[Proposal] Burlesque DAO Funding for April 2023

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Total number of member in astro 23

Why Our Team is the best for funding

Our team began in September 2022 and have being working toward achieving our sustainability goal. So far we have onboarded over 130 members on telegram and still counting. We are also working hard to onboard top comedians in Nigeria which will be easier for the world to see our potentials as a community. We are fast growing and also have make the ecosystem known in our local areas. We are getting to the point where we will be able to attract sponsors from top organizations.

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Our mission is to amplify the power of live comedy, allowing its laughter and underlying messages to reach more people than ever before, all whilst educating them on Near ecosystem and web3 and supporting the comedian/artists and the wider community in as many ways as possible. Also by producing new works, discover and nurture talents and also to target on widen our digital audiences and develop new audience. Our dreams and hope are beyond your expectation.


To create a community of comedians and skit makers in the web 3 ecosystem

To onboard comedians, to the near web3 ecosystem

To produce basically anything funny! f

To organize professional comedy shows including open mic and professional stand-up, comedy skit, gameshows.

To bring inter-states and international comedians (stand-up) circuit working together.

To arrange Metaverse with NFt ticketing and corporate event planning providing entertainment such as stand-up comedy for corporate events such as dinners, conferences, seminars and much more.

weekly workshop to train and utilize comedians with the principles of improvisation to enhance self-confidence, team-building, and presentation skills.


Best Comedians Writeup Comedy- 350$

Best Joke Captured In One Minutes- 250$

Comedy Skit Making- 440$

Standup Comedy (Physical/Metaverse)- 1860$

Record 5min Audio Cracking a joke- $1000

Trivia Quiz 4 3month $135

DAO Management $965

Total : 5000$ in near

Due to restrictions in my telegram account, I am unable to text or call anyone on telegram.

Target wallet : burlesque.sputnik-dao.near

Thanks to @creativesdao-council for their support

Burlesquedao Council.


I’m trying to understand how any of these initiatives relate to the NEAR Strategic goals.

My reasoning is simple - any funding that is aligned with NEAR Strategic goals should be contributing towards growth, and there can never be ‘too much growth’.

However, there is a virtually unlimited amount of potential funding requests that are not related to NEAR Strategic goals, depleting community funds and community morale (why is this being funded over something else…?)

To put it simply:

  • How many $5k comedy events around the world can or should the Community Trust fund sponsor?

I also want to note that $5k is the new limit for Creative DAO proposals. Would the value of the proposal be higher if the limit were also higher?


Hi Satojandro

First of all, community and its members are free to share the proposals they see fit for NEAR ecosystem growth.
However approval or rejection is based on a metric system evaluating proposals on multiple parameters.

It’s better to not presume that proposal constitutes approval.

All your concerns should be cleared by the post mentioned below which was also open for months for discussion on the forum.
Would’ve been great to have your comments and thoughts there before it was finalised by creatives community and NF.


Nice proposal it makes lot of sense as comedy skit is really getting so much attention and engagements by Nigerians , I would really love to take part in this


What a proposal with unique features … :+1:


Sure… I look forward for your collaboration

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Great job @OfficerLehLeh_01

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Ok boss, you can surely count me in.

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