(Proposal) Burlesque DAO Funding for May

Background Information

About Burlesquedao

Burlesque Creatives is a Dao of communities of comedians, skit makers, musicians and entertainers, creating contents and hosting physical and metaverse stand up comedy events under the Near protocol for the sole purpose of expanding the reach and bringing attention of people all around the globe to the Near protocol , specifically into the Entertainment Industry.

Council Members

@Romanus - deejayankara.near
@Mlmlo - obiageli.near

Total number of member in astro 23

August report
September Report

Why Our Team is the best for funding

Our team began in September 2022 and have being working toward achieving our sustainability goal. So far we have onboarded over 130 members on telegram and still counting. We are also working hard to onboard top comedians in Nigeria which will be easier for the world to see our potentials as a community. We are fast growing and also have make the ecosystem known in our local areas. We are getting to the point where we will be able to attract sponsors from top organizations.

Achievement information about our DAO

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Event on metaverse turnout


Our mission is to amplify the power of live comedy, allowing its laughter and underlying messages to reach more people than ever before, all whilst educating them on Near ecosystem and web3 and supporting the comedian/artists and the wider community in as many ways as possible. Also by producing new works, discover and nurture talents and also to target on widen our digital audiences and develop new audience. Our dreams and hope are beyond your expectation.


To create a community of comedians and skit makers in the web 3 ecosystem

To onboard comedians, to the near web3 ecosystem

To produce basically anything funny!

To organize professional comedy shows including open mic and professional stand-up, comedy skit, gameshows.

To bring inter-states and international comedians (stand-up) circuit working together.

To arrange Metaverse with NFt ticketing and corporate event planning providing entertainment such as stand-up comedy for corporate events such as dinners, conferences, seminars and much more.

weekly workshop to train and utilize comedians with the principles of improvisation to enhance self-confidence, team-building, and presentation skills.


i Best Comedians Writeup Comedy - 350$


AIMS: To make Humor writing in serving up the right dose of feel-good vibes to put a smile on the faces of the readers just as known it’s a community of comedians.

It’s just starting and will be happening every month in different dimensions to encourage the comedians and make burlesque Dao a lively community.

Here is this month edition for the best comedy writer


Write a funny comedy not more than 20 lines.

To participate, you must be a member in the telegram group and must be a follower of Burlesque dao on social media.

Screenshot and Post on Twitter/Instagram networks tagging Burlesque Dao.

Use the hashtag #BurlesqueDao

Onboard your family and friends to the gov forum.

Winners will be determined by likes on the forum

Don’t miss out

PRIZE: The best 7 comedy writers chosen by the curator will receive 50 USD in Near.

NOTE: when dropping your entry for the bounty don’t forget to put your wallet ID here

BUDGET: 350USD in Near.

ii. Best Joke Captured In One Minutes- 250$


This event is initiated to create awareness about BURLESQUE DAO and also to on-board comedians through social media to the ecosystem.

Detail : Do a record of yourself cracking a minute joke

To be Eligible for this event,

You must be a member of BURLESQUEDAO
Follow us on our Social Media
Tag our social handle and #burlesquejoke
Note : You can post your content on any social media.

(Examples: I post on twitter, i will follow burlequedao on Twitter. Post content and tag @burlequedao and #burlesquejoke) this applies if you are posting on Instagram or facebook.

This will be duly observe.


Winner gets 100$

1st gets 60$

2nd gets 50$

3rd gets 40$

iii. Comedy Skit Making - 440$

comedy skit have become a big investment in africa and to the world. comedy skits have become so big on social media in which generate revenue for comedians. burlesque dao is looking forward in making comedy skit to entertain digital audience around the world and also to bring fun and laughter as a major role to the ecosystem. this will be huge as

we are presently having issues minting our content as nft in our store.

it will be promoted on social media for audience to view and engage with our content.

by doing this, it will add value and recognition to comedians whereby adding value to the ecosystem.

it will also be a process for onboarding comedians

we will be shooting four comedy skits videos for 4(four) main characters.

