[proposal] engagement dao funding request for august

Project name: ENGAGEMENT DAO

Council members:
@Psalmy ,@tonyesy ,@Milez_dah_god & @Dos999
Target Wallet to be funded to: creative-motion-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Total Requested Funding Amount: 2000$
Below is our introduction of our DAO to get to know us more @marketingdao-council

Projects & Timelines:
Task1: Starting the month of August with a creative motion bounty from Engagement DAO
Creative Motion Bounty : this would help promote $Near in a creative way on TikTok & Twitter by giving community the chance to make a creative promotional video for $Near
Content should involve > combination of several videos > content writing :writing_hand:t3: on the video about $Near.THEME: PROMOTING VIDEO FOR NEAR CONFERENCE
Bounty sum=300$
Rules below :point_down:


Total funds for task1
150$+100$+50$= 300$

Task2: DAO base
Making contents, DAO base. On our Socials to keep our community lively on Twitter, TikTok and Reddit(by @psalmy person Reddit account “u/psalmyb” would be used to post on “r/near protocol” )10$ for each post. Posting of video and content writing.
in a week 5 videos posted daily making 5 by 10$ =50$ weekly
50$ weekly by 4weeks in a month that’s 50$ by 4 given a budget of =200$
Social media management for Twitter,TikTok and Discord = 300$
"Social media management” involves getting record of activities going on our different socials, like posting,building, growing and engaging on all handles :ok_hand:
Creation of content: estimated amount of video content related to Near & our DAO from council 15videos, 15$ per video making =300$ and 10 DAO content video (video meme, motivational videos and funny content ) to keep our viewers busy 10$ by 10videos =100$
Total video 25videos = 300$+100= 400$
DAO management: (shared to 4 council members)= 600$
DAO management involves shilling our project, organizing our community with program and engaging our community, making proposal and report and also voting power, bringing people on chain
Total on task 2

Community Engagement games
A. Fun & games on discord
Hosting a game on discord, winner gets
1st price 5$
2nd price 2.5$
All in $near, this event would hold twice in every week that’s 8x monthly…8(5$+2.5$) that’s 15$ by 4weeks in a month making 60$
Creation of our personal logo by @tonyesy 40$
Total amount in Task 3
All important gaming event would be posted on our social to build the community and introduce new visitors to our community, to grow ……
Discord bounty
Become an alpha member and earn 10$ incentive
Alpha members: are members that has supported the growth of our discord community by inviting minimum of 10 active members and be active in our discord channel to a certain level. This gives you voting power also cause you would be brought on-chain. Expected alpha members this month min 7 giving 7 by 10$ gives 70$
Refund of 6N for storage on Astrodao :6N or approx 30$

We are in for collabs: to promote in music(using your music for our video creation, or making a bounty on TikTok to use your beat or music for a challenge) dance videos. in near future when we’ve grown our social we would introduce a promotional scheme,hype and collab for any community under near
Report would be transparent and posted after all activities have been executed consecutively

Total funding from task1,2,3
Total funding: 200$+1500$+300$= 2000$
Thanks and hope to hear from @marketingdao-council @MktngDAO_Advisors soon. And our council members and I are ready to clear your doubt if you’ve any questions :relaxed: thanks


We are spreading NEAR for the whole world to know about it, with the method of using what the world is relevant and familiar with…“SOCIAL MEDIA”,with varieties of other fun ways.

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Great! Unique video content for promotion and entertainment.
Lol :joy: like a fun to learn concept.
If there can promote a project through memes and infographics, we can also ready to promote project through meme videos and content videos
LFG guys :fire:

Hello guys, and thanks for the proposal.
Overall this DAO seems to me like it’s far more marketing orientated for the overall NEAR community than it is related to Creatives DAO.
Also, in terms of layout, it would also help communication if each task had their own clearly laid out page linked into the overall proposal with a short summary and the essential details.

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Hello @ted.iv have you gone through our TikTok page ? Here $Near can handle 100k transactions per seconds and the speed per person would still be so fast, this works through the power of sharding #nearprotocol #near #nearcreatives #engamenentdao #bbn #educate. this are creative contents.
Can you also help us different creative from marketing cause, even when you’re creative your creativity needs to promote or market $Near
Sorry just a quick question :raising_hand_man:

Ok ok @Tonyesy would edit that so each task would be laid out

Personally, I would put the creative process and content creation for social media in two very different brackets. One is for the sake of creating and the other is for the sake of promoting. Hope this helps explain my point of view a bit better.

