[Proposal] Balance and Motivation Social Media Series

Balance and Motivation Social Media Series

Abtract Summary

The Balance and Motivation podcast would be a social media series that would entail audiovisual presentations that carry strong messages of personality biulding, mental balance and inspiration to seize one’s day and make the best out of it. This series would be one that mixes video content synchronized with the inspirational audio message that accompanies it. Special messages curated by foremost thinkers and socio-philosophical thinkers recruited on the project would comprise the presentations. Each presentation would carry sound and visual imagery with it, to provide an immersive psychological experience needed for reaching the innermost depths of the mind.
The Balance and Motivation series would be a weekly series with social presence targeted specifically at biulding a ready audience who would be enlightened about the NEAR Blockchain and community participation through introductory adverts that comprise the introduction and finals of the presentation. These parts of the presentation would educate people about NEAR and carry quick simple illustrations on how to create a NEAR wallet and participate/invest in NEAR. A project that carries longevity in premise and objective for the sole purpose of impacting psychological rehabilitation and recharge for individuals while helping them make transition into web 3 and the crypto space.


The World Health Organization postulates that depression affects 3.8 percent of the world population, this postulates about 280 million people are affected by depression globally. This metric is a productof surveys of people with observable symptoms, and not in concealed cases due to public shame and embarrassment.

The Balance and Motivation podcasts is aiming to contribute its global quota and stamp on the human consciousness to pinpoint a way of liberation and emancipation for the minds of people from all climes and race to find their daily dose of motivation and inspiration to let go of whatever holds them down psychologically from attaining their most optimum mindset needed for them to function maximally in their day to day activities.

The series is needed therapy in the contributive effort for global consciousness. The primary purpose of the series is to deposit nuggets of mental recharge and clarity in the mind of its target audience, while also using this very potent portal to broadcast NEAR as a climate neutral blockchain and a force to reckon with in the crypto world

Its a novel strategy of engaging people with web 3 tools and sensitisation while creating content that is appealing psychologically


The team involved in carrying out this project are

Dabby and ENYI: Project manager and overseer
Enyi: Photographer/cinematographer
Soseyev: Music producer/ Composer
Awesome: Content curator
King Khalifah: Music AR, Social media expert

Each series would entail video material that would entail pictures and illustrations that mirror context of the week’s subject. Each series would have the listed contents below

Pre- recorded Audio message:
This is the inpirational audio content streamlined with the context of the week’s message

Image/ Graphical illustration: This would comprise images and graphical illustrations that accompany the pre-recorded audio message

NEAR outros: Graphical imagery and illustration that show people how to onboard on NEAR and get NEAR wallets


Every month, the content curator outlines context that would be developed for the series for a whole month. After this context is agreed by the team within the same day of creation, the curator is giving the go-ahead to develop this monthly context
After the 4 week monthly context for the series has been planned out. The crew would begin work in their various department of contributions towards actualizing the series.

Curator supplies the 4 week theme for the month to the team

Photographer Enyi sets out to take the necessary pictures and videos needed for each week’s theme.

Music producer makes musical score for the week’s theme .

Vocal artist records the curated content by curator, and sends the audio clips to the music producer for layering over the scored sound

Music Producer edits the vocals and masters the sound overall. afterwards, sends the mastered track to the video editor

Video editor receives all photography and video content from cinematographer and adds graphic renders to create a final audio visual presentation for the week’s episode and sends to project manager

Project manager @Dabbie and @Enyi reviews the presentation and vets it for anticipated standard as intended with the originally intended context. After the presentation checks out, Project manager sends out to social media personell for outreach strategies.

Progress and justification for this project would be validated by the amount of engagement on each episode of the series. Engagement on an episode includes

  2. Likes/Retweets/Repost

Views: Through social network algorithms employed specifically to make sure that the content reaches its target audience. Through sponsored posts, traction would be generated for the first episodes. These first episodes would be accopanied with trailers and promo oriented VFXs and effects to draw attention to the essence of the show

Likes/Retweets and Reposts are very viable metrics to judge the progress in the awareness that the show generates. A projection of 70 likes at the end of one month’s season of the series is reasonable growth and this is the team’s target for the first month of inception for the series

Comments: comments are a great way to engage with the followers of a social media initiative to mirror their hearts and know content that they might anticipate which correlates with the theme of the series. Comments are also a great way to get followers and faithfuls of the series to repost the series through their channels. 10-15 comments on an episode of the series on social channels is ouranticipated engagement projection for the first month


The series would be hosted on Youtube, Instagram and Tiktok. These are the major social media handles that are suitable for video content initiatives. As stated above, leveraging social network algorithms and sponsored posts


Project Manager: scheduling and organizing programs and synchronizing with everyone: $80 per episode
Photographer creating images and video content: $150 per episode
Music producer: Scoring soundtrack and mastering final audio per episode: $100
Voice Over artist: $50 per episode
Content Curator ( Spoken word): $100 per episode
Video editor: $100 per episode
Social Media Personell and sponsored posts: $100 per episode

TOTAL: 680x2 = $1360 ( 2 episodes only)
Wallet: dabbie3229.near


We intend to request funds for three months advance so that the team can curate content ahead of time to suffice for any delays or unforeseen anomalies in delivering the content at punctual and determined days and times to biuld credence and predictability with followers
But we would love to request funds for the production of two episodes as evidence of the potency of the series for the convincing of the Marketing DAO.

