[proposal] content creation and social media marketing

Hi @marketingdao-council

My name is Daniel Umeh and I am a digital marketer with over 5 years of experience in digital marketing.

About my plans

My aim is to create a detailed content about nft’s on my website “danielshustle.com”. My website gets good traffic but I will also drive more traffic to the content using google ad. I will also make a sponsored post for my Instagram (13.2k followers) and record a detailed video for my YouTube (203k subscribers).


  • To expand the NEAR ecosystem
  • Get thousands of views on YouTube
  • Get lots of comments and engagement
  • Regular interaction on my website about the NEAR community
  • Excellent positive response and increased interest from the audience about future projects

**My resources **

Website: danielshustle.com
YouTube: youtube.com/danielshustle
Instagram: Daniel Umeh (@danielshustle) • Instagram photos and videos

Funding details

Content creation/ad for website: $150
Content (video) for YouTube: camera: $120
YouTube Ad: $200
Instagram ad: $100

  • Total: $570
  • NEAR wallet ID: danielumeh.near

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You’ve got a good and ambitious plan for this ecosystem

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