[OPEN CALL] - MigraDao

Hello Community!

Do you have a project about migratory/displacement, walking art or any idea for walking and movement project?

I’m glad to introduce MigraDao to you all,
this open call is to build together this DAO community.

Migra Dao is an organization that supports projects related to migration, refuge, displacement and interculturality. Human beings are walkers, travelers. Migra Dao aims to promote projects that connect, protect and create fruitful spaces for a culture of international peace and the sharing of cultural riches.

The idea is to have projects that already exist or an idea in relation to this issue so that we can create support and community connections at the interface of the Near and Blockchain ecosystem.
I would like to invite people who develop projects related to migration and displacement around the world to join me.

The project I develop off chain and would like to bring more strongly into the ecosystem is a social impact business called Talk Away - we are a language teaching platform where you book a walk with a tutor around the city and practice the language. We’re now welcoming refugees from Afghanistan and Venezuela to our platform to teach their languages to Brazilians in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

We would like to create a SoulBound Token certification journey and poaps for these walks, have funds to offer free linguistic support to the refugees, as well as offering on-chain registered trainings.
Our means of sustainability is a marketplace in which refugees or foreigners can offer language lessons to students - they earn 80% of each lesson, while non-refugee tutors earn 70%.

For Talk Away as an impact business, profit is not a priority, but we create sustainability for everyone involved.

Do you have a project or idea and want to join the DAO?

Dao link: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/migradao.sputnik-dao.near

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Sounds great. I want to know more. It is great working for the good of the less fortunate.

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thanks! the ideia is to meet with some people to engage for this building.
I have just built the DAO and I think that more 2 project would be stronger. Do you have a project or a ideia about this topic?

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I definitely will love to have a discussion on this. It’s something I’m inclined with and have ideas to work with

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Thank you! Let’s do a meeting in telegram next week with Who is engaged? I’m looking forward to hear from you.