I will need your comments and be willing to answer your questions. Thanks.


Hi @Dabbie3229 thanks for your proposal

Are your team members involved in the community? Have you or your team produced any video content that you would like to share a link?


Thank you for your questions Ser

“Yes my team members @sync @Awesome @ENYI
are members and part of the ecosystem, I and @enyi conceptualised the show and through referrals we connected the team together, We have not collectively produced a show together but everyone’s input contributes and I believe they have participated in individual projects of their own”

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This is quite great @Dabbie3229 I’m really excited to work with y’all.

Here are some links to my work




Sure, Thank you dabby for the mention. I have produced music score for different projects.
Below are links to some of audio production:


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@cryptocredit Sir, this is the bulk of the team working on this project. We are requesting for part funding as stated in the proposal for delivering the first two episodes as evidence of what we envisage for this project. Thanks"

The marketing DAO will consider three months funding requests from established projects. At this stage I am happy to support funding for two episodes

I suggest you modify your proposal to include Total Amount for two episodes and add a Target Wallet for payout.

You now need to wait for comments from other @marketingdao-council members


I have edited it sir and added the value for the 2 episodes. You can check the post once more to notice changes.


In it’s current form I am unable to support this proposal.

  • Show, don’t tell. For content I would require all applicant to be able to show clear examples of their work, ideally of the actual series that is seeking funding. This would serve both to assess the quality of the work, the value it can add to NEAR but, most importantly, the applicant’s commitment to the NEAR Ecosystem (‘passion projects’).
  • While I acknowledge the important of mental health, I see very little to no correlation between the desired subject matter of the topic and NEAR.
  • In future proposals, please include links to all relevant social media channels - your own, your team’s, the projects, etc.

I would encourage you to start experimenting and iterating on your concept and come back with a new proposal once you’ve started to gain traction, etc.


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Sir, in response to your observation is why we are requesting funding for two episodes alone in the now. We made a postulation for requesting three months funding in advance but currently would need only funds for two episodes for proof of quality. I stated it here in the proposal as shown below

I would like you to know that the team is actually motivated to participate in this project and if you would check the requested amount for each person’s input, we have not requested extravagantly. I have been in the ecosystem for a couple months and i have been contributing to different DAOs, i cant say about the others but sir, the way we can prove their commitment to the ecosystem is through this project: to see how much quality the team brings with the above stated remuneration, which i would like you to remember that its not extravagant and only applies as a litmus test on the part of the marketing DAO to have us prove our mettle in securing larger funds for the three months projection of the project.

As stated in the proposal, we are starting and ending the series with NEAR Brand material and commuity participation/near wallet creation ads. With the professionalism of the in house team, these ads would be eye catchy and subtly nudge the audience to be curious about NEAR.

Please @satojandro i would appeal to you to support us. This is an exciting project, I want to do it… @ENYI wants to do it @sync wants to do it. The money we have requested is just for a kickstart, to get everyone on board and for some logistics in carrying out the duty and some small motivation on the side

I love you…

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Do you have any examples of where you’ve been a guest on someone else’s podcast or another podcast we can review?

Thanks for your question @Klint

I was the context curator and a contributor for spiritual DAO for John’s podcast. Although I might not have been agreeable with the way the podcast was administered but I see so many areas of doing better than this which is why I have assembled my team. Thank you Sir.

Hi @Dabbie3229
I would like to participate in this series as the music producer. I have a good experience in the short movies as the sound operator, engineer and sound designer.
Please check links below with my previous works:


“factory” is the winner of the short movie festival in Regensburg in 2015 as the best music score.

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You have a very nice job here, I’ll pair you with @sync for idea exchange and sound scoring for the podcast

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Please Sirs we’re still waiting for your response. Kindly review our proposal once again.

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Thanks for the proposal. I think mental health is a worthy cause, but I’m struggling to understand how the content you are describing is a fit for funding from the Marketing DAO.

It would be easier to assess what you’re proposing if there was an example or a more detailed outline of the content you’re planning.

I looked at the examples you shared and the Spiritual DAO content is images with voiceover. Is that what you’re planning to do with this series?

Also, you mentioned “This series would be one that mixes video content synchronized with the inspirational audio message that accompanies it. Special messages curated by foremost thinkers and socio-philosophical thinkers recruited on the project would comprise the presentations. Each presentation would carry sound and visual imagery with it, to provide an immersive psychological experience needed for reaching the innermost depths of the mind.”

Can you give an example of one of the messages and thinkers you are planning to incorporate?

When it comes to mental health and depression, I think there is an even greater need to tread carefully with messaging and imagery. Is anyone on the team trained as a mental health counselor or worker?