Emm ok….
So what’s your suggestion? @ted.iv that this is a marketing proposal?
And is it best to edit the post to marketing or to make a new proposal?
Cause I had so much believe this was a creative proposal.

Yes, I would say this is more aligned with a marketing proposal than it would be a Creatives DAO project.

Thanks for your guidance.
Reediting this to marketing DAO.
As it’s a source of promotional DAO

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@David_NEAR @Dacha @satojandro @jcatnear
In summary our primary purpose for this project is to promote $Near in a visual content video.
This video we make and edit creates awareness for viewers to know more about near since it has important near infos edited on it.
This videos can also contain memes videos but also educative
We’ve different socials but our TikTok has more of our product and you can clearly see our motive and vision for Near.
Feel free to ask any questions concerning this proposal and about our DAO too

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Hi may I know does your DAO has any different than other Degen Team / Shillin Army which already existed a lot in our Ecosystem?

And your DAO has failed to proven any kind of the ability to be sustainable so I don’t think there is a reason I should support this.


Hello @bailey12 have you gone through our introduction?

And a brief of what our DAO is bringing to $Near is an outreach to promote $Near in a unique content which people would love to watch.
Just like the $Nearmeme daily provide memes for marketing and promotional aspect we also provide videos for promotional aspect for near.
We are a new DAO and we’ve a TikTok channel and our videos are already reaching 500 plus views on TikTok and 100plus views on twitter
I would love to show you some of our video well edited for fun and learn.
Just as memes are for fun and also for promotional materials

And a link to our TikTok


We can be sustainable by other projects or guild using our service and product of promotion(video) to promote their work.
Then we shill the video on twitter so people use this video to understand your project.
This is a popular way here in Nigeria people use to promote products, it’s like a unique meme video
@marketingdao-council @MktngDAO_Advisors

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Hello :hugs: @bailey12 sorry for late response, our DAO ain’t primarily base on shilling, we provide promotional service through video creation.

  1. This video contains very vital information about the project we are promoting.
  2. Every project and DAO either needs shilling or promotion cause all project has a purpose and vision to grow.
    So we are shilling so the promotional video can reach large number of people.
  3. This would also help community members to get busy by improving in video editing and giving them the ability to make good concept as we have introduce a bounty on our proposal for a creative video theme of video is about near conference. Which each participating would post their unique video about nearcon on Twitter or TikTok to pass information about nearcon.
    Which I gave examples of the video in the bounty description.
    You talked about sustainability: it’s best all project can be independent and have their own source of income.
    Yes, this is just the beginning of our project.
    We can make videos on other project and promote them, and bringing the investors they need by using harshtags and nice captions.
    We make promotional videos for $Near and get rewarded for
    We also want to build a huge community of newbies, members from other chains to our discord, we already have engagement and games to keep them company. Then educate them about $near by holding a Twitter space and inviting near certified instructors and analyst to brush them up about near and how it works.
    We can also hold AMA too and reward best questions as a newbie or those who know little about near.
    And we’ll seen our introduction we are working on a roadmap, one of the milestone is to create an engagement game>> play to earn. Where only holders of our NFT can have access to but that’s future goals.
    @marketingdao-council & @bailey12 I hope you see value and interest in what we are about building and our service of promotion we bring to support the growth of $Near.
    Thanks as I hope to get response from you soon :soon: :relaxed:
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Before I continue funding this project I’d like to jump on a call to get to know the applicants better and get an understanding of their knowledge and passion of the NEAR Ecosystem. I am yet to see quality content that fully captures all the technological advances and true potential of the NEAR ecosystem. I’ll DM you my calendar availabiliy


@satojandro i would be available for a call, you can text me here on forum the calendar or on telegram which ever is easy for you.
Thanks :blush: TG: @psalmy69
Hope to here from you soon.
So we get on a call

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Hello, what stands for dao management? And why it’s 30% of requested funds?


Hello @Dacha

Collections or data and report also.
It’s cause we are 4 doing this activity, not a one person job.
Shilling(retweet, coute post, shilling gaming events for people interested to join in. And outreach to other community to be part of us)

150$ each for council at the end of the month. That’s making 600$

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@satojandro you were not available for the call.
Waited for you, also texted you on twitter.
Please other @marketingdao-council please review

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Hey @Tonyesy,

Thanks for the detailed proposal. Everything sounds reasonable.

I’m just curious about the “Fun & Games on discord.” What is the game?

Pending the discussion with @satojandro, I’ll render a decision.