[PROPOSAL] Announcing the formation of SWAGGER Guild

Announcing the formation of SWAGGER Guild :globe_with_meridians:


SWAGGER is an international network of designers, artists, creatives and developers summoned around the common purpose of bringing fashion NFTs to the mainstream. Based within the NEAR ecosystem, our work is centered around the vision of:

  • Developing, co-creating, promoting, launching and distributing physically linked NFTs and digital wearables as well as blockchain projects and platforms on NEAR in collaboration with contributors & stakeholders from the greater NEAR ecosystem and international fashion & lifestyle brands, platforms and consumers.

The Thesis Behind SWAGGER

While consumers are increasingly becoming prosumer with the rise of the ownership economy, this increases the attestation demands and possibilities in co-creating and co-owning communities, brands and platforms within the fashion and lifestyle business.

As a whole new market opportunity, NFTs and blockchain enable fashion brands to attest their products into product NFTs with the origin- / sustainability data or rare collection specific properties attached. At the same time it gives the opportunity for consumers to become prosumers collaborating through fashion on a global scale with a high security and efficiency. By tapping into this rising trend of the ownership economy, with focus on the trillion USD fashion vertical, we will explore and develop teams, use-cases and studies of the hyper commoditisation trend of digital fashion collectibles and it’s possibilities on NEAR Protocol.

To accelerate the growth of the SWAGGER DAO community and the next generation of Web3 products for the fashion and lifestyle category, we are now applying for Guild Status!

SWAGGER Goals & Achievements

First month since launch in March 2021, we have:

  • Published the NEAR Swag 2.0 Update on NEAR Gov which is currently top 4 the last year with more than 600 views and +30 reactions in 6 weeks.

  • Collaborated with Paras on the “Easter Event” on graphic Art Card NFTs / Swag Campaign.

  • Grown Twitter Profile from 0 to +100 followers with +75.000 impressions!

Launched the fully updated NEAR Store that in its first 2 weeks has:

    • 60 new products
    • 2000 unique visitors
    • 50 orders
    • 100 items shipped

Grown to over +100 active NEAR community members.

The short term goals in Q1 + Q2 2021 for SWAGGER Guild is to:

  • Co-create more products and designs for NEAR SWAG so the power and creativity of the community shines through in store.

  • Execute the remaining projects and collaborations in the previous update as well as new ones that includes ongoing & upcoming collaborations with:

    • Paras + Paras artists
    • Mintbase
    • Human Guild
    • Flux
    • Somnium Space
    • Berry Club
    • NEAR Pixelparty
    • DAOrecords
    • D.B.C
  • Become the leading fashion community and merchandise facilitator in the NEAR ecosystem supporting and collaborating with projects in NEAR eco.

  • To grow and include members of the NEAR community in the design and launch of new NEAR and Ecosystem related projects. Specifically in collaboration with the Open Web Sandbox.

  • Set-up Sputnik DAO for SWAGGER.

  • Build a solid foundation and community for the SWAGGER DAO growth and establishment process as a fully operating DAO with legal entities.


  • Develop and build a platform for co-creation of projects and design within digital and physical fashion in the NEARverse.

  • SWAGGER Community reaching +1000 members.

  • Launch SWAGGER DAO as a fully operating DAO with legal entities running its two operating tracks.

  • Become an entrance for international fashion brands to blockchain, NFT, user-generated design.

  • Build an incubator and accelerator for fashion dapps and projects on NEAR.

Potential ROI/impact on the NEAR Ecosystem:

  • Build an entire new category of interest in the ecosystem with a big potential for product development on NEAR Protocol.

  • Bring non-crypto users and attention to NEAR through fashion and all it’s connected categories of interest.

  • Develop strong user cases for future dapps within fashion and lifestyle.

  • Build and entrance for international upcoming and mainstream fashion brands on-boarding these to NEAR through the international network of SWAGGER community within the fashion business.


Initial total amount requested: 6000 $NEAR.

We request a recurring monthly budget of 1500 $NEAR for the next four months from May - August 2021.

The funding will cover:

  • Costs involved in running and maintaining NEAR Store.
  • Costs involved in co-creation, execution and design of collaborations on NEAR SWAG and NEAR Store with projects as Human Guild, Flux, Paras etc.
  • Bounties, events and competitions for the collaborations and projects.
  • NEAR Swag x SWAGGER DAO x Mintbase x Somnium Space Digital Swag Store & Digital Wearable development and execution.
  • Development of NFT integration pairing an NFT minted on Mintbase with physical NEAR Swag products printed on demand with individual codes and distributed via Shopify as the first crypto merchandise ever.
  • The research and development studies of establishing the first for-profit investment governance DAO on NEAR running a creator and collectors track.

Swagger Core Team

Frederik Hansson - Founder & Project Lead / hello@frederikhansson.com
Peter Humaidan - (NEARWEEK)
Tobias Herbert


Ozy @Ozymandius (4NTS GUILD + AngelDAO)
Riqi @Riqi (Paras)
Gus @Gus (NEAR Foundation)

Launch partners

Human Guild
Sputnik DAO
Decentralized Brewing Co

Join the SWAGGER community at:

Telegram: SWAGGER Telegram Community Chat
Twitter: @SwaggerDAO


Looks awesome! I’m excited to see how we can get NxM and DAOrecords involved in creating the SWAGGGGGG!!!


Better let Createbase into that action :heart_eyes::revolving_hearts: haha. Loving the ecosystem developing for creativity to flourish :blush:.


Of course!!! Let’s all flourish!


Most definitely we will bring Createbase into action. Let’s go! :surfing_man:


Beyond excited for this! Thanks, @frederikhansson!


Hey, I like swagger and fashion goods, I can help expand the Chinese market, YOO!


Hey @buster! Please hit me up in our Telegram group or at @frdrkhnssn. Would love to get your help expanding to the Chinese community! :100:


Really wanted to summit a proposal for the AFRICAN cup of nation merch jersey don’t know how to do it and am running out of time please someone should put me through