[PROPOSAL] A 30 Page Book on the Effects of Religion and Politics on Nigerian Youth


Writing is a hobby, more than a hobby but a passion I put a lot of energy in. It is tasking, requires a lot of thinking and research but in the end, it is rewarding.

My name is Mayowa ‘Big M’ Fatokun. I am a member of the ecosystem, I joined in December, 2021 and since then, I have done numberous jobs for different DAOs in the ecosystem.

So far so good, I have done the following jobs with the following DAOs.

  1. Educated Tout Poetry Anthology - Writer’s Guild
  2. ReggaeDAO Mixtape - ReggaeDAO
  3. C1 Guild Musical Compilation - C1 Guild
  4. Animals Poetry Anthology - Writer’s Guild
  5. BAYOR Project - BeatDAO x VanDAO x Graffiti DAO
  6. White Ape the Rarest; Ep - NxM

I have also organised the following bounties and events

  1. The Re - Making Show - BeatDAO
  2. Live With Big M - ReggaeDAO
  3. Rhyme Schemes 1 and 2 - Writer’s Guild.

I am a graduate of English Language Education from the prestigious University of ilorin where I bagged my Bachelor’s degree and currently in the topmost University of Ibadan where I am a Master’s Degree student, studying English Language.

it is an honour and a great privlege to submit this proposal to the Philosopher’s DAO.

Project Title

The Effect of Religion and Politics on Nigerian Youth.
Timeline - September 1st - 30th September


Religion and politics are two different entities, both created by human beings as guided by the forces each founder finds worth believing in.

They both are integral elements of our societies which are used to govern, shape and direct us to where to go.
Religion supplies spiritual guidance while politics supplies physical guidance, however both can be mixed in such a way that today’s youth finds it hard to seperate the two thereby creating a systematic loss of opinions or the will power to question laws being made which creates a situation that renders the youth unable to reason for himself.

Reasoning is an ability and an activity.
What shapes these?

If Religion and Politics shape these reasoning skills, how?

What is the remedy to this brainwashing and eventual psyschological manipulation?

How can the Nigerian youth recover and move on from a century of brainwashing of religion and extortion from politics?

The above questions are some of the issues I will be discussing in the paper and when completed, have it minted in the Philosopher’s DAO mintbase store.

Also, I would love to read it to a metaverse audience and organise an event in the physical world during the book lunch (with funding from the marketing dao), where other writers will be invited to read and discuss their papers too, afterwhich they will be onboarded.


The objectives of this paper are:
a. To create awareness about the impact of religion and politics on the Nigerian youth

b. To shed light on the negativity of religious and political fanatism and the harm they do on the Nigerian Youth

c. To show how one can quickly detect, walk away or recover from religious and political brainwashing.

d. To create an awareness about the Near Ecosystem in the academic world

Nigeria and Africa in general need enlightenment and it can start from one person.

The truth from one man can set a million free.

One may ask: How is this book relevant to the Philosopher’s DAO?

Philosophy is academic and practical. it is an embodiment of knowledge, reality and existence. This book is an academic approach to the effects of religion and politics on the Nigerian youth.

The word ‘Nigerian’ is a reference to all African youth, so basically, this book is written for all African youth.

The Philosopher’s DAO is known for their various educational papers and textbooks which have been a great contribution to the ecosystem and I believe this book adds a diversity to the list of books and papers already submitted with the Philosopher’s DAO and apart from that, the book represents or talks about two concepts (of Religion and Politics), which are two big issues in Africa right now.

The topics are valid and relevant to the modern African world, thereby making the book worth writing, supported by the Philosopher’s DAO and the Near Ecosystem.

More Justifications

Enlightenment comes and can be shared in many ways. Some share through music, some through movies while I choose to share mine through books. Let them be awake, aware and active.

When this book is done, it will be made available on the Near Ecosystem as NFT so everybody interested can find the book there.

It will also be an avenue to make the near ecosystem accessible to people who are not aware of the Near Protocol and bring them onboard as creatives.
Thank you,

Long live The Philosopher’s DAO,
Near Forever.

Research and Resources, Typing and editing, Writing and Compilation: 200usd
Total: 200usd

Wallet: fatokunmayowa.near

Tagging @The_Philo_sopher @julianoTPD and @adrimobbs for attention. Thank you.


@adrimobbs please check this proposal too. Now, BigM, it is Adriane who is in Rafaela’s place in the council.

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Hi, BigM. Thank you for your proposal. I think it is a bit beyond the amount of resources we generally fund, but we will bring you some observations here.

A thing I would like to ask is what is the size of the book and how much time it will take to get ready. Concerning publication, are u publishing it as a real digital book with isnb? Which publisher are u going to use? Or no publisher?

We are opening a library and publisher on metaverse where we can publish real digital books and also put a voxel book inside with reference to the real book, in case u are interested. But lets talk about this later, when we come back here to evaluate your proposal.

Again, thank you for submitting. :pray:

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Thank you for your prompt response, I really appreciate this.

It should take me a month to complete and it is going to be a 30-page book.

Yes, i would love to make use of every available resources the Philosopher’s DAO can avail me in the aspect of

a. Publishing as a digital book
b. ISBN.

Thank you.

