[PROPOSAL] Blockchain Club Of Uganda Event and Social Media Publicity Funding: August 2021

Blockchain Club of Uganda Guild Community Growth Proposal

This is a proposal by blockchain club of Uganda to introduce Near protocol to Uganda through community engagement to enhance growth and expansion of the protocol within the country.

With our identified target communities, which include Universities, National Information and Technology Authority (NITA), mainstream media, Private Sector Forum of Uganda and the general community at large. We shall hold blended meetups (both physical and online) with members of the targeted communities to teach and sensitize them about Blockchain and Cryptography peculiar to Near.

We also intend to broaden general awareness about Near through Content ranging from blogs, Articles, videos, infographics and memes. This content will be shared through both mainstream media and popular social media platforms in Uganda, that is, facebook, twitter, instagram, telegram and whatsapp. This will be realized by inviting main stream media reporters to our meetups. We shall be posting daily twitter, facebook and instargram posts about Near meanwhile ensuring an active engagement in Telegram and whatsapp channels which shall be formed in August, being our first month of operation.

Our objectives are specified as short and long run. We shall cover the specified targeted communities in a period of four months by mobilizing an in person meet up of each group on a monthly basis as well constant media engagements as broken down below.


We shall hold at least a meetup per month starting in August. Our initial target are universities and colleges particularly technology students and professors.

The major purpose of our meetups shall be introducing the local academia to Blockchain technology, peculiar to Near with keen emphasis on NFT’s and the Near Ecosystem. We shall also mobilise developers to the Near Academy to learn building on Near Protocol. This will also lay a foundation for our planned participation in a Near centered hackathons (with the earliest planned to be in October)

Mainstream media

We shall invite technology and science journalists from major newspapers, Tvs and radios to cover our meetups. We shall also give interviews to these reporters.

Social media

  • We shall publish articles to for personal blogs and social media putting our main emphasis on twitter, facebook and instagram in the following matrices.
  • Facebook: 1 infographic post per day with a 500 follow target by December.
  • Instagram: 2 motion graphics per day with a 1200 follow target by December.
  • Twitter: 2 infographics & one motion graphic per day with a 1000 follow target by December.

All the above posts shall be directed to bringing Near awareness to the Ugandan community. They will also direct users to join the Near community by providing links to Near website social media channels.

August proposed budget

Workshop with Makerere University. We shall hold our first event in August targeting University students, tutors and researchers. We shall draft invitation letters to university Blockchain clubs around the country. We also intent to invite Google Students Developer Clubs as well as some particular inline research organizations including CrowdDoing, Crypto Impact Potential on Africa and Europe. We shall introduce Blockchain and Near Protocol in particular and how it can be deployed in the different fields that related to mentioned groups.

To hold this event, we propose a budget of 250 Near.

Creating Near Local Social Media handles and channels.

We shall create social media channels for twitter, instagram, facebook and telegram where we shall be sharing Near related content, articles and announces in both English and the major dialects(Kiswahili and Luganda). These channels shall be managed and handled by our club members. To have a good run of these channels, we shall give retweet, like and comment offers.

Crucial to note is that we shall also translate Near announcements, blogs and articles to the commonly used dialects in Uganda particularly Kiswahili and Luganda.

To have this running, we propose a budget of 150 Near.

Total Funding for August is 400 Near
Target wallet: mucu256.near

Heya @Mucu256 ,

Awesome to see NEAR activity over in Uganda.

Can you please clearly define the goals of this proposal? Think qualitative rather than quantitative, but both can be helpful. What do you want to achieve? What’s the impact on the NEAR ecosytem?

Importantly, how will you measure success?

Do you have any previous work we can refer to in regards to translations? Or did you conduct any other meetups in the past which were successful?