OWS is hiring!

This position has been filled

Hello everyone!

Ever wanted to join the awesome OWS team? Well, this is your chance - there is currently an open position of the AMA host in our team!

We are looking for someone who will be in charge of the following tasks:

  • Hosting weekly AMA sessions of the OWS
  • Finding and inviting guest speakers to weekly AMA sessions
  • Operational work linked to this process (relevant posting on the discord channel, uploading the recording on YT, sending out invites…etc)

Other requirements:

  • Fluent in English
  • Excellent public speaking skills
  • Friendly and humorous personality
  • Knowledgeable about NEAR (min 6 months in the ecosystem)
  • Available every Wednesday at 3PM CET and for 5h-7h/week on average

Offered reward: 400USD monthly

In case of interest, please drop the comment below or ping me on Discord or TG: vrdoingthings


I am interested with the opportunity…!

Hi! Please send me a dm on tg or discord, attaching a short 2-3 min video where you introduce yourself and tell more about your background, experience in public speaking and your adventure in crypto, more specifically within the NEAR ecosystem and OWS. Looking forward to your message :slight_smile:

I am the right person for this job