[PROPOSAL] CleanNFTs Guild - October 2021 Funding Request

Creatives DAO X CleanNFTs Guild :seedling: Monthly Funding Request

Project name: CleanNFTs Guild

Project members: nvrndr, thebadlament, moonhmz.near

Target Address: cleannfts.sputnikdao.near

Project Accounting: Current Balance 94.40 NEAR

Funding Period: October 2021

Initial requested amount: $4994 / ~ 600 NEAR (At time of writing N~$8.17)

Updated Project Timeline:

Here is a detailed breakdown of what we accomplished in September

Hi there!
As a Guild CleanNFTs learned a lot in the past month, both about the ecosystem and our own capabilities. While we work on onboarding new moderators to support our guild council, we have restructured our budget this month to focus on content production. This will reduce the lag time present when trying to coordinate several live events with council members in several different time zones.

We’ve found that invitational style bounties yield higher quality submissions so we plan to continue those. This also gives us an opportunity to invite creators in from outside of the NEAR ecosystem. We would also like to offer some fun micro bounties for folks who are actively helping folks on discord, or boosting the content we produce.

We have also allocated part of this budget towards wallet creation to help our community get started with NEAR.

Lastly, now that we have some of our creative direction honed in, our main project this month is rebuilding cleannfts.org to be a better resource. This will be the home for all of our updates, our educational content, interviews, and more.

Specific Projects-

Admin: 200N / $1634
Moderators: 30N / $245
Marketing: 40N / $347 @clean_nfts
Outreach: 12N / $98
Guild Upkeep: 9.2N / $75 (Web Hosting and Server Boosting & Bot Security)

Editorial: 40N / $327 https://medium.com/@cleannfts Aiming for 3 articles.
Videos: 60N / $490 (Clean NFTs - YouTube) Aiming for 3 videos.
Discord Stages/Stream: 20N /$163 (Live interview with creators minting on PoS and Projects)
Virtual Gallery Exhibition: 30N /$245 (Curatorial labor and design)
CleanNFTs Platform List: 15N /$123 (Updating and further development of bit.ly/Clean-NFT)
Graphic Design: 10N / $82

Minting Party: 20N /$163 (In Discord community building party. Collaborating on an NFT live in Discord and splitting profits)
Website: 60N / $490 (Website redesign)
Wallet/Onboarding: 25N / $204 (For onboarding 24 community members to NEAR)

Community Tipping: 10N / $82 (Small tips .15N or more for active members who are engaging, helping, answering questions in discord)

Social Boosters: 10N / $82 (Small tips .15N or more for members who want to help us boost our social reach so our content can be seen )

Meme Creation: 15N / $123 (Bounty to create Memes about NFTs & the Environment. With the intention to help keep the atmosphere fun and inviting despite the heavy subject matter.)

Total Membership: 3048
Active Membership: At last count somewhere around 398
Active on NEAR: ~26+

That’s it for now.
Thanks again to EVERYONE who supported us last month as we took our first steps as a Guild on NEAR! And please join us for our Exhibition Party on Friday 15th PDT 5pm / EDT 8pm / AEDT Sat 16th 11 am. CleanNFTs Guild Discord


Thanks for the proposal :ok_hand:t4:.

First of all I wanted to note that for marketing specific proposals, you can submit to the marketing DAO

Second, it would be great to see each of these proposals linked out to their own forum topic with more details regarding goals and metrics for success. I see that there are notes to how many videos/articles that the CleanNFTs Guild would like to get out this month, but it would be great to see more detail as to what these videos will entail, who will be creating them, and what the goals behind each project is.

If you would like a Clean NFTs subcategory to more efficiently self organize, @mecsbecs should be able to organize that for you. Or, you can just use the general creatives category to create these topics.


Hey @nvrndr
Thank you for the proposal!

Agreeing @chloe regarding approaching the marketing DAO as well as having the separate projects linked to their own forum proposals to also see who will be responsible.
Looking froward to the updates so the funding can move along :slight_smile:


Thanks @nvrndr hoping to approve the proposal as soon as we can work out the details. Hope you’re doing great!

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Thanks for your patience!
We’re still coming to consensus on a content calendar as per the suggestions above.
Are there any other guilds that you’d recommend who have had approved proposals with similar types of content specific projects? Specifically editorials and or video content? :pray:t4:

So far we’ve removed marketing line item from our CreativesDAO budget (which we used last month to compensate for the time spent growing our Twitter account) and reallocated those funds towards more content creation. Planning to update the post above to reflect this once we’re ready to resubmit.


Check what Cudo DAO community is doing and how they are organizing their several projects :smiley:


Yeah, you can check most of the other approved Proposals from Guilds, each of the projects outlined in this proposal should be linked out to their own proposals at the Guild level as well. All of these proposals should be in the CleanNFTs - NEAR Forum subcategory of the forums and linked in this proposal here.

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Hi, wondering if it’s best to just scrap October since Jose and I just haven’t had the time to re-do all the posting etc. and it’s not had approval? We can start a new request for November with the new split of individual project approvals as suggested.



A new request would be ok, I think. Today the Creatives DAO council will meet to discuss all current proposals.