioned issues. Creating a wallet to donate to institutions that support families and kids is one thing, monetising a minors’ work is a differnet one imo)

  • From what I can see is that most of the requested value would go to the council to work on the project, cover travel costs etc. It would be great to have some more infos on the proposals as well as the vision, to understand if this DAO has more of charity character when supporting those families.


Okay, thank you so much, @tabear for the reasoning.

To be honest, the vision behind of the family Dao is to empower, support and put smiles on poor families faces.
I know what challenges Parents encounter,
We know the burden they bear

Empowering the father, and empowering the mother is such a thing that even the government won’t do here,
People are really going through depression, some gave birth to children but can’t even feed them, we wanna raise families This will make a lifetime stamp in their memories
This is pure charity :heart:.

The reason why we want to do the interview for them is for us to create content that can generate money for them whenever is being sold.

We will use the avenue to also onboard their children many of them have children for as old as even 25yrs old but they are just poor…
Let’s bring the love to them and onboard their children that can also do well in various DAO, thank yo so much Tabear…

The council work and dao management has been cut low, lets know if its fine or we can bring lower :slightly_smiling_face: :pray:


hi everyone, Hello @tabear you know, in afrostar guild we only select 2 talented kids to work with in a month…

and we always on-board their parents to monitor their wallets for them,
so far our own experience has been smooth, i dunno about other people’s idea of doing it tho… thank you so much chief! :pray: :muscle: :heart:

hi @tabear like I mentioned earlier here, this was my idea… and the vision was introdeuced properly here… can you pls check out ?


Heya, yes I saw that post.

At the end of the day, we are going to give the father $200 and mother $200 to support them in starting up a business, meanwhile we will tell them to wait 2 weeks to observe what can happen to their money in the NEAR Wallet, this will also give us chance to be able convey them in the NEAR Ecosystem and educate them better.

This is why I asked if your DAO is mainly aiming for charity, giving funds out, without focussing on a specific creative aspect for example or actively using the web3 tools. In this case I would suggest also contacting the @Community-Squad / @jlwaugh


yea, @tabear some families will tell us stories about their cultural heritage

this is part of what will be in content of the interview,
if there is a dance/song in the history of their family which they have to teach us,
we will record that live and mint it, this is the creative part of this…

cos definitely this is family DAO we are reaching out to all forms of family all together

which their parents will be on-boarded to be educated about near protocol and the web3 ecosystem, you know

{ **meanwhile we will tell them to wait 2 weeks to observe what can happen to their money in the NEAR Wallet, this will also give us chance to be able convey them in the NEAR Ecosystem and educate them better.** }

do you understand now? :slightly_smiling_face:

@jlwaugh whats good fam :heart: lets do A thing to get #family-dao kick off with this proposal… i’m already a council member in THE Community dao…

I was advised its right here, I initially taught it a creative dao thing
we have council member already eager to work!.

lets get done thank you :heart: :pray: @Community-Squad

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Thanks for tagging me ~ I took the liberty of moving this proposal into the #community:dao category. I agree with @tabear in regards to concerns with onboarding and working with minors, and I believe charity DAOs could get funded through community DAOs. Let’s discuss how and why this NEAR community DAO should engage in altruistic resource distribution?

I’ve written about related concepts:

Charity DAOs

Thanks to panvala.com for inspiration!

Altruism DAOs

Thanks to marmaj.org for sharing thoughts and providing a wonderful example!

Questions for Family DAO

How are you choosing the 4 families? Why those criteria? What experience do you have implementing such a plan? Who else might benefit from such efforts? Any potential partners doing charitable work in your community?



thank you so much, my broo @jlwaugh

I had to raised meeting on the councils group chat on telegram

we have a total direction that should be made clear,

  1. we are not on-boarding kids at all
  2. this wont be classified as charity,

And for the

Questions for Family DAO

How are you choosing the 4 families? Why those criteria? What experience do you have implementing such a plan? Who else might benefit from such efforts? Any potential partners doing charitable work in your community?

  1. How are you choosing the 4 families?

The families are to be sourced by the 4man team in the family DAO and this is done through visits to immediate friends to get to the parents and the elite (of a certain age grade) in our society/ environment and preferably with young adults as children who in turn can function as their own community.

  1. Why those criteria?
    Engaging their parents as the ones who are more technologically inclined and by the same time getting the pull of their friends, while the parents unperturbed about the legitimacy gaining traction for the NEAR ECOSYSTEM and the wallet by bringing other family men and women into the fold, far faster than if being done by individuals and the elites for the purpose of onboarding possible and potential partners and long term investors into the Web3 and near ecosystem

  2. What experience do you have implementing such a plan?

we have @sterryo with us as, he’s got big influence, and have worked with biodata of people and also as a database analyst I have done several projects of strategic data sorting into different categories with him for different purposes majorly organization projects which yielded to increase in numbers of external partners of the organization projects .

  1. Who else might benefit from such efforts?
    The friends of families, the children (young adults), relatives, co-workers and also the people within the reach in the aeons of the elite. In essence the society at large.

Any potential partners doing charitable work in your community?

None for now, as we do not consider this project as charity further more.

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yes came out bright now :bulb: :bulb: @jlwaugh thanks for all the questions and nice meeting you for the first time, :heart:

we just concluded our meeting, and that is exactly where we are driving at in Family DAO i hope you get the whole vision we stated through @bgem now

@Duchess @EVELYN

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Feel free to submit a create a poll proposal to Community DAO, and you are welcome to chat in our group on Telegram. I’d like to have more community feedback / discussion re: your project. How is Family DAO planning to be sustainable?


Thank You so much king @jlwaugh

It’s sustainability would be based on The continuous interview with families hence there would be expansion of team for more penetration and reaching out to the families The main target will majorly be the elites and this people are definitely technologically inclined and investment savvy. As long as the near foundation continues The elites reached out to from the Family DAO would in turn expand because Its gonna be like somewhat a Chain reaction which starts from the 4man team as we bring in more people in the team learned and savvy to handle each family or categories of family after we have done our sourcing and analysis on them
There would be the main team and a drop down of “team members” who do the monitoring and making sure each family is always abreast of all that concerns the near blockchain.


thank you so much @jlwaugh

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