[PAUSED] Finding a supplier of art material (audio & visual) /10 N

In order to create another use case for the NEAR coin we would like to create a database with suppliers that offer art material of any kind (musical equipment, paint, brushes etc.) and accept NEAR as a payment. That way artists can directly get their needed equipment without a conversion to fiat. We are currently looking for 10 suppliers. The database will be publicly shared.

For each found supplier found, we offer 10N.

Please comment if you would like to complete one of those bounties. We will get back to you to add the contact details to the list.

Once confirmed please use this forum link for the payout to the muti.sputnikdao.near


Just wanted to add my tools to the list:

My live-coding WebAssembly music tool use wasm-git for storage which accepts payments in NEAR only, and you also need to log in with a NEAR account to use it.

A demo video showing it in action is here:

I also have a more graphical user interface tool for creating music and publishing directly to the blockchain.

There’s a demo video of it here:

I would post more links to it . There are also videos showing the NEAR login and payment integration for wasm-git but I was only allowed to post 2 links.


So sweeeet :partying_face:This is it.let us transact my band equipment in NEAR coin.I LOVE IT PLS I’M IN :wave:


This is a great start, let’s get collecting!
Can you guys open the google sheet link, it should be public.

Once you have contacts, let me know, we’ll add them to the list and payouts can be done :slight_smile:


I can provide poster designs, cover art etc for artists!

I can’t fill out the profile @tabear

Heya! Would you like you add your own services or a supplier for material?

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I want to provide my own service

OK great, bear in mind that for now the bounty of 10N applies only for suppliers for physical goods but we’re happy to add your services there so that people can contact you for that :slight_smile:


I will just leave this in here FYI:
muti DAO submitted a challenge for the hackathon to create this Dapp, therefore the bounty will currently be paused.
Check out this one and other challenges & share in case you know some devs that would be interested in participating :slight_smile:

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Services can be added here now [GIG INDEX] The gig base for all NEARians - #2


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