[Proposal] Capital Guild Community September creative space installment payment

Hello Creatives.

i remain EL KHUSH De Magnifico, an Afro infusion artist/Brand, a community builder, founder and a moderator of Capital Guild community, it has been a wonderful experience building and growing with a community of brave creatives and with the recent support from the creatives to kickstart our payment in installments we are requesting for installment payment for the month of September after receiving our first payment in the month of July


From the creation of the Capital Guild community in the month of May, we drafted a Roadmap that would provide sustainability for us as a community so we would not continue to depend on getting funded by Creatives DAO & NF when fully set up.





So far we have proposed and completed projects for

May: https://gov.near.org/t/report-may-monthly-report-for-capital-guild/22163?u=elkhush

June: https://gov.near.org/t/report-capital-guild-community-june-project/24347?u=elkhush

July: https://gov.near.org/t/report-capital-guild-community-report-for-july-projects/27010?u=elkhush

Currently requesting $2000 in DAI



The Make up studio is an idea for Models, this would be a space for models and make up artists to creatively create and practice their art, the studio will also have a photoshoot set up for proper photography.


. The studio will be available for the models and for makeup artists plus clients that would want to hire the space for personal projects outside the community.
. It will be available for hire as we plan to allow our models and makeup artists bring in their clients for makeovers for a fee.
. On one end of the the studio we’ll have a makeup setup with lights while on the other end we’ll set up a photo stand with backdrops hanging, this will be an interesting feature for members of the community and clients who will be booking a makeover session with the community.

The audio recording studio will be accessible to members of the community and will also be for hire which will be generating funds for the community.




. A well composed, mixed & mastered song audio in a standard studio costs at least $100 for production ( we will be offering free album cover for artists of the community and client artists ) this can be an Avenue for generating funds regularly to keep the studio running.
. The studio is also going to be an African NFT blog/podcast which could serve as a strong mechanism for promotions and advertisements, we will be hosting live sessions, AMAs and programs on our twitch page.

The dance studio will have a Chroma background on the stage as all activities here will be edited with the web3 and metaverse effects as seen in the video below:


. The Dance studio will be an open space, it is also going to serve as our conference room in case we have a community activity or an exhibition.
. It is going to also be our lecture room for project explanations, reviews and ideas.
. It will be available for projects from outside the community e.g for exhibition, rehearsals and video shoots.
. It will also be used for our community physical meeting as one of the important reason of having a hub is to create closeness for members of the community.

The art village will be decorated and designed with artworks and artifacts for art creators to have a space for making art/NFTs.




. This section of the Hub is going to be for Fine artists, sculpture art painting art e.t.c
. This is the only gallery section of the hub for displaying physical art that has already been minted on our store.
. It is also going to be the center for art creation and workshops for learning.
. We have also considered setting up a printing press shop in the art gallery where we will start making designs of NFTs bought on our store on Wears, bags, shoes, caps e.t.c. We will also be making designs that will later be made with the Voxedit to be sold as NFT wearables that will unlock its physical NFT. This is one of the steps to create funds for the community.

The media room will be the brain box of the community where all created NFTs will be minted, it’ll be a learning space for activities like Marketing, website management, Voxedit, Magical Voxel and other NFT creating softwares. It will also serve as an Information center.



. The media room is generally going to be for Minting, editing, digital works and learning.
. It will be a space for all creatives to learn how to use some of the web3 Dapps as we plan on educating all our members like MagicalVoxel, Voxedit, Cryptovoxel, Emanate, Tamago e.t.c.
. Our social media team will also be working from this space.


  1. Availability for hire/rental from members and clients
  2. Creating/Minting/marketing NFTs
  3. Onboarding new members with projects and events.
  4. A digital printing press.
  5. Free webinars and educational contents.
  6. A podcast for advertisements and on air presentations.
  7. An equipped stage for video recording of performances from members and clients with chroma background effects.
  8. Interoperability with DeFis and Dapps
  9. Content creation/Performances.
  10. Partnerships & Sponsorship

We have carefully discussed and agreed to engage our members in all the aspect of the creative hub so instead of hiring people for the space we will be working with the members of the community, we might just be required to hire some professional hands to help teach the members how to use some of these equipments and then they will be handling it afterwards, this is a step to provide job opportunities for the members of the community, provide more results for content creations and NFTs, it is also going to give more exposure and education to the members of the community.

