Project Proposal ( Monthly Traditional Live concert) : April

Monthly Traditional Live Events:

The primary aim of this event is to create a home and support for creative students in Nigeria, which will in turn will automatically promote the near ecosystem to all creative youths in the world.

  1. Organizing a monthly live traditional concert

When a concert is live, it creates greater connection and provides an ambiance where everyone is connected to the music and the art. We aim to organize a monthly live music event with live bands, diversified African traditional sounds, and costumes to portray the root of Africa music to the world.

We will organize these events in live recording studios and on different campuses in Nigeria, starting with the university of Lagos, these event will be streamed on “cryptovoxel” and also promoted on social media.

Rentage of a condusive live studio : This studio has all musical instruments,lights sounds, and everything we need for our performance in it, also with a sitting space that can accommodate 60 to 100 people. : Studio costs 100 dollars per hour, we will be buying 4 hours : 100 * 4 : (400 dollars)

Rentage of studio for Rehearsals with Band members : constant Rehearsals determines the success of any live Band show, we will be having 7 Rehearsals before the main show in a Rehearsal studio : it costs 25 dollars to book a Rehearsal studio with all the music instruments we need for Rehearsals :
25 * 7 : (175 dollars)

Rentage of traditional instrument : (25 dollars)

Rentage of cameras for video coverage:. (50 dollars)
Editing of video ,video coverage : (50 dollars)
Pr for the event: social media campaign, and sponsored ad ( 50 dollars)
Transportation and feeding cost of all Band members and crew, 20 to 25 people .
All the times we have Rehearsals till the day of the event,transportation of band members will be sorted. ( 160 dollars)
Near wallet activation for attendes : 50 dollars

Total cost : 960 dollars…

Every musician involved in this live concert for this month has volunteered to play for free, for love and passion for the craft. They will be paid in subsequent events.

Link to our previous live Traditional Live concert

Link to Proposal


Hi @creativesdao-council
Here is an update on our live show.
we have had four Rehearsals so far with 13 band members.
We are going to be having 2 more rehearsals before the day of the concert
The concert is scheduled to hold on the 7th of May for proper planning and structure.

link to video clips from our Rehearsals

Rehearsal Day 1

Rehearsal Day 2

Rehearsal Day 3

Rehearsal Day 4

There will be performance from creatives from mostly from the university of Lagos and other universities too in Nigeria.


Thank you @creativesdao-council for the support

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