[Proposal] anaREС - sound-nft experiment by D-LAYER (United Belarus DAO)

Project Members:




Funding: monthly

target: techdir.near

Total Requested Funding Amount in USD: 820 USD


The world doesn’t stay calm in one place, in a series of complex events our lives become more active and valuable. The less of the world’s analog manifestation rest, the more valuable its digital copy is.

In the uncertain future a digitized consciousness awaits us, located in metaverse, where our “contract copys” will be busy looking for new skins for avatars, rare objects, lands and crosschain or breeding NFTs.

Music as a communication medium has transformed totally from analog to digital. So I plan to create the project which collects analog sounds of our world and transforms them into digital music that will be wrapped in to NFT and assembled in a metaverse Library of the Analog World (LAW).

In this pilot version of the project I start with the sounds of everyday life. Every time when they come into contact with objects of the analog world, they produce unique sounds, being a part of a sonic chaos.

My purpose in this project is to transform this chaos into a sound order. To create a rhythmic pattern from analog sounds of everyday life, and then, as the project develops, to explore the analog world of sounds outside the living space (in the infrastructure of the city, in public places, in places that are not intended for human habitation, in abandoned buildings, etc). I will move through the map of human life, to create a musical NFT-mix from this chaos. This project has the ability to grow because of the LAW. It is only the little part of much bigger web3 project. With the challenges and contests posted in a social media of the d-layer and NEAR community other artists will be attracted to the project for the further anaREC development.

Timeline and milestones:

anaREC - is a series of mini-collections NFT joined together by common topic and mood, that will be released one by one. Other words - collection of mini sounds or onestep sounds from everyday life. The first example would be the kitchen, the usual kitchen of a residential house.

From the total set of recorded sounds, only 15 will be selected to create a final sound composition within 3 minutes of. 15 sounds will be minted in to NFT. Buying the entire collection is the way to receive a rare NFT - namely the entire track. He can also immediately purchase a rare NFT from the collection.

Each collection consists of:

  • 10-15 sounds of environment (10 copies each)

  • 1 exclusive NFT with a track that was created using these sounds. Also this expands understanding of a functionality of sounds. Developing concepts for the covers in the subsequent mini-series will be run as a competition for photographers and artists. This will ensure the continued attention of the creative community and help artists to get their first royalties.

What actions will be performed:

  • to order mic or recorder

  • while waiting for mic delivery, to start and fill Instagram page for this project

  • to record sounds of everyday life

  • working on composing the track

  • design covers for NFTs

  • minting sounds and track as NFTs

  • posting in D-LAYER social media

Funding details:

  • Mic (we need with mic as technical equipment not only for anaREC but also for other future D-LAYER projects concerned to musicians and musical projects) = 350 usd

  • sound recording of 10 sounds = 100

  • creating a track from the sounds = 100

  • mastering = 50

  • design covers for every soundNFT of collection = 40

  • design of the collection cover = 40

  • minting material as NFTs (11 NFTs) = 140

Total : 820 USD