[Project Proposal] Practicing and practicing

Practicing and Jam

Hello NxMians.

first I’m grateful for approval of last proposal. my new flutes arrived just five days ago and i am having good experience to play on them.
and with recorder i started recording other performances too, created acount on tamago “live performance rec”, uploading and sharing tracks with friends.

still need to go to the jungle to visit birds and crickets. here just finished the rain season.

In this the next month I’m planing to practice and jam with friends who are musicians. I will take out best moments from jam and will upload it on Tamago. Also I will call talents to NEAR Protocol and will explain them about DAOs and community.

At the and of the month I would like to prepare composed performance and share it with more people.

Also I will design stickers with QR code to promote my page on Tamago

Rising our skills. Grow till big interesting performances.
Connect more musicians to the Near Protocol.
Rise interest to Tamago and Near Protocol among music lovers.


After proposal gets approved I will start to prepare something special composed for Tamago

  • 2 tracks from Jam sessions
  • 1 Composed performance at the end of the months
    Total 3 tracks on Tamago
  • +20 follower’s on Tamago
  • also I will recording videos with performance and with links in description on Tamago and near.org
    Here is video with performance for LP DAO
    Performance with Mridu. Special for Life Performance DAO - YouTube
    Till 18 October 2 jams
    26 October 3d track

Required founds:

For one month practice and jamming with all needs- 244$
To grant musicians for practice and composing together-100$
Need to purchase 2 mircroSD card for mic. -40$
Print stickers- 60$
Total: 444$


Why does it sounds like partying for NEAR founds :thinking: ?

Sorry mate, but what impact will it bring to NEAR community?

Can you please link last approved proposal?

Can you please tell more about that platform? I’m not a musician and didn’t heard about it before.
Is it a NEAR Blockchain music platform?

Just pressed upload before complete editing…

We spreading words about near protocol, more people getting know about NEAR Protocol.

Among developers there is also music lovers.

Was in mind to do it. Please hear

Tamago- it is a streaming platform for music, podcasts etc. Also there you can mint your tracks.
You have to connect NEAR wallet to mint your music, Receive tips, Donate to others.

I like that concept. And I would like to grow along with the community.
And here is nice Jam with Bob soon will introduce him closer.

So at this month I want to focus on practicing music with musicians and bring out new great ideas about community’s growth and rise activity.

Thank you :pray:

Just Mention here consuil
@Monish016 @williamx @rhymetaylor


great proposal, my friend, happy to see your growth !!

great idea!! and you’ll spread these stickers during jams, am i right in understanding the mechanics?

:rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

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Thank you @johanga :pray: Wanted to spend more time on construction of proposal, but accidentally pressed “create” :blush:

I will keep it in my bag and will spread it wherever we will play ( on jams, basks,at restorance and etc.)

Tamago it’s my first streaming service, and I believe it will change the world of music streaming.

To Infinite and beyond :mechanical_arm:

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Honestly, I would like to have +1000 to audience.
For all great soul performers too.

@mridu @prithivi.john already started their journey.
@denni_wild should try Tamago too

Looking forward to creat collaborations with other musicians. And to have performances on the lines and avenues of Web 3.0

We will just do it :green_heart: