[Proposal] creative workshop in Capital guild August 2022

Hello Creativesdao moderators and everyone in the near Ecosystem

I am samson chukwu, council member of capital guild,current discord moderator for the NxM guild an active member of C1 community BeatDAO, Nearprotocl Nigeria, also active on the Creative DAO Telegram and discord.
With the spirit of decentralization I have also been able to connect,share and stay active with communities on Twitter,YouTube and on Instagram.

Council leaders:

Following our community roadmap and our steps towards self sustainability and contribution towards community growth I have executed some projects


The above have also brought us to a point where we need to showcase what our onboarded community members have been doing and how they create, thus the project “Creative workshop in Capital guild” to be started on the 20th of August and concluded on the 30th of august.
Targeted at keeping up with our members and the newly onboarded members through this project, by doing so showing other members and the web3 community how they create their arts.
My self and my team will be going to meet the creatives in their space and recording them live while they are creating.

Also on this project we will have two days where we will stream live and air their creating process on discord for community members to see live and ask questions as it will be a learning process.
I will be working with @Zeetanah, @Dera on the project,


  1. Showing existing members how fellow community members create their art and thereby teaching each other new ways of creating
  2. Onboarding new creatives into Capital guild and keeping the existing members active
  3. Videos from the project will be uploaded on the Capital guild YouTube handle and other social media handles
  4. NFTs created from the project will be minted in the capital guild Mintbase store

Team bounty $150
Camera and the videographer $130
Editing $160
Logistics $60

Total: $500
Target: sammiee.near

Cc @creativesdao-council


Nice one @sammiee looking forward to this great masterpiece

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