[Project Proposal] New song about NEAR for December 2021

I would like collaborate with musicians in real life, who dont know about NEAR, and for music work give them NEAR

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Hey @dmitryne Thank you for the Wonderful Proposal! it would be cool if you could specify following Details,

What Video Work are you Proposing, How this can be Different from 150$ Proposed.

Can we Get the Details of the Studio?

Pls Can you Tag up the Artist it could be easier if it is with their Social Medium?

@vandal @chloe @zeitwarp @Paul Your thoughts on this Proposal!

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TMH studio in Goa, Mapusa
U can check on map
Trinity Music House

If you have friends in Goa who can give me free time music studio we can safe money :blush:

I want to invite my friend like singer @denni_wild cause he live in Goa and we like to discuss ideas in realtime and work about voice records mistakes immediately

Also i want to invite drummer and onboard him to Near. if u have drummer who can do record for this budget i will glad to join him our project.

Also i want onboard to NEAR some liricist for song lyrics and pay him NEAR, or we can do casting of words for this payment :blush:

I don’t understand this question 🤷

I want to create videoclip of this song for 50 $ :sweat_smile::see_no_evil: if u can find who can make cheaper or same payment and same quality please let me know thank you :blush: i will use this ability
If u want check my video is here

Thank you :blush:

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For lyrics i would like make some contest where community can choose lyrics, if NO, then i want to bring to this project my friends @denni_wild and @neh or some talanted lyric guy Rakesh - Hindi words :sweat_smile:🤷:hugs:
Or may be some russian lyrics i have friends in Russia who ready to help me with this
I will decide exactly after, if it will be approved

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Also u can check this studio on my video
On this video is my music too
I did video for this studio they can accept NEAR 🤷🤗

I want support this guys helping me to spread NEAR in Goa even now i can pay NEAR in studio


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Letsee if i can safe money from studiotime i can share this money with invited musicians

But i want spend more time in studio
Cause i want to do proper record

Here is 1 hour in stiudio with soundengeneer~20$

150:20=7.5 hours

Its not so much for composing , arrangement recordings vocals , recording Guitars, programming drums , mixing

Recording can be only 2 day by 3.5 hours in studio 🤷🤷
I think its not so much, i will manage studiotime for more effective work, letsee

May be 3 days by 2.5 hours


If Say more about invited musicians

May be! i can invite One female voice for back vocal, letsee 🤷
If i can find in goa, but i dont sure

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In my opinion this looks really good!


Hey @dmitryne is this proposal the same as this one? While I like the idea of supporting the creation of a song about NEAR I also feel like compared to some of the other project proposals involving the creation of new music there is a bit less value being offered in return. Others have proposed multiple songs within the budget, but then again at the end of the day it’s up to the @NxM council to decide!

Hi Guys,

I was at Dimitry’s Goa guild meetup today and I think he is doing a fantastic job in trying to introduce people with Near protocol.

I am writing this just to support his initiative.

He was able to gather more than 20 people and explain about mintabse and near wallet

Hope this helps


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@vikrambanand hi thank you for warm words :relaxed:

I think its not only me i want put focus to all our team who support us,
Especially u meet today @denni_wild and @Neh

Thank u for coming very nice to meet u :muscle::hugs:
All together we can do it more fast

@vandal hi

I answering to your question
Its not same purposal
Link which u send me it was posted by @denni_wild then he take responsibility for post and realisation

I post only my purposal

Who post purposal , then this person take responsibility for realisation of this purposal

I think u understand difference between purposals

Ask please if u have questions, thank you :blush:

Good that you clarify that !
You wanna see more return in proposal - it means multiple songs within the budget. got it.
I am working on another song now … - soon i will show it for you.
Also i am thinking about make some remixes of popular songs about freedom and caring for our future.
In my proposal i asked only 200$ because its 1 song(not multiple)
Do you wanna me make some more demo recordings and put them all in one proposal?
What else can i offer for bigger return ?
make a livestream performance after songs will be done ?


I found other recording studio in Goa
Same price for one hour ~20 $ per hour

Also i can try onboard it

Letsee if u approved it, i let u know where i will do records

Sounds like you are doing good promotional work for Near @dmitryne :+1:

Reading your proposal…I would like more detail on the plans on what you are going to do with the finished track…ie minting, promotion, etc…and how everyone involved is going to be integrated into Near/NxM

The point of supporting projects like this is not just to make a recording…but to get musicians using the web3 apparatus of Near…wallets, mintbase, etc

But this sounds like something we could support…with a few tweaks

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Thank you for support with warm words :relaxed:

Yes my idea to promote NEAR with skills which i can do

We can discuss about how to use this track or this video after it done, i want to do everything to promote NEAR much better if u have effective ideas how to do it.

I can give this track and video when done to NxM, they can do whatever they want with it for any promotional

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I want to try onboard few new musicians , letsee, and try to speak with new studio i found in Goa for accept Near, i try to pay them NEAR if they ok with it. After i can explain them everything about NFT

Its slow process , not all people dont trust crypto . But we doing it step by step. Also we making some meetups in Goa to explain people about NEAR. Im like musician can involve more musicians in to Near ecosystem
And explain them how to mint on Mintbase and introduce them to NxM

Letsee if u have some idea after production

Minimum what i think we can create NFT with this track and video around 50 and send to all who want to have this NFT, or we can make contest for free drop this NFT for winners

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But for me like musician
I want to make some music track when people after listening can interested in NEAR only with music, anyway i want to try if u supporting it

Thank you

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Hi guys, finally i did It without funding :shamrock::shamrock:
And u can check this music and video on YouTube

Anyway thank u for your interest and support with warm words :hugs:

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