[PROPOSAL] Developing a gaming platform for indie developers. MetaVision Games


MetaVision Games is an entertainment platform providing a variety of games and industry services in one platform and all of them are united with one token, accessible through a single login: explore, create, sell, interact with your friends, participate in tournaments, and much more.


We believe that GameFi can bring a huge potential customer base. In our ecosystem, players are not limited to one world, they can access the universe and enjoy multiple games through any network. Taking advantage of the modern blockchain technology, our team is committed to create fun and high-quality games that are based on Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn models making our games more attractive. Bring blockchain technology to the mass - knowledge can be absorbed through “the state of fun and play”.


Metavision’s priority is switching gamers from the traditional gaming industry to games on the blockchain. MetaVision aims at mass adoption of blockchain platforms to increase the value of games and devote high concentration to making games based on features such as decentralization, transparency, safety, and quality. Meanwhile, our simple & user-friendly mechanisms will not require deep knowledge in the crypto industry. The MetaVision platform assists the gaming community to use cryptocurrency by simplifying the work of game developers and empowering players through decentralized applications (dApp) and decentralized finance (DeFi), making blockchain games more appealing, absorbing, and financially advanced.


In 2021, the market cap of the entire gaming industry accounted for $190 billion and nearly 1/3 of people on the earth are now playing video games at least once a month. According to statistics, it will reach $250 billion in 2024. The GameFi sector is not even making 10% of the market ($17 billion), which is a little share of the market considering its potential and undeveloped sights brought to the gaming industry. MetaVision will directly work and create games in the GameFi sector in order to bring great value to this sector.


  1. We believe that a sufficient number of blockchains with good technologies and great prospects have already been created. So now it is more reasonable to establish cooperation between these giants, rather than trying to create new ones. The diversity in blockchain networks has led to interoperability problems. The lack of a standardized approach to the interaction of blockchain networks makes it difficult to develop dApps that can work with multiple blockchain networks simultaneously, creating a shortage in the market. There is no smooth interaction between users of different blockchains with each other.

  2. The biggest challenge of any NFT gaming, or even NFTs in general, is liquidity. Most NFTs are not backed by anything and do not generate an income nor contribute to elevating the liquidity as it is supposed to.

  3. As the gaming industry pivots its focus to in-game assets, blockchain could potentially solve related problems by creating uniqueness and scarcity, and incentivizing more purchases by making items transferable across games. According to a survey by Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX), a blockchain platform focused on virtual items, 62% of gamers would be more likely to invest in digital assets if they were transferable between games; 84% of developers would create in-game items for the same reasons.


  1. MetaVision will integrate and support multiple blockchains in its platform. In line with building platforms, it is only fitting that we support a multitude of blockchains, each with their own strengths, communities, and capabilities. By solving the problem of interaction between blockchains and fragmentation of liquidity between them, as well as by providing the community with cross-chain data transfer and liquidity protocols, we strive to make decentralized finance easy, convenient, and understandable even for beginners.

  2. Native liquidity is locked in NFT with yield-farming ability/feature. In order to elevate liquidity, our NFTs will be backed with a native token of the network and MetaVision Platform. The NFT contracts will hold the tokens in liquidity and will generate income through mining in the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. By implementing this system, players will be able to work not only within one ecosystem as usual but also between several networks, having access to the liquidity at various blockchain networks simultaneously.

  3. MetaVision’s goal is to create a universe where digital assets are valuable and accessible in several games. Mini ecosystems carry significant importance for users and developers. The blockchain-based platform will enable developers to shift their focus toward providing an enjoyable user experience when launching new games. By allowing in-game assets such as lands, characters, and other items created within the games to be utilized in various ways, users can generate stronger attachments. Instead of consuming time and effort updating games only to make them more complicated, developers may create new games that utilize the previously generated assets, which will render greater outcomes for both them and the users. The method of sharing and proliferating in-game assets will help developers stay focused on delivering new and exciting user experiences. As a result, developers will be able to actively utilize assets generated in the games they have serviced when launching other new games, create links between games, and maintain and attract users. Through these processes, developers will be able to establish a mini-ecosystem that connects their games with the respective assets.


MetaVision creates truly attractive and entertaining gameplay that will make players interested in every moment they have in the game. MetaVision is a metaverse for players of action, role-playing, strategy, racing, simulation, and MMO genres. All our games have social features that link players together. Players should be connected and interact like a miniature society in the game.

The first game that will be launched by our team is Survival Heroes, which represents role-playing and shooter that can be played during small breaks by students, workers, and gamers.

As for the second game. Eria is a rather interesting project that combines several game mechanics and is ready to delight gamers with its impeccable gameplay. Eria allows players to build their city and plunge into the world of racing, with exciting modes such as high-speed racing, story arcs, customization cars, creating their own automobile transport corporation, and much more.

MetaVision Platform

Blockchain needs gaming as much as gaming needs blockchain. Mass adoption of crypto and blockchain will primarily rely on the developers seeing and executing that value. We are building a path of blockchain adoption in gaming by providing a platform for the smaller teams of indie developers showing to a large audience of gamers the benefits of building games on decentralized networks. When more people realize the value blockchain offers, adoption will be just a matter of time.


Since our priority is to attract gamers from traditional gaming, we are focusing on developing games that can meet everyone’s interests.


