[PROPOSAL BOUNTY] Beat Box as 5th Element Of Hiphop

Good Day Creatives,

As Part Of the New Roadmap Of Graffiti Dao we Are aiming to Onboard more amazing And Talented Artist into Near so Support and Build a Strong Web3 Community into Near.

So as a Part of Our Next Project we will Focus and Onboard this Time BEAT BOXERS

** WHAT IS BEATBOXING? Beatboxing also known as B-boxing, it is a form of vocal percussion which involves creating sounds with the help of mouth, tongue, lips, nose, and throat . The use of any instrument while creating sounds is not a part of beatboxing. It is known as the 5th element of hip hop.**

What is 5 elements of Hip Hop?
The Five Elements of Hip-Hop: emceeing, deejaying, breakin’, graff and beatboxing .

We already onboarded A lot of Visual Artist into Near and Now Its beat boxing Turn.


•Must be a Beat Boxer
• Create a Original Content From Your talent(Beatbox) that relates To the Art Provided by the Councils.
• Councils will Post in this Thread the Arts of our onboarded Visual Artist from Previous Graff On the walls Event. This Nfts are not yet minted on any marketplaces. (Collected Arts From Web3 Conference)
• If You are a Beat Boxer then Create a Piece that Relates to the Art you choose to Cover.
• First 13 BeatBoxers will recieve 30.7 nDAI each.
•The recorded piece plus the Nfts Will be minted with a Split Royalty to both Artist. 35% to both Artist and 30% to the DAO store.

Metrics to success:
Onboarded Beat Boxers into Near
Create 3xr gallery out of it
Create Wallets to new Comers and New Recruits
Guide and Teach the Newbies and People about web3 and what near can Offer.

Estimated Amount: $400

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