[Proposal] 5 Tracks EP “Journey”

Proposal: Tobyparadise01

Wallet: tobyy.near

Timeline: October 1, 2022 to October 31, 2022

Hello Everyone,


My name is Odunjo Oluwatobi aka T.O.B.I PARADISE. I am from Ibadan, Nigeria. I am an artist, composer, videographer, photographer. I have been a member of ecosystem and NxM since March 2022 and since then, the journey has been a wonderful one.

I started music from very early of my age, my dad is pastor and mom a mid-wife, growing up singing hip hop from a church mind family is a tough one and it’s so hard to make it out with your talent here in Africa but thanks to NxM and the ecosystem for the opportunity.

I should say it all with my feeling cause it’s a great opportunity even giving me NxM membership badge, writing proposal for my music EP, i bet you can never regret welcoming me to the great NxM family. Music is all i dream of and i do my music in different styles.

My current songs on Audiomack, Tamago, NxM mintbase and it’s just the least of my songs.

I love music and i can’t do without it, i was featured in one of the great NxM artist and also as a producer @BigM007 in his latest minted EP.
Link below:

Also got featured in his @BigM007 other two minted songs
Link below:

I have 3 of my songs on audiomack,and also participated in some competitions in different DAOs such as:

  1. BeatDao Rhymes n flow
  2. SpiritYut freestyle
  3. RaggaeDao Event
  4. Poetry Writer’s guild
  5. I covered one of the biggest artist in the ecosystem “Scarman” interview with Raggae Dao event as a videographer.

I have a song on Tamago as well and here is the link below:

Link to 2 of my songs on audiomack:

And i own the rights to every of my songs. All rights include lyrics and instrumentations

Link to my minted song in NxM mintbase


This is my first creative project and funding request with great NxM.
I appreciate the NxM for this great opportunity.

The title of the EP is “Journey” and this EP is to tell about my life, pain, heartbreak, love, which i know everyone has experience or would experience and to bring out the good taste of Classic Afro and Afro Pop, bringing new sounds to NxM and to the ecosystem with new creativity as time goes on.

I promise approving this proposal would be a great opportunity of bringing the best out of me and onboarding new talented people in the NearProtocol and the ecosystem.

It is going to be 5 tracks EP and it will feature another talented ecosystem artist @Thetune100
The EP production will featured one of the producers in the ecosystem @OG_Cruz and will be recording the EP in a studio here in Ibadan, Nigeria. So as to onboard new talented producers in the ecosystem and will also open a near wallet for them during this project.

And all EP tracks will be minted in NxM store and other minting store.

The EP will be completed in a month after approval.

Budget and allocation:

. Music production for the 5 songs: $300 including mixing and mastering.
. Artwork: $50
. Featuring artist @thetune100: $50
. Project movement: $50
. @tobyparadise01: $50

Near wallet: tobyy.near

Looking forward for a positive response. Thank you.




If this gets approved, i Pray it does, I will go wild on our track together homie. :eagle::pray:t5:

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I pray​:pray: n i believe in you​:100:to greatness​:clinking_glasses:

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This is sure going to be an Amazing project

Indeed brother…Spreading the Near gospel to the world​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Cheers to greatness​:clinking_glasses:

Nice proposal bro. I would advise that you edit the title and have it written as [Proposal] 5 Tracks EP “Journey”

I hope it gets approved. :white_check_mark:

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Will do that now​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Thank you bro​:heart::v:

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