MetaVision Games WAM Gala Games Ultra
Metaverse Yes No No No
Users All Crypto/Gaming Crypto/Gaming Crypto/Gaming
Decentralized Yes No No Yes
Cross-Chain Yes No No No
Multiplatform Yes No Yes Yes
On and offline Yes Yes No No
Indie game platform Yes No No Yes
Marketplace Yes Yes Yes Yes
Blockchain Tournaments Yes Yes No No
Free to Play Yes No Yes Yes

Benefits for NEAR ecosystem

Our NFTs liquidity will be backed up with NEAR and we will contribute to the development of Defi in the NEAR ecosystem. We will promote NEAR among other networks and enable interaction between networks for NEAR users. MetaVision Games will contribute to the expansion of the NEAR ecosystem by enabling indie developers to create games in the NEAR network. The NEAR ecosystem can become a convenient entry point into the crypto world for developers who will be ready to switch their activities from traditional games to crypto games, attracting newcomers to the blockchain. New games will expand the audience of users, players and investors, which will lead to an increase in the transactions and expand the NEAR ecosystem.


Assemble core team and advisors; (April 2022 - May 2022)

Token smart contract development; (April 2022 - May 2022)

Website launch; (May 2022)

Cross-chain development; (April 2022 - July 2022)

Bridge development; (May 2022 - July 2022)

Marketplace development; (May 2022 - July 2022)

Survival Heroes Beta; (Apri 2022l - May 2022)

Launch (June 2022);

Building the community (May 2022)

Pre-seed and Seed round; (May 2022 - June 2022)

Marketing campaign; (May 2022)

Public sale; (June 2022)

Platform development; (from August 2022)

Major Exchange Listing; (July 2022)

First game launch; (September 2022)


Bekhzodov Fozilbek: Tech Lead and Unity Developer
Extensive experience in Unity and C#. Two successfully launched games in Play Market. Analytical thinking and passion for work.

Nazarov Javokhir: Unity Developer
Highly qualified professional with wide multinational experience in IT. Project development and program maintenance expert. Co-developer two games with current team member Bekhzodov Fozilbek.

Rozmetov Bahtiyar: Co-Founder / Proposal Role: СEO and Chief of External Affairs
Crypto enthusiast. Great passion for studying the crypto world from the technical side. Experience in building and managing a team. Responsible and stress-resistant.

Bekhzodov Ziyodbek: Co-Founder / Proposal Role: CVO and Game Producer
Persistent and ambitious, connects business goals with technological solutions. Striving for professional self-improvement in technology and business.

Nechvolod Dmitry: Co-Founder / Proposal Role: CTO and Blockchain Developer
Led and supervised two projects. The founder of stabilitydao, in technical development since 2018. Hardworking, responsible, multi-tasking.
Github: github. com/ a17

Zhirova Olga: Advisory / Proposal Role: Business development & Investment Relations
3 startups, 1 exit, founder of LEAFES (smart & digital fashion brand & IT platform). Strong multinational expertise in Web3, Tech, and Business development.

Khay Diana: 2D designer
Main skills consist of the development of concepts, and the creation of full-fledged illustrations (character + background) Improving skills in the 2D sphere.

Botirov Mukhammadjon: 3D designer
Practical knowledge in the field of visualization, 3D modeling, and design. Creative thinking and imagination and the desire to improve skills.


  1. Senome Games - The team consists of all the specialists to develop games.
    Partnership agreement: 07/04/2022

  2. Metabrozz - The team includes more than 10 various design specialists.
    Partnership agreement: 08/04/2022

More about the project and team members & partners can be found through the links on the website

MetaVision Games | Survival Heroes Game


– Team expansion.
Recruitment will be in the field of blockchain, marketing and CEO independent member of the boar of directors.

– Cross-Chain realization (NEAR);
Our centralized cross-chain bridge procures the interoperability of the project tokens. In all networks, initially, project tokens are burnt and at the destination network, new tokens are created.
Features of technical implementation:

  • transfer of tokens is instant
  • Transferring Fungible/ERC-20, Non-fungible/ERC721 and MultiToken/ERC1155 platform tokens
  • a commission to cover the costs of the operator is charged in the form of the main token of the platform
  • the address of the bridge operator has the right to mint tokens

– Web3 website.
The website will be implemented gradually. First, a light form of the site will be published to show the project to initial public and it will be followed by expansion of the site with more features.

  • Account.
    Registration of a profile
  • Tokens in the wallet
  • Marketplace
  • Bridge
  • Ratings, community, DAO, server stats, other pages
  • Serverless NFT metadata API

Technologies to be used: Front-end: HTML5/CSS/React.js etc. Back-end: Node.js etc.

– First game.
MVP version of the game has to be developed to beta version. NEAR blockchain is determined to be integrated into beta game. We will speed up the development of core game mechanics using NEAR protocol. Technologies to be used: Game: Unity 2D.

– Game server;

  • authentication, account
  • game modes session

– Smart contracts.

  • tokens (basic, in-game assets)
  • marketplace
  • bridge
  • DAO governance and treasury

Smart Contracts developed on Rust programming languages for NEAR blockchain (WASM) with cross-chain support by future developments by EVM support.

– Bridge development.
The bridge between the networks will be developed and written in parallel with all cases, and that will take time to check, since one of the most vulnerable places is bridges.

  • Bridge manager (executor/validator)

Total months allocated: 6 months
Total Ask: $200,000