[Proposal] D-LAYER (United Belarus DAO) budget, May 2022

Design guild is a great solution, we will use this option with great pleasure, in projects that will be planned for a few months ahead.

Then we will have already developed materials and the development of new ones based on them will take the Design Guild much less time than if now they need to understand the specifications.

15 years in crypto, :eyes:no no i’m in since 2014

Thanks for the proposal and listing out budget items. I think what you are aiming to do is a worthy cause, but in its current form I can’t support the proposal because it is combining funding for marketing activities and non-marketing activities that we typically do not fund (legal costs, mintbase store openings, for example).

Can you take the comments from @Dacha into consideration and only include marketing activities and we can review a revised proposal?


Yes, global community of lawyers.

Oh, really? @zubairansari07

@mr_free hi, invite you here by recommendation of @Dacha
could you please review our proposals, here and to Creatives
appreciate your advices about how Belarus DAO can start its activities with support of OnboardingDAO

also couldn’t find such a category, how to mark the proposal

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Yeah, Right! Not few months but few days actually because the requests are considered in order.

We do had some limit on number of projects that can be covered under our budget. NDG shifted the projects to next month that were out of budget. NDG got its funding on the month of feb for the first time which was summed up in projects that are submitted in report.

Rest projects got pushed to March month. The funding is still pending for that month. The guild leaders/lead designers had the meeting with Community team. They asked for few changes in our plans before approving the funds.

A short brief of what the changes would be in NEAR Design Guild is that we would ask the project itself if they have funds and cross check if they got funding for design from any NEAR Foundation or not.

  • If they are capable of paying independently we will charge from them.

  • If the project is not capable enough, then we will cover from the basic funding we would get from NEAR.

These steps would help us to become self sustainable and keep the balance.

Hope this sums up @Dacha ! Have a great day :heart:


Hi, Thanks for your proposal. I think the proposal would fall under #marketing:marketingdao as I see it is mainly focused on social media marketing :thinking:

I think #onboarding-dao would be able to support if we would know the number of wallets and onboarding creators here.

Activation of a wallet would take 50 usd? I don’t understand this, can you please tell us more about this?

Also you need to setup a store on mintbase, then the artists can mint their NFTs for free (Takes negligible gas fee)

Also you can list on Paras for free. I am not able to understand the $50 per marketplace here.

I see council work - $300 here and also in Creatives proposal - $444

Almost the same work, can you please help us to understand better about this?


thank you for your reply
some detalis

here we speak about creation of training aids about 3 topics

so it also goes here - it’s the topiic of aid that guys plan to create for onboarding belarusian artists

this part is about sending 0.2N to activate wallets and give some N for transactions fees on marketplaces

and we shifted in to our creative proposal but can return here back.

just following rules about 30% from amount
300usd here and (reduced to be in 2000usd total) 300usd in creatives = 600usd
divides for 2 persons who will work on it @techdir and @Jull-gull by 300usd each - is it a lot for the work of starting new DAO for onboarding the country with huge amount of creative projects that will do their activities on NEAR ?
i’m here as advisor, don’t ask any payment.


We will start working on this list, but it is far from complete, because here are only my personal contacts.

Artists who are highlighted in blue we have already agreed on cooperation.


Thanks for sharing this mate!


Cool, thanks for clarifying! This is more like the guides to help belarusian artists right?

Understood now, Thanks! Maybe you can edit and mention this in the proposal.

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the pdf that keep people out from new questions. all about being a member of NEAR ecosystem

ok, doing it! thanks

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Thanks, I checked the sheet shared above. It’s impressive and would be great to have these artists onboarded.

I am in support of the proposal with the cap of $500 in #onboarding-dao category that could sum up the wallet, guides, council and misc onboarding activities.

For social media marketing, I guess #marketing:marketingdao can help with that.

Hope to see the campaign’s success like you have done proven work in other campaigns :fire:

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Hello @johanga

(Continuing discussion about the last 3 points)
What and where events are planned for the onboarding process (meetup, online meetings, party, other kind of events … )?
How many people do you expect to onboard?
As I understand, you need 0.3-0.5N to activate the wallet , connect to the marketplace and mint NFT, correct?

Sorry, I didn’t understand how to use this list.

The file was created in order to roughly estimate the number of creative people among my acquaintances from Belarus who can be onboarded.

I didn’t think I’d have to publish it at this stage, so it doesn’t include social media and audience numbers for each artist.

but there are contacts of those people with whom we already have agreements and they will understand what is at stake if someone wishes to write to them

welcome @mr_free

no, i noted it later in comment

  • the number of people mentioned in the list + their social media followers + people around - we plan to onboard half of Belarus at least :slight_smile:

for first month there is a plan to prepare for all these events by creating tutorials and educational aids, to start and grow social media channels. this month we’ll present educational materials on first meetups, and see how it works. so we’ll make a plan of events for the next proposal

In the first months we are planning offline meetings in cafes, because it is easier to attract people there. they will mainly focus on more individual work with artists and influencers from their inner circle.

During these first meetings, we will test our training materials and better understand what opportunities artists are interested in at the initial stage.

details here:

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How much is ‘some N’? Transactions on Near are cheap.

Very ambitious and not real.
Let’s make the small steps.
How many events (and what events) do you plan? How many new users do you expect to onboard?
I understand that is a hard question, but we need to have an understanding. We will need the report and we will need to compare the plan and result.

@johanga , you are not new, you are the advisor for this dao (as I understand), and I think you know about it.

If you subscribed to RU-community, probably you know that there was a contest for creating educational and tutorial content about Near and Aurora Ecosystem. I think the most of content you can find. You don’t need funding to start social media channels. Also, creating plan is not time expensive job.

Probably individual meeting will have more impact, but they are not effective at the start. You can spend much time and efforts and get many rejections.
I think it better to invite them all together, talk about Near and then choose the individuals who will be interested in it and provide an onboarding process for them.

I support your idea and enthusiasm for onboarding new people and create strong “Хай жыве Беларусь” community, but I would like to see a clear plan and steps (events, activities, growth).

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i meant 0.2N = for activation + transactions fees
with nearnames.com so we’ll have a stats

very much real. in past i’ve organized festivals in Belarus with 1500-3000 attendants, and the team is also in context. we definately understand the potential/capacity of the project.
until i’m busy for some hours, want to share Introduction with you.
if more questions will appear to you , please leave it here as well, i’ll be back with as much clarifying replies as possible