[Project] sputnikdao-cli - Tools for managing Sputnik DAO v2 at terminal

¡Hello @everyone!

Here is a project we started about creating some CLI tools for Sputnik DAO v2. We want to provide an alternative for developers to deploy and manage sputnik DAO besides the current UI. Here are the functionalities that I found we can implement:

Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 19.42.43
Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 19.42.48

You will have to write in terminal something as: sputnikdao-cli list proposals --approved --daoAcc <near_id> and will get a list of proposals approved in the DAO account indicated.

Please review this table and I want to have your ideas. What else do you think is necessary in a tool like this? Is there something that I’m missing?

Here is the github repository where updates will be pushed: GitHub - cloudmex/sputnikdao-cli: Sputnik DAO v2 util

This part of my collaboration as a Developer in Residence (DiR) for NEAR Hispano Guild, we also have plans for creating educational content about the cli and the development process, be aware of them. :smiley:


Hey @cloudmex-alan!

Thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face: I’m really excited about this project, and I believe it’s related to the idea of Hacker DAOs, which enable “proof of hack” membership. That means interacting with near-cli to interact with purposeful v2 Sputnik DAOs by joining and contributing to the MetaBuild Hackathon DAO :flying_saucer:

A council of leaders in the NEAR Hackathon MetaGuild would vote on specific proposals to add registered participants to the “Hacker” role, enabling them to vote on certain types of proposals. This community of hackers may introduce a HACK token for incentivizing collaboration and creativity.

Maybe Hack DAO would allocate some HACK to attendees who ask good question during office hours? Or it could reward contributors for merged pull requests?

Your CLI tooling can be a great focal point as we build momentum toward interconnected Hacker DAOs coordinating development of the Sputnik DAO toolkit and other projects :toolbox:

Not intending to distract from the overall topic of this thread ~ keep an eye out for another post regarding opportunities to join hacker DAOs! All are welcome to register for the MetaBUIDL Hackathon and get started by forming teams here :sparkles:


¡ Thanks for comments @jlwaugh !

Really interesting the $HACK token, will review more about it.


Congrats on the progress @cloudmex-alan, looks great at first pass

I’ve posted this page to the Sputnik DAO Telegram group for all to see there and hopefully comment here

@illia any suggestions / corrections on this interface design before Alan commits to shipping?


Hello people!

Here is the link to the NPM package, still under testing but the first step was to save the sputnikdao command, improvements and final versions release will come in next days.

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¡Hello Community!

Here you can find last updates related to spuntikdao CLI for Sept 6 → 10, 2021 (Mexico City), now we are working in bounty and token voting lifecycle inside sputnikdao, all comments are welcome:

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¡Hi people! we have sputnikdao-cli now live with version 0.1.0 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

-Is now possible to update policies through JSON file.
-Propose minting a new fungible token.
-Create and setup proposal for new staking contract.
-Propose a new bounty.

We are working in documentation but you can ask any question about usage or use sputnikdao -h command

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This is awesome :two_hearts:. Will definitely have some fun playing with this soon :ok_hand:t4:. Very helpful to have this as a guide for interacting with SputnikDAO through cli. Some of the functions I have been playing around with (claim from berry farm & mint/buy on Mintbase) would be much simpler to iterate through using cli on testnet :raised_hands:t4:.

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