[PROPOSAL] a muti x LENs DAO collaboration for "Estufada Artistica"

Hello LENS DAO community!

We (muti dao) and Black Cat Cinema DAO are organising a unique event in the city of Coimbra on the 2nd of July and would like to invite LENS DAO to participate in the event as a cross dao collaboration.


Jardim Botânico da Universidade de Coimbra
Botanical Gardens in Coimbra
The event will be part held inside the greenhouse and part outside.


A four part event that will include a poetry performance, pop-up art exhibition (physical & NFT), screening of a movie (collaboration with Black Cat Cinema DAO) and a one-off collaborative concert with long term collaborators @Mareelawn and @thefalmon .

We will have a poetry performance to open the night, which will be led by previous muti collaborator Alexandre Gigas, which will guide the public through the opening of the event, after this, we will have the concert, and finally we will have a movie screening hosted by Black Cat Cinema DAO. All the while, the pop-up art exhibition will be on display for people to see and we will have our muti NFT stall as well as an onboarding station accompanied by a food vendor.

How? (would we like Lens DAO to participate)

We would like to invite Lens DAO to come along and document this unique event for others to see what we got up to and also as a template for future events. How exactly this might look? In the form of an after movie, and this is where we would love to hear your feedback/suggestions as to the best fit for doing so.

Find out more details about the event here:


Looking forward to hearing your ideas
Thank you,
the muti família


Hello there, dear people from muti & Black Cat DAOs!
Thanks a lot for considering us. And since we have already been shooting a variety of events for muti, but also are currently shooting with Black Cat DAO (and we equally enjoy working with all people involved in both DAOs), it didn’t take long to confirm, that we are in for this event, too! :smiley:
Let us keep in touch to discuss submitting a partial proposal in June and the rest in July, to make it stand out in terms of looks / quality, as our goal is to improve from shoot to shoot :wink:
But one thingh is for sure: we are already very much looking forward to this day / event: three DAOs brought together and performing in an amazing space! <3 <3 <3


Our offer sounds as follows:

  • 1 full day of shooting (roadworks.near): 250 USD
  • technical assistant (psinje.near): 50 USD
  • 2 days of editing: 400 USD
  • lights: 40 USD
  • transportation: 60 USD


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Huge thanks again for the assignment, dear muti familia :slight_smile: