[PROPOSAL] ALPHAFLEXHUB| social media content creation for NEAR ecosystem

Hello NEAR community, greetings to @marketingdao-council

@Dacha @satojandro @Klint @cryptocredit @so608

for doing a great jobs so far.

According to the latest update to marketing DAO community grant.

Reference mame: Solomon sule

Socials: | Instagram | [other handles]

Funding Structure: monthly starts from February.

I am solomon sule (@alphaflex), a social media marketer and promoter, community builder & manager, web3 enthusiast & educator, Visual graphic designer.

I have been in the NEAR ecosystem for a year now and have worked in the following positions SMM, CM, MOD, AMBASSADOR in and out of the NEAR ecosystem.

connected with tnesociety.com formally 9ja musical as SMM,CM.

This is a community responsible for the onboarding of musical talent into the ecosystem and music projects like tamago with one of our artists have the 3rd most streamed song of 2022.

Degen at Auroranftclub.

cohort one ambassador at Octogamex, currently ambassador at burrito-battle.


Meet the team.

Fewa Omotola @Omotola a well experienced content creator ( visuals and video). Connected with TNEsociety and AuroraAfrica

Link to previous work


Link to RESUME

Chinaza @Mimi2 a well experienced content creator (written).

Link to previous work

Link to RESUME

What will you do?

Knowing that Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms and hosts a lot of web2 and web3 communities, enthusiasts to promote NEAR PROTOCOL on Instagram and create more awareness to the Blockchain communities.

How will you do it?

To get started I would love to transform my existing page of about 12k+ followers and 4k+ accounts reached to promote NEAR PROTOCOL.

This would bring more engagement and attention to NEAR faster than expected if I’m to start a new page.

“We are also going to incorporate medium articles into our batch of content going out every month. With plans to put out 2 articles every week = 8 Articles per month”

Here’s a sample of the type of medium content to be shared.

As at the moment, the medium page we plan to use is still under construction and should be ready before the end of this month.


Will be making strategic visual, video and audio and written content about the use cases of NEAR and important projects built on NEAR

  • Regular posts, stories and reels

  • elaborate on all events on NEAR

  • collaboration with communities on Instagram with good engagement.

-posts hijacking

  • IG live to discuss the current status of NEAR and projects built on NEAR.

hashtags to promote






would focus on posting quality content to attract more engagement and growth.

News and updates will be taken directly from NEAR PROTOCOL, NEAR FOUNDATION and AWESOME NEAR official handles.

While the focus will be on NEAR PROTOCOL A form is created for projects who want to get promoted on her page to fill and get their products amplified.

Type of content to be created:

Visual graphics: News/ announcement, info-graphic, promotional, meme. Statistical, animated.

Video: Reviews, Educational, animated.

Audio: IG live monthly.
written: Articles ( Reviews, Educational )


my campaign will be focused on users interacting with products on NEAR

expected page Insights

4000+ account reached monthly

800+ account engaged monthly

5000+ new followers monthly

On posts / events

Visuals: 600+ account reached

Videos/reels: 2000+ post reached

IG live: 100+ listeners


  • 60 Visual designs monthly

  • 3 short videos for reels monthly

  • 1 Animated meme monthly

  • 1 promotional animated video monthly

  • 8 Articles monthly




Cost = 1140 Usdt

  • supports projects in the ecosystem.

Interested projects can apply here

Will be to promoting 3 projects monthly (will be updated when we have signups)


  • 2 content creation contest monthly, (memes, promotional video): 2 * $100 = 200 Usdt

-2 IG Live monthly: Cost $75/1 that’s is $50 bounty and $25 for host total to = 150 Usdt monthly

New wallet creation

  • 5 $NEAR will be used for Airdrop campaign to create 50 wallets 0.1 $NEAR each

Total budget: 1140 + 200 + 150 =1490 Usdt + 5 $NEAR

Target wallet: alphaflexhub.near

questions and reviews are welcomed as we await response thank you.


Nice application. Had a few questions regarding your account and content quality:

-I checked your Reels but it seems they’re curated videos of AI animations or designs none made by you. Do you have examples of reels you’ve made before or similar examples of what your proposed Reels would look like?

-What does a ‘promotional animated video’ look like? What is the topic? Who does the voiceover, editing, sfx…?

-What is a ‘content creation contest monthly’?

-What specific KPIs related to NEAR are you tracking? (not related to your page)

-5,000 followers per month seems a lot of growth per month. How will you achieve that?

-Content posted on your page, the carousels and everything all seem curated and not original. That’s not a negative or positive thing but your proposal is about content ‘creation’ and I can’t see the content.

Clarifying those could help. Thx

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Link to previous work


This could help redirect you.

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Did you check the resume of those on the proposal?

Also, there is a link to previous works in the proposal.

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thank you for your questions.

links are provided on the proposal on examples of videos to be created.

as stated on the proposal this would me a medium for content creators on instagram to create more memes and promotional videos for the ecosystem.

my targeted audience are web 2 users on intagram hence KPI includes
-wallets opened
-interaction with projects
my campaign will be focused on users interacting with products on NEAR

for the number of followers if you checked my RESUME you will see i work with a social media brand focused in promoting social media platforms organically hence achieving these numbers wont be a problem as the page will always grow and my duty is to manage and maintain my audience.

initially i use my page to promote and support content creation talent hence. and links are provided to previous work done by my team.


Hi there :wave:
To answer your last question, Content is tailored according to what is demanded. Mostly, we’re required to curate content about a specific project to share with the community and when we’re required to create content entirely, we tailor it accordingly. To shed more light on this, here’s a link to some old content created entirely, as I wrote the script myself and a couple which were curated to meet the requirements.


Thanks for the proposal. I can see via the resumes/CVs shared that your team is enthusiastic about the ecosystem.

In looking at the Alphaflex Instagram account, I don’t see the value in funding content creation on this channel. Here are my reasons:

  • Yes, there are 12K followers, but a review of the follower accounts turned up mostly accounts with no posts, just a few posts or what look like very similar image styles. It’s highly suggestive of bot/ghost accounts.
  • The engagement on your content is low vs. the follower number. The engagement that is there is a lot of spammy crypto commenters looking to shill.
  • There’s no cohesive message or brand around the account. There’s some existing crypto content and a lot of #NFT but nothing substantive or original.

When I’m evaluating proposals, I am looking to allocate funds to projects that can clearly demonstrate their ability to reach the KPIs outlined by the NEAR Foundation as per our guidelines. I don’t see that in this proposal.

I’d encourage you and your team to keep your eye out for bounties that we are hoping to post soon. They may offer an opportunity to get paid to create content around specific themes/campaigns.


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Thank your@so608 for your observations

followers on the alphaflex page are real profiles and i will be sharing some screenshot showing the insights of few posts on the page as this shows a stats of my followers engages on the post also Insights showing the locations or all followers.

Insights showing the locations or all followers.

Have been on Instagram for a long time and I know getting engagements is quite difficult. and research shows that 10% engagement rate is expected from every page irrespective of your followers. Imagine cristiano on Instagram the most follow page but has a 2.56% engagement rate.

I believe the engagement on the alphaflex page fills in as it’s a personal page and strategies are being set to improve the current Engagement stats.

What the alphaflex page is all about.

1- support NFT curators, Artists promoting their work on the page.
2- Post News update on Blockchain, NFTs as stories daily.
3- account management to business pages.

Thanks for the encouragement and hope have been able to provide the answers you needed.