[PROPOSAL] “Eyes in Comma” book print and launch

Proponent: @janainasteiger

Timeline: 40 days

Project value: 650 usd in DAI

Project name: Eyes in comma: a poetic journey in everyday public health

Target wallet: janasteiger.near


Printing, launch and start advertising the book “Eyes in Comma: A Poetic Journey in Daily Life in Public Health”, by Janaína Steiger, a book of contemporary poetry resulting from a Residency Completion Work (TCR, in portuguese) in Family and Community Health. You can know more about the project on the first stage proposal and report, where the edition, preparation and layout of the book took place.


With the relevant innovative potential that the project has, now we move on to the physical publication stage, with a 200 edition first print run, of which 100 will be sold and 100 will be distributed at strategic events focusing on reaching health professionals who are impacted by the routine experienced throughout the narrative that makes up the book, as well as users of the Unified Health System (SUS), seeking to make them aware of the difficulties and potential of this public and constantly threatened device. This way, the book could be able to reach around 5,000 people indirectly. The book will count with press office and marketing services hired by NADA DAO to expand its reach.

In addition, the book also seeks to reach other people interested in poetry or who seek to witness different experiences during the pandemic, where collective exchanges were so limited.


This project contemplates three of The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), namely: Goal 4 - Quality Education; Goal 5 - Gender Equality, Goal 9 - Industry, Innovation And Infrastructure.

Besides that, all the work that is being carried out is becoming a case study at the Federal University of Uberlândia (Brazil) where the book as a product is being produced through a new source of financing in the credit market and in the capital market, since it has a cryptocurrency funding it.


  • 5 days — Closing files to print
  • 1 day — Shipping to the printer
  • 20 days — Print
  • 5 days — Transport of copies
  • 9 days — Preparation of press material and start of publicity


650 usd in DAI — Print of 200 copies


  1. Physical book, in 12x19 cm format, with approximately 128 pages, to be sold online and in person, as well as distributed free of charge at events and services that fall within the scope of Public Health.

  2. Live streaming book launch on NADA∴Studio Criativo’s Instagram profile and YouTube channel.

  3. Dissemination in channels of the Fazia Poesia portal (newsletter, social networks, etc.), including a descriptive article about the project with sales call-to-action at the end.


  1. Mention at the beginning of the book citing the Writers’ Guild and Near Foundation funding process, promoting and encouraging other people to know and join the Near ecosystem, especially these DAO and guild.

  2. Introduce the Near and Writer’s Guild within the Fazia Poesia portal community.

  3. Distribution of NEAR and Writer’s Guild brands in phygital format.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.




Project name: “Eyes in Comma” book print and launch

Project Status: Ongoing

Project Accounting: NADA DAO haven’t received the August approved funding yet, so the book print run and launch are delayed. The first stage (NFT minting) is still in the working, because we are understanding how to create unlockable content on a Mintbase store. Our intention is to offer a book preview for free, but the full version only after being bought.

Updated Project Timeline: The timeline project is still the same as on proposal.

Resources: We are waiting to hear from NADA DAO in the next few days and then start this project stage and finish it by mid-October.

Feel free to ask if you have any doubts or there’s something unclear.