[Proposal] 8 Tracks EDM "D0PE" EP


My name’s Max aka INACHE.
i’m a producer, beatmaker, and multi-instrumentalist, working in many genres for last 10 years.

Previously i working on beat tape, you can check it here:

Now i wanna write EDM album named “D0PE”.
Inspired by The Prodigy and old school Hardstyle music.
it will consist of 8 tracks with individual cover art and be presented as EP.

You can hear couple of snippets in my Soundcloud:

All the music and cover arts will be minted as NFTs on NxM store, collected to one 3xr-gallery and promoted via social media.

Links to my social media:


Funding that is needed for this project :
Mixing and mastering songs : $300
Art for album and 8 tracks : $200
Total : $500 in NEAR

Wallet - inache.near

thank you