Open Plea To The Community

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This is the person who moderates the Marketing of our community? It managed to offend creatives and plumbers in this unfortunate placement. This cannot be right.

I’m so tired of this forum :person_facepalming::person_facepalming: no good news anywhere. @satojandro @FabDab whatever it is it can be settled without all these. These whole dragging is much nahhh… Eiii :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

I apologize on the both parties behalf, let’s have peace :dove: :broken_heart::broken_heart::pleading_face::pleading_face: please @LulucaL I’m begging y’all… I’m kneeling down

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I thought the forum was the right place for us to bring up questions about the community. Saw this unfortunate comment among many others that this person has already made about creatives (Not the DAO, the role of creatives here) and I was shocked that it is that Same person who decides the marketing of our community.

I’m sick of being disrespected on so many levels that I’ve lost myself in character, But sometimes I’m serious. This is serious!

The person says something like that and I have to stop? Oh spare me, spare yourself, spare us! How can I trust a marketer that thinks this way?

A tip, sometimes I pretend I don’t see what’s going on, you don’t have to beg. Do as I was taught, go to the person’s profile and choose not to see anything they post on the forum.



It’s so easy to say this when you are not in my position.

He has being going about to manipulate informations about me. So much that I am one of the reasons he started attacking Creatives DAO. I have thousands of proofs of different occasions he has been unfair to my person… If what I wanted was war, I would have stormed this space with my proofs…

Has anyone ever thought of possible psychological effects on my part? I have tried peace, that’s why I have been keeping quiet since April…

I just want this to stop, that’s why I made the post.

I have been following for a while now and i seriously feel something has to be done urgently to curb the excesses of people (moderators) who have selfish motives/agendas. @FabDab If you seriously have proof., then I think the leaders/council/ community need to hear you out and settle this matter once and for all. The more no one says anything about this, the more obvious it gets. I thought DECENTRALIZATION was the key concept in our ecosystem.
Thanks @FabDab for speaking out.

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Hello eveyone, I will close this topic for the sake of our Community.

By this, I would like to remind everyone about the Community Memo from our Co-Founda @illia on how we should approach with other members.

I strongly everyone to take a look back and follow this comment:

Again, parties that include @FabDab @satojandro @LulucaL @Dabbie3229 , please again consider this comment to build a better environment for our Community.

Love and peace,