[Project Proposal] 2 track, 1 video, promotion Tamago page

Hello NXM Community,

As I am a musician from Goa , I like to sing mantras and create healing music which helps in breathwork.I have been practising Wim Hoff breathing technique from 4 years now and with your help i can create more healing music and spread awareness about brearthwork.I created music with other musicians and uploaded in Tamago. First track I gave voice was with @pover and its uploaded in Tamago and here in the link

In this coming month I am going to record 3 tracks.
In which first will be Mahishashura Mardini Stotram( As it’s Indian festival month Powerful Mantra for Goddess Durga to kill evils and protect everyone from negativity)( in Sanskrit Language)
Second will be a folk song “Bisware Chande Chande” (Assamese folk song written by great Bishnu Rabha)(Song written for God Shiva in my mother tongue).
Third will be guided breathwork with music using Wim Hoff technique

First songs “Mahishashura Mardini Stotram” and “Bisware Chande Chande” will be recorded with Percussion and Flute in acoustic space.

I need a mic for voice and pope filter to recording quality sound wherever I want and for realization of next projects.

I am also gonna print cool stickers with link to promote my page on Tamago and NXM and will sticking it everywhere in GOA. Already spreading words about this community.

And I will record promotional video with “Shiroe studio” Shiroe Film Studio (@shiroefilmstudio) • Instagram photos and videos on song " Bisware Chande Chande" where I’m gonna show my dance( Tribal fusion belly dance). If it will be interesting I will upload some NFTs from shooting on Mintbase.io and on my social media pages ( Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube) with linking my songs on Tamago and signing “Powered by NxM”

At least 3 songs on Tamago
Create YouTube channel where I will upload first video on folk music in Assamese language produced by"Shiroe Film Studio"

Funding that’s required for this project:

Initial funding I will recored two songs with musicians
Sound engineer “White Dove” who will help with recording 2 tracks and make it clear. And compose guided breathwork 100$

After that when i get remaing funding:
Record video on song "Bisware Chande Chande With “Shiroy Studio” 100$

100 Stickers print and distributing in different places :100$

And on all what I will have I will purchase:
Mic and pop filter for next projects, Djembe for practice rhythms 100$

my wallet is mridu.near

With regards, Mridu :pray:

@monish016 @williamx @rhymetaylor