[PROPOSAL] Dance-driven Publicity and Activation For DANCEDAO

Total Funding Requested: $500

Publicity and activation using street dance campaigns in the suburbs of Lagos, Nigeria.
Lagos is one of the most populous cuties in Africa and one of the largest in terms of urban development. With a thriving young majority, the people are a very creative and active people, owning a major share of African participation and digital presence on all major social media platforms across the globe. Having considered these facts, I believe that the NEAR platform should actively pursue onboarding and activation in the city of Lagos.

I have put together a creative dance-driven publicity campaign and activation initiative. We will be putting together a team of 10 professional street dancers who will go to Oshodi – one of the most populous and popular suburbs in Lagos. They will visit the major markets and carry out a publicity campaign, through dance and dance competitions, and also inform and engage the market people in conversations about NEAR.
We will also carry out a street campaign, dancing, giving out prizes to 5 random dancers, and vigorously publicizing NEAR.

I) Create awareness and engaging the residents of Oshodi-Lagos in conversations about NEAR, especially the young people and the traders.
II) Create video content for NEAR that will be uploaded by the paid participants on all of their social media pages.
Every participant will tag at least 10 friends to each post on social media and they will also tag popular Nigerian social media influencers.
III) Create penetration for subsequent and future NEAR projects in Lagos. Establishing our presence and activity in a major Nigerian city will make it relatively easier to mobilize and engage the people of Lagos for future projects.

I) Onboarding of at least 15 active users who can build on NEAR and help expand our reach.
II) Creating NEAR hashtags on social media platforms and engendering social media engagement for, at least, one week.

Market campaign
Dancer(s) = $26 [×10 = $260]
Street Campaign
Prizes = $18 [×5 = $90]
Logistics = $130
Miscellaneous = $20