[Proposal] Appa Labs x Yolo Fund

[This is part of a proposal for the Yolo Sputnik DAO]

Appa Labs provides a unique means for NEAR users to create customisable avatars via NFT Fusion technology, where external projects can utilise these avatars through open APIs.

Appa Avatars work at the intersection of NFTs, Defi and Gaming, and DAOs enabling early users to engage with the Near ecosystem in a fun and rewarding way, providing early users with recognition.

The Appa experience has been designed around the concept of ‘Magic Moments’: providing new Near users with the minimum number of touchpoint so they get to experience the core qualities and benefits of Near, become active users and advocates.

You can read the full Appa Labs Lite Paper here

We are asking for 4750 $NEAR from Yolo Sputnik to help launch MVP.

The Appa Labs Sputnik DAO that has been created for transparency and efficiency would be the recipient of the funds.

Current council members include the Appa Team, we expect to transfer decision making to APPA holders when Sputnik DAOs v2 are available on main net.