[Proposal] Bridging artists from "VẼ MINH HỌA - Illustration" on Facebook into NEAR

This is part of VN Artists Dao July Funding Request (Overview)


  • After June with collaborations inside the ecosystem, we want to go beyond NEAR to bridge artists from other community into NEAR, firstly with local artists groups on Facebook.

  • To introduce VAD and attract artists from “VẼ MINH HỌA - Illustration” on Facebook - a community of 350K members into NEAR.

  • Creating a broader play ground for artists outside NEAR & onboard them to VAD

  • Connect with local arts community in Vietnam to cover VAD image

Method to implement:

  • We’ll introduce VAD and organize a themed art competition to promote Vietnamese culture on group “VẼ MINH HỌA - Illustration” - a hub of Vietnamese artists & illustrators who have been actively exchanging & sharing artworks.

  • Artists will need to join Telegram & mint their artworks as part of submission

  • Main playground for engagement & sharing is Facebook, where we can better expose our image.

  • After competition, we’ll organize a workshop “From Binance to NEAR” with fully instructions how to transfer asset and do P2P trading in Vietnamdong.

Time span:

  • Open call for the competition: July 10th - July 25th

  • Result announcement: July 29th

  • Workshop from Binance to NEAR (To be organized by councils with no cost): Expected June 30th

Metrics to measure success:

  • Expect >40 new members to join TG

  • Bridge at least 25 new people into NEAR, with at least 10 new people know how to using Binance & NEAR wallets

  • Over 25 New artworks to be minted on VAD’s Store

  • Social media impact to be shared by groups, pages of Vietnamese artists communities

  • Facebook groups has huge numbers of members & various potential, however numbers in metrics reflect our expectation when launching this event, ackowledge the fact that surface numbers on Facebook doesn’t reflect real people.


No. Task Cost
1 First prize 200
2 Second prize 150
3 Third prize 100
4 Most engaging entries (2 prize x 75$) 150
5 Guest judge 100
6 Poster & publication 100
7 Subscription for pinned post & admin shill on the group of 350k members 150
8 Call sessions to help artists mint their work (To be done as council work) 0
9 Workshop from Binance to NEAR (To be done as council work) 0
Total 950

Link to the main proposal: [Proposal] VN Artists Dao – JULY 2022 Funding Request (Overview)


Hello, @williamx is there a link to the VAD store I could use to see the artworks in the gallery?


Sure, please visit the store here :blush:

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