We have being having issues with our mintbase store as we can’t upload our videos there but with connection with @larkim he gave us a clue on how to go about it. We will be minting all videos created on our mintbase store.

budget breakdown

videoman/editor - $100

4 main comedians gets - $60 each ($240)

social media - $100 (youtube, instagram, facebook)

total amount requested $440

iv. Standup Comedy (Physical/Metaverse) - 1860$

The primary aim of this event is to support comedians/Artist by giving them a platform to showcase and to be seen live on stage and on metaverse, and also a means of introducing Comedians to the near ecosystem… which automatically promote the Near community.


Onboarding students to the community.

We will be onboarding business partners and partnership with event hall owners for the purpose of convenient renting and for the purpose of trading via $Near.

This will be an avenue for creatives to get to meet and share ideas for improvement

The authentication of the event will be able for us to have fan base on social media, around local community and state at large in which success can be determined for the purpose of generating revenue.

This event will also be live on metaverse. Event will not be based on a particular event space but will be in different place every month for the purpose of meeting new people in different state.

This event will be a monthly activity that will be anchor on Metaverse. All Dao are welcome to relieve their stress after a long day.


Onboarding 10 comedians, over 50 students to the community

Onboarding and partnering with the Student Social Director of Yabatech

Budget Breakdown

Metaverse Rent (200$ for 4month)
Event Space - $120
3 performing comedians- $50 each(150$)
Video/Editor- $200
Social Media Ad - $100(Facebook, Instagram & YouTube)
Graphics/Banner: 50$

Total Fund Requested $620 x 3month = $1860

v. Record 5min Audio Cracking a joke - $1000

We are looking forward to a live studio recording of comedians tell our audience a 5 minutes joke which will be uploaded and stream live on Tamago. Burlesque DAO will be looking up to 10 comedians outside and inside the community who will be doing a professional recording of him or herself tell the world a joke which the length of the recording will be a minimum of 5min.

Each successful recordings by comedians gets 100$ and each recording will be uploaded on Tamago. This will be a professional studio recording. Remember to add a sound of laughter while cracking a joke.


• Record a 5 minutes audio and upload on Tamago

• All recordings should be recorded in the studio.

• Invite friends and family to support you by streaming your audio on Tamago.

• Paste the link of your uploaded audio on Tamago on your social media bio

• Winners will be selected by the highest stream on Tamago streaming platform

• Each winners gets 100$


10 comedians - $100 each

Total: 1000$ in Near

vi. Trivia Quiz 4 3month* $135

Trivia quiz will be held in the community in which little tokens will be won be the Burlesque DAO members for three (3) month consecutively to keep the platform busy and smooth.

DAO Management $965

Total : 5000$ in near

Target & Outcome:

With the events and activities in place,
Burlesque dao is targeting to onboard up to 250 new entrant añd create 250 new wallets for them.

Burlesque DAO is focusing on encouraging and supporting comedy on metaverse, web3 and also promoting Near Protocol and it Ecosystem via our content.

We are Organizing a special event to educate not just the comedian but the people to know the advantages this can be to the society. This event will be stream live on our YouTube Channel - Burlesque DAO TV and On Metaverse Space.

Telegram (Creative Meeting Attendances)


TARGET WALLET : burlesque.sputnik-dao.near

Thanks to @creativesdao-council for their support

Burlesquedao Council.


GM @OfficerLehLeh_01, thank you for submitting the proposal.

Please revise the content of your project following the proposal template. (More info about guidelines & procedures can be found here: [Guide] CreativesDAO Guidelines and Procedures)

To facilitate this, since you already posted the project separately, please elaborate each project with:

Expected outcome: -
Activities & timelines: -
Budget: (Detailed budget for each activities, target wallet (if any))

Please note that clear & strong expected outcomes are very important, thank you very much!


@williamx Thanks… I will go about it to make the adjustments… Mean while the targeted wallet was mentioned already.