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Hello, dears! :slight_smile:
here the proposition for talks on creative processes, technology and art and onboarding #nomadelabel-dao

It is a laboratory for conversations about what is most human in digital art: creation, invention, creative processes and their solutions, the gimmicks and deviations of machines, thoughts, adjustments, low and high budget engineering. The idea is to invite digital artists to a conversation about their ideas and projects and how they relate to new technologies, what difficulties they face and how this transforms the machine and the art codes, in a way that inspires and contaminates the thinking and creative process of other participants. What blabla.lab is not: Blabla.lab is not an interview program, it is the proposition of an informal and open conversation for the presentation of creative processes, ideas, creations, clashes and also for the launch and dissemination of new projects in the network , editions, manifestos or movements.

Loveletter. exe (bioplug.near)
Loveletter.exe ( @loveletterexe ) is a virus that was spread around the world in a few minutes in the 2000s and today it is spread across the networks.
Luciana de Paula Santos is architect, transmedia artist and curator, she develops architecture, art and code projects at the intersection between physical and digital spaces connected in a network and coupling for the body-city at Estudio Aisthesis ( @aisthesislab ). Doctoral student at Fau-Usp, she researches the massive production of subjectivities and the decolonization of big data.

Insertion of new artists and projects in the Near ecosystem, diffusion and promotion of #nomadelabel-dao among producers and artists of contemporary digital art

Online broadcasts via lives on instagram and youtube, every 15 days;

At first blabla.lab will be fortnightly;


  • Denise Nuvem: digital artist (@alokadoprint) livestreaming: 20/03 - 20h;
  • Urutau: Art with satellites with a radiosatelite transmition (@vrvtvv) livestreaming: 01/04 - 21h;

Technical needs:
promotional material;
1 - vignette;
2 - presentation material (6 flyers, 6 stories for sharing on social media);
3 - creation of mailing lists and invitations;
4 - marketing and structuring
5 - creation of social networks for dissemination; (instagram: @labtupy)
6 - daily maintenance of publicity and increase of public in the network; (since 15/03 until 31/03)
7 - take, edition and publicize videos;

75$ guest 1: Denise Nuvem - Praias de Nudismo Psicológico;
75$ guest 2: Urutau - hyperfictions radio transmission via satellites;

75$ promotional material:

  • 9 flyers on instagram
  • 20 stories on instagram
  • 4 flyers on social media (@labtupy and @nomadeagenda)
  • 3 oppening vignettes;
  • 2 video edition to livestreamings;

75$ production and organization of the event:

  • creation of mailing lists and invitations;
  • marketing and structuring;
  • creation of social networks for dissemination (@labtupy) ;
  • recording, editing and show 2 lives;
  • daily maintenance of publicity and increase of public in the network;

total: 300$

REPORT FOR BLABLA.LAB MARCH [REPORT] MARCH - Montly Report @Blabla.lab on NomadeLabel - DAO


Its being amazing this artistic Digital content
Luciana did a great job on first part of Blablalab
The first action on this project was the creation of this Instagram account:

Blablalab (@labtupy)

|the first episode was broadcast on the same medium, instagram/

I´m exicited to watch today´s gig.

thanks Luciana


Indeed! I watched @loveletterexe at the Antimetodo II workshops by #nomadelabel-dao and it was amazing! Such interesting deep contemporary reflections and also very fun with exeperiment time. Looking foward to the next events! Also @Uru is amaaaazing!! :star_struck: :heartpulse:


Thank you for to be there with us :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heartpulse: :heart_on_fire:

@blusw bluuuuuu thank you dear s2s2s2

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