[Overview]Twitter Spaces & AMA | Filipino Artist Guild - April - June 2023

Description: Weekly Twitter Space and AMA

Twitter spaces became dull and artists are striving double time just to be able to have their art shared to a wider community. The target or objective of this twitter space is related to building relationships, fostering a sense of belonging, and involving members of the Filipino Artist Guild to share their art and know that we still see them.

Expected outcome:

  • Help the artists to promote and support their projects/artworks.
  • Bring back the lively NFT spaces to encourage adoption

Activities and timeline:

This project will include two distinct initiatives, both of which will be facilitated by members of our council. The first of these is a Twitter space. Every Sunday, the guild will host a Twitter space where we will interview artists who have existing projects that needs exposure and/or aspiring project creators for them to showcase what their project is all about.

Herewith are the sample questionnaires that can be used on the AMA:

  • What is your project all about and its inspiration?
  • Do you have a project roadmap? Can you please tell us more about it?
  • Are you open for commissions?
  • What are the styles you’re familiar with?
  • Why did you choose to build on Near?

After the AMA we are going to open the shilling space for artists and support their project.

  • To establish unbiased support of artists, we are going to do a randomizer after shilling and post the results on our official Twitter account.
  • Budget per artist should be not greater than 1 NEAR so we can resell the NFTs with 0.5 to 1 NEAR increments to start self-sustainability drive.

When: Every Sunday, 3 weeks per month.

Budget: $50 per space x 9 weeks = $450.
Target wallet: filipino-artist-guild.sputnik-dao.near

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