[proposal] C1 guild in partnership with Nftytribe: To onboard and co-host the NftyTribe/C1 phygital exhibition

hiii everyone​:vulcan_salute:t5:
it’s a new month, a new era for the creatives dao and it’s truly exciting!
i want to use this opportunity to thank the c1 community for honoring me as part of the council.

NftyTribe is a multi-chain marketplace (powered by $afen) designed to provide both traditional and digital African creators with unique tools and resources to reach global audiences. C1 foundation will be partnering with their vision of selling phygital assets towards relaunching NftyTribe as multi-chain, by onboarding them on NEAR blockchain by adding our smart contract to their marketplace and by co-hosting the NftyTribe/C1 phygital exhibition scheduled to happen in Lagos state by April.

Given the new creativeDAO methods we would be safe-locking $1000 in the C1 DAO for the event next month, April, 2023 and will bring report before and after the event.

  1. Technical cost: Deploying NftyTribe on Near to ensure interoperability and easy onboarding of c1 guild creators (Technical cost).

  2. Exhibition Space: The exhibition event is scheduled to take place in Lagos, Nigeria. We anticipate an attendance of 300-500 people.

  3. Brand collaterals and Digital screen installations

  4. Branded gifts and merch

target: $1000 in $USDT

cc: @deborahofafen


Hi @reespect, moving this from Creatives DAO to C1 subcategory.

If this is proposed directly to Creatives DAO as a DAO’s main proposal, please lmk. Thank you!