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Cool, BigM. Although for a book to be published as a real digital book, it must have at least 60 pages, as a rule from the place we ask the ISBN.

One more question: are u going to deliver the book with the diagramming, cover etc, everything ready?

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Thank you for the information about the number of pages a digital book must have.

Yes, all diagramming, cover and other illustrations ready in one month.

Also, to make things easier, I could just release it as a mini book and have it minted on the Philosopher’s DAO for now.

Once again, thank you.

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Hello @thephilosopher thank you again for this opportunity. May I please know your conclusion so I can start as early as possible.

Thank you.

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We are going to answer soon, friend. :smiley:

Thank you. I await your response.

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Hi, @BigM007! I like your project. It could seem an important text researching the politics and religion in Nigerian culture and history. And thank you for your project, which I should say is very well organized with good information. You presented a justification, the idea of the project, some information about yourself in the ecosystem, and also a budget and a timeline. If you could present your academic curriculum too, we would be very glad.

First, we would like to say that the project is not possible for September, because we had already prepared our proposal, which was accepted and is on voting inside the Creatives Council, but it can be considered for October. And we are funding just small projects, because we have other projects in evolution and other ones submitted too, so we do not have much resource to fund many new relatively expensive projects in October. And we are paying 100 usd per paper in our bounties, but 200 usd for scholarship. So maybe it would be cool if you ask maybe what we pay for a month scholarship, given it would be an activity of research that would produce more pages than a paper from our bounty. And maybe ask for more 50 usd to be reserved for repay you 1 near for onboarded person (when the person is onboarded, you should present the link of the transaction of 1 near to the person, the person’s customized wallet, and the the person’s curriculum link in the astrodao payout proposal). I know it is not much (sorry for that), but are trying to rationalize resources the best we can, in order make it the most efficient we can to bring people to our community and academic philosophers to the blockchain.

About the budget, as it splits many academic activities, I think we can put them together as “researching for and writing the paper”. And you can put in the project that you are going to receive this resource.

And it would be good if u could put in a specific section the metrics and products your project is going to accomplish, and that we should consider when evaluating its success. Speaking of which, we really liked the idea of onboarding people into near. If they could present themselves in the forum with their curriculum, it would be very good.

I hope you don’t mind, BigM, but if the project is accepted, we make video calls with every project coordinator and their team, to know them better. Speaking of which, which are your plans to make a metaverse event? As a member of Metaverse DAO too, I know they let any people use their lands for free, if u ask them. And about the physical event, it is really exciting, and we would like to know if u already have people in mind to call to the event. Would you record it too and mint it as a NFT (and let us upload in our youtube channel)?

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Hello, thank you for your analysis of my proposal and suggestions.

I have read and here are my thoughts.

Firstly My curriculum vitae

I have also decided to work with the maximum 200usd available and approach the marketing dao during the book lunch, which will be a physical reading and examining, which involves other writers that I will later onboard into the ecosystem.

Also, I do not mind making video calls with the council so we can better understand one another and I will be receiving the resource (the scholarship).

Things I hope to accomplish

  1. Spreading of Near Education to academic writers
  2. Creation of more wallets

PS: I would love to point out that the 200usd I am requesting for is for research, writing, typing and proofreading.

For the book lunch, I will have to approach the marketing dao for that so I can make it a marketing/onboarding activity.

Thank you.


Thank you, @BigM007, for your thoughtful response. I just did not find your curriculum in the link, but found your abstract and the sections you want to write for your paper. Glad that u approved my suggestions. For me, it is almost a yes for October funding proposal. I just need your curriculum, and I can approve. :slight_smile: But we still need the opinion of @adrimobbs or @jsc2022.near. I would also ask you to do the proper edits in the proposal, in case u didn’t, please.

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Thank you so much. The link was a mistake, here is the original My curriculum vitae

The proposal has also been adjusted.
Thank you.


Wonderful. Approved by me. Let’s wait 3 days for the other members I called. If they have nothing to say, it is approved.


Thank you so much, I do appreciate it.


Approved! I It will be a great contribution to The Philosophers DAO.
Thanks for the proposal!


Thank you for this great opportunity.

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Sorry to inform you, @BigM007, but I imagine you saw that the funds are being suspended until the Creatives has new guidelines. So although your project was approved to be added to our October Funding Proposal, it seems there will be no funding in October. And from November, we will have to adequate our projects to the new Creatives guidelines. That being said, we will have to evaluate your project again (and all the other projects from the dao) after the new guidelines are released. For now, we know that the guidelines should be in agreement with NF’s goals, described by them in the call they had with the moderators. Please check them below, in order to make your submission the most adequate you can to the new goals.

NF Goals.pdf (45.5 KB)

Thank you.
I am most aware of the new changes. We await adequate information about the new guidelines.

Till then, my fingers are crossed.

Thank you.


Such a great proposal; I think it will be an excellent book. These days people don’t read, and I think it’s a great mistake because it’s like an investment in your future. Your theme is also a perfect choice, and I would like to read your work and see how deeply you understand this topic and all the nuances. Religion is such a deep and challenging topic that I’m amazed that you wanted to make this work in only a month. I suppose you have a lot of experience in this, which is why you charged so little time. My experience in all this started when I found out about First Church Love. They gave me so much attention and love that I won’t be able to live as I lived before finding God.

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