PAPaDAO: Prison Art Project of the Americas DAO

Project title: PAPaDAO: Prison Art Project of the Americas DAO
One-liner: Minting, selling, staking and disbursing funds from an agency DAO on behalf of others who do not have technology or access
Project DAO: PAPaDAO
Challenge area: Experiment with PolicyKit and the Metagov Prototype, propose your own challenge:

  1. Onboarding artists through legal framework and art education program
    a. Establishes process and guidelines for minting/selling artwork
  2. DAO Reserve receives funds and notates revenue associated with artist-specific account
  3. Define, establish and execute artist-specific DAO payouts

Project members

Abe Uccello: Former Director of ReEntry, Florida Department of Corrections, current Founder of and facilitator of FU22YDICE.

David Gussak: Ph.D., ATR-BC., is a Professor for The Florida State University Graduate Art Therapy program. He is also the Project Coordinator for the FSU/FL Department of Corrections Art Therapy in Prisons Program. Among his numerous journal and chapter publications, he has also authored his own books, including -among others-Art on Trial: Art Therapy for Capital Murder Cases [Columbia University Press] and the soon to be released Art and Art Therapy with the Imprisoned: Re-Creating Identity [Routledge Publishing] . He is also the co-editor [with Dr. Marcia Rosal] and contributing author for The Wiley Handbook of Art Therapy. He has recently published his latest book on the relationship between art and violence for the Oxford University Press.

Project summary

This idea explores the use of agency governance in the open web, where an entity provides generative art services for those who don’t have access to technology, or who live in areas with little/no access to internet.

In this instance, the community we would like to explore is prison artists. In the US alone, there are over 2.3 million incarcerated people and 600,000 are added each year. When released, formerly incarcerated people are faced with looming financial debts. 88% of US states re-incarcerate 30% of released people for failure to pay.

Some of the best art, music and ink comes from isolation in prison. A Creator Work Release program, with programmed instruction on use of proceeds, wins the support of the incarcerated, their families, government and prison officials.

Any prison across the planet can create an ‘artist in residency’ program for inmates. The finished artwork is minted by a community entity(agent) and sold on behalf of the imprisoned(principals). Associated funds would be stored in a DAO and staked on their behalf. A percentage of payments within the staking pool would remain in the DAO Reserve for regenerative financial support, and a percentage paid to artist-specific financial obligations prior to release such as restitution, court fees and driver’s license reinstatement fees. Payment of these obligatory financial debts enables a frictionless return to community, reducing repeat crime. Upon release, the principal receives instruction for creating a wallet where any remaining funds would be transferred.

Products Use:

  1. Mintbase on NEAR
  2. PAPaDAO – Prison Art Project of the Americas DAO, NEAR staking pool or other yield aggregator, or similar
  3. FU22YDICE – Agent (can be scaled to be any entities providing services to a similar community)

For me this is one of the most inspiring initiatives I have read about thus far . I am wondering if a similar approach could be used beyond art making such as communicating with inmates to find out what types of things they would be intrinsically motivated to do and introducing the DAO as a path towards that end ?


I can think of a specific prison entrepreneurship program in where this could be a track(s) in the class…perhaps conducting a survey, curating responses and offering a DAO development program based on in-kind interests. Due to security issues in prison and no access to internet, an agency or custodian of a DAO idea could create it on their behalf and fund similarly. And this could also be done outside of prison - for the homeless, impoverished or low/no tech/internet populations. Love it.


all interesting ideas . you might want to try and reach out to Fritzi Horstman if you are not yet familiar already ?


Hi @Tako, could you resubmit a new payout proposal to Metagov DAO with your new DAO (inside of your personal NEAR wallet) as the payout target? Also, could you update the “Project DAO” and “Challenge areas” above to reflect the bounties you intend to apply to? Otherwise, the project looks great!

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Hey Josh, I wasn’t sure if the payout target was the DAO or my personal wallet. When I originally submitted it was through old Sputnik (new one wasn’t working). Forgive me because I submitted two proposal payouts - one to the DAO and one to my wallet. I think it’s the DAO we wanted to send to, correct? Sorry for my confusion! Also, I think I fixed the above to reflect the appropriate bounties now and our DAO. Please let me know if anything else needs a nudge. Thank you!

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Hello @Tako Abe,

Chloe made me aware of PAPA DAO. As I familiarize myself with NEAR, I’m currently curating Pieces of a Dream a project in support of death row inmate Keith Lamar who too is an artist/poet and will be the first incarcerated person on death row to release a NFT. I’m also in contact with the who also work in the prison population with a focus on re-entry and mental health.

I’m inspired by your project and see ways it is aligned with mine. I do hope that we can work together in some capacity. Please feel free to reach out to me or we can begin discussion in this thread.


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Hello Hanifah, wow! Thanks for reaching out. Would love to connect and talk about the intersections of our projects. I’ll send you an email and am inspired and excited to collaborate in some capacity as well. Talk with you soon.


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My apologies Abe. I totally had you in my head as a Thursday meeting. Today is my Pieces of a Dream drop to help support Keith LaMar so my head is every where.

I am free now if you want or we can reschedule. Again, my apologies.