Project Proposal : ( Near Art competition) APRIL

Near Art competition
A monthly art competition among artist and illustrators on campus. The first thing that came to mind is how does this art competition differ from others of its kind? The Engagement.

This competition is going to be very engaging and open competition on twitter. it’s not going to involve just the artist but it would also involve the artists and their fans/followers.
Our thought process for the first stage is to keep the call open for all visual artist on several campuses, they will all have the opportunity to submit their best arts

For the second stage, the artists are going to be given a theme to foster their art around.
The Theme for this month is " New World" The most important aspect is the fact that the theme will be coined around near and the web3 ecosystem; hence, giving creatives the freedom of expression. All arts will have near logo on it.

After the second stage, the contestants will have already been narrowed down to 5 Artist, leaving the 5 artist battling for the cash price of the last round.

A strict requirements of having a near wallet will be in place for voting.

By doing this, all 5 contestants will be determined to win thereby educating and encouraging their fans about the near ecosystem and to open a Near wallet.
The top 3 contestants with the highest votes wins the cash price and the remaining 2 contestants will be tipped with a token of 1near each.
50 voters will also be given 0.2 near each and we would stop counting the votes on the 50th person that votes and select a winner.A minimum of 50 near wallets will be opened in this competition.

First position : 150 dollars
Second position : 100 dollars
3rd position : 50 dollars
4th position : 20 dollars
5th position : 20 dollars

Activation of 50 near wallet with 0.1 each : 100 dollars
Total budget : 440 dollars.

Overview of Full Project. [INTRODUCTION] : young fresh creative dao

Hey @larkim is this open to all artists or just artists on the campuses mentioned?

Thank you for the question @ted.iv :white_heart::white_heart:

The competition is going to be open to all artist, But publicity will be done majorly on campuses, starting with the University of Lagos, so we are expecting more artist from campuses to participate.

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