(PROPOSAL) Exploring Near BOS at The Polytechnic Ibadan - A Game Con

Overall KPIs
200Near Wallets
200 Near Social Accounts
100 NFTs
40%-70% retention rate

I. Background Information:

South West Near Club of Nigeria is a community operating from Ibadan, Oyo State, the South West of Nigeria.
The SWNCN has been in existence since August 2023.
SWNCN is a dao with the main target of educating and onboarding people within the South Western part of Nigerian into the Near ecosystem,creating wallets and enhancing BOS utilisation by creating account for them and engaging them in utilization of all near dApps.

Our Core Team:

@OfficerLehLeh_01 - He serves as a council and also oversees activities going on in the community. He has been in the ecosystem.more than a year and he has equally added his quota to the growth of the ecosystem. He is affiliated to other DAOs such as Omega Digi-world dao.

@Tobiparadise01 - he is a council member. He has a lot of impact in the ecosystem, he’s also a council member @Omega Digi-World Dao. He has been in the ecosystem for a while and since joining has participated in several bounties from Near Writer’s Guild, BeatDAO, ReggaeDAO
SpiritYut DAO, Blaq Stereo.

@Shozy: He also serves as a council member and he is in charge of real life collaborations with external parties and other interested stakeholders. He has been in the ecosystem for more than a year and he is presently a council member in Omega Digi-world dao.

@Hayyhux: He is a music writer (expert), an artist and a pianist … He has been a member of this great and wide family (Near ecosystem) since 2022. He was a formal community moderator at burlesque dao and he has participated in different bounties and won some prizes. He is currently a council member at Reggae Dao.

@Esther: She is a brilliant and well talented lady that has a good credit for herself on public relations. She has been in the ecosystem for sometime now and she has participated in different events and won prizes for herself. She is currently a Social media Manager in SWNCN.

Social Media Status:

Telegram - 68 members

Twitter - 30 with 100 posts

Instagram - 76 with 96 Posts

[Near Social]
Southwestnearclub| Near Social:11

Councils - 5

-Onboarding new members into the ecosystem.

  • Creating awareness on Near protocol
  • Educating on BOS
  • To grow the existence of near dApp (Near social) by pulling traffic onto it.
  • Engaging the new entrant on out Telegram community for proper monitoring.
  • To grow the existence of near components…near social, shardog, mintbase
  • Engaging the new entrants by engaging them in puzzles, quizzes and other bounties

II. Proposal



This project is all about Education and Onboarding for Near with a fusion of Web3 games like Mental maze, zomland and pumpopoly which will be held in the Polytechnic Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.


The Polytechnic Ibadan is located in the South West part of Nigeria, The South West Near Club of Nigeria will be collaborating with the Student Union government of the school.

Publicizing the existence of Near to the students will be a fantastic achievement in the sense that the school Student Union executives will be part of event coordination while we create new Wallet for them and engage them on Near dApps.

The execution of this project holds a higher chance for further achievements for the Near ecosystem as nothing less than 46 higher institutions of learning are presently in record in the South Western part of Nigeria where the South West Near Club of Nigeria is representing. We will make it a routine by organizing live events to publicize Near Ecosystem, Onboarding and creating new Wallets which appear as a most important project for Near foundation.

This event will be in Two (2) segments for the education purpose.
Near Education will be the Opening activity as attendees will be introduced to Near Protocol and in the middle of the activity before the commencement of the second round of the contest, the teaching will come up again in totality about Near Protocol.

I @Hayyhux, personally will be educating the new entrants about The Near to make sure that education knowledge about Near protocol is instilled into them.

Our Main Target:
A. This is a community created to serve as an outreach within the South West region of Nigeria to spread the Near education and increase the awareness.

B. Organise events that encourage the usage of Near dApps like Mintbase, Tamago and so on.

C. To create support platform for creative people like content creator, artist and so on in the South West Region.

D. To initiate campaigns where web2 businesses can migrate to web3.

E. Onboarding of creatives like developers to create creative widgets on BOS to assist creatives in development and expansion of their arts.

Target Audience:

Our target audience are all the students of The Polytechnic Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Expected Number of participants: 200-600 Newbies and web users.

Expected Outcomes:
A. Huge traffic generation into the ecosystem by onboarding 100 - 400 Students with various talents and also web3 developers inclusive.

B. Creation of 200 new Near wallets and near.social accounts will be created as this will be the terms and conditions to follow in order to participate.

C. Retain users on NEAR by bringing them on into communities.

D. Close monitoring of newly created wallets in order to ensure their activeness.

E. Creating more engagement on BOS which will make Near Social a preferred and mostly engaged social media for all Vulnerable web 2 and web 3 users in the South Western part of Nigeria.

F. Teach users about dApps on NEAR that are useful to their real life endeavor and tech.

G. Provide Community engaging contests such as NFT contests, Meme Contest, content creation, Puzzle Contests as means of retention after they are successfully onboarded.

H. The event is going to be minted on mintbase stores for future accessibility, sale and other purposes.

I. Monetary prizes won will be paid into the winners Near wallet in order to aid the retention, activeness and further transactions with the created wallets.

Timeline: March, 2024.
March 1 - 7 Coordination of event
March 8 - 15 - Production of event merchs, social media awareness and radio talks)
March 16 - 20 - School Auditorium Rally
March 21 - 27- Registration of Contestants with creation of Near wallets and Near.social accounts instantly.
March 28 - Event Day

Budget: $2050

Event Venue: $200
DJ and Rentage of Sound Equipment: $200
Video Projector: $50
Near branded T-shirts & Caps: $200
10 Mins Radio talks on 2 radio stations: $100
Prize for 100 winner in @ $10 each: $1000
Refreshments: $100
Event Host: $100
Logistics: $100

Target Wallet: southwest-near-club-of-nigeria.sputnik-dao.near

@marketingdao-council for visibility


I can’t wait for this proposal to get approved…to spread the wings of Nearprotocol target more​:clinking_glasses:

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