The space will take 3 months to complete its payment and hence the community can request for at least $5000 a month, we would keep on with the community setup request showing results, metrics and pictures as we set up.

After completion of the space rent we also would be requesting funding for set up, we are looking to have fully set the space up on or before January 31st.
So as to allow community projects for members, onboarding, NFT creation, educational programs and content creations.

Also, we had a little setback due to the closure of our August proposal which affected our plans

Community members who will want to be a part of the setting up is very welcome because we are want to work with the members and then hire a few extra hands in some professional areas.

For the metrics, each month before proposing for the next, we would show reports and progress of work done, we will be updating every month with results, metrics and pictures.
We have already prepared a new and simplified report sheet which would be posted on our September reports.

We have also started bringing active members on to some roles to help ease the flow of information and reports

For each month we will be posting a proposal explaining the details of work expected to be done for the month this includes equipments. E.g for November, we will be making a proposal with details on the media room set up and Audio recording studio, what will be required ( after making enquiries for prices to proper breakdown what the funds will be used for ), timeframe for completion and Metrics, then at the end of November or first week December, depending on when we get funded, we will make a report showing progress of work done and our next step.

As we plan to start doing as soon as we start making payments from September, we received July funding late and had to hold on with payment because our August request was closed, however we would be glad to start payment as soon as we are approved.
Each month we are looking at setting up each section of the hub, we could start with the media room as it is the brain box of the Creative hub.

Summary .
Creative space annual payment: 3 months
Creative space fully set up from October to January 2023.
The end goal relating to this proposal is to have made at least more than half of the total rent so as to start doing setup up on the space from October.

Also to add the $2000 monthly request till January is to have the space paid for and fully set up on or before January 31st the space rental request is just for 3 months, we have already gotten the first request so we will be requesting for final payment next month if our September payment request gets granted with reports of the first payment made, by January when we are fully set up we will no longer be requesting for any more funds concerning the space as we would have been fully set up and already being productive and generating funds to keep us sustainable, the whole funding request from now till January is to have Capital Guild community fully set up to the stage that we would start running our community activities and independently funding and keeping the space running.

After payment of the space is completed our next proposals concerning the community space will be for setups and reports of progress will also be posted here on the forum.

Also to add, we will have no need to request for any more funding for community activities from the creatives when we are fully set up, whatever requests we might make in the future might be just for major project funding like for Dapps building or Metaverse gallery for the community but if we not allowed to due to our growth by the time then we will do some crowd funding projects the community to raise up funds for a metaverse gallery.

We are currently focused on creating an environment for easy productivity and practices, so we are geared towards making available opportunities for the members to have no barriers on their journey through the web3 space.

The space rent will subsequently be paid for by the community, this is the essence of being self sustainable and we have been making known to the landlords of the properties we’ve been checking so far what our plans to use the property is for and we will be making a legal agreement to that ( all details and photos will be attached in the report ), understanding the property rules in Abuja and having @Sammiee who’s one of the council leaders and also a real estate expert, we will have a lot of checks to make before taking the properties.

This is also why we have been strategic with properties we have been looking at because we want it to be in a public place to easily draw peoples attention.

I will be updating the space proposal with these questions so that it will be there for more clarification

All activities in the creative space are mainly for:

  1. NFT creation/Minting.
  2. Web3 activities/onboarding.
  3. Community growth
  4. Entertainment.
  5. Sustainability wealth creation for the community.

All attached photos are downloaded as samples to better describe our plans for the creative center.

Due to the cost of the creative space as mentioned above and due to the continuous rise in the dollar rate to our local currency, we have considered to request for funding in installments of 3 months which started July, this will allow the community members to propose for project funding and community activities, we will be providing receipts of payment in installments as we proceed with payments.

We have also considered to be requesting for the community space funding until it is fully set up so that we wouldn’t have to start requesting for funding for set up of space, however we will be submitting reports of progress on the community space as we keep growing.

requesting = $2,000 in DAI
Target: captalguild.sputnik-dao.near

i am always available for clarifications.
Cc @creativesdao-council

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