[PRESENTATION] Marketing DAO - Gen Crypto Bounty

Yesterday i had the pleasure to represent the Marketing DAO for the first time on camera AMA with NEAR Marketing Vertical DAO - YouTube (UPDATED)

The Marketing DAO is participating in the GEN C Crypto Marketing Bounty GEN C Crypto Marketing Bounty Contest & Conference

The aims of DAO participation in this event are:

  • to raise awareness of the Marketing DAO and our activities to a wider audience

  • to build contacts with professional marketeers and offer the opportunity to collaborate with the DAO

  • to offer five bountys of $5000 to realise your marketing ideas

Here is a link to the Marketing DAO presentation Marketing DAO - Gen C Bounty - Google Slides

This event is open for everyone to submit a proposal. Visit the GEN C website for more details…


Good morning. The video is private.

Actually, two

Hi @Dacha thanks for letting me know. My apologies to everyone who was unable to watch the video. I have reached out to @ross to see if he can resolve the problem. Hopefully we get an answer soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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We would like to try our team to take this bounty
I can send u part of our program

Our plan in guild but we can use same plan for bouny for monlthy work our team 6 people
@denni_wild @Argentin @Dacha

what we have for the moment about Guild Goals and Purposes :

  • To inform how to use the NEAR Protocol blockchain (practical and applicable benefits for the common user)
  • To give an experience of how to use NEAR in everyday life to so many people as possible
  • Use NFT and creative arts for this
  • to connect the maximum number of places in Goa where NEAR is accepted for payment (cafes, restaurants, beauty salons, massages,) by making games/quests there
  • development of social networks through which to communicate with subscribers and to inform them of news and upcoming events (telegram-channel – to create! and instagram page)
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  • regular creation of media content about NEAR by the team and by participants of our actions, about practicality, applicability, usefulness, and opportunities of NEAR (videos, music, photos, illustrations, memes, etc.)
  • regular recruitment of new users to the NEAR Ecosystem and informants to our team.
  • holding weekly games/quests with the use of NEAR NFTs and the places connected to the payment with NEAR
  • holding a regular (quarterly?) NEAR Festival with music, market, show, and the final part of the game with raffling prizes
  • Expanding the geography of the games by including Travel , first from Goa all over India, holding games in different states (will be enough for a long time)), and then further to other countries

So, our focus is on:

  • educational games (knowledge + adventures)
  • open lessons/FAQs
  • visual content and NFT
  • give practical experience of using NEAR
  • travelling with NEAR

here there is our first step in developping into a Guild or Dao

The link to the video on YouTube has been updated and should now be available to view. @Dacha hope this works for you this time!

@dmitryne thanks for outlining your ideas. You need to make a separate post using the category Marketing and then the DAO council members will review and comment.

@johanga please keep posts separate to avoid confusion. Many thanks!


I would also like to remind everyone interested in the bounties to check the GEN C website (link in first post) and submit a proposal. The deadline for submissions is the beginning of December…

Good luck!

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Thank You very much dear @cryptocredit

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Hi @cryptocredit
I have this idea for begin and i already tag you there , check please first our step , thank you :blush: