[OPEN CALL] Creatives DAO Moderators - 5 Positions Open

I wish to participate but I don’t know much about the creative DAO. Can someone put me through?



TG - @realmassey

This is amazing news! I’d be very happy to apply for the position to take up the roles and responsibilities shared.

I’ve been on the council of Spiritual DAO for 3 months.

I was introduced by @johanga to spiritual DAO where I started creating podcast content for.

Next month I was taken in as a Council member.

Since then I have

  1. Created monthly themes for spiritual DAO
  2. Designed cryptovoxel and hosted events in the voxel
  3. Interviewed spiritual teachers from around the world and educated them about Spiritual DAO and NEAR
  4. Created monthly themes and ran bounties for community participation
  5. Created themes for digital products creation

I also conducted a successful experiment of onboarding 60 news wallets with the help of Goa dao in as low a cost as $500.
With this onboarding experiment we got new ideas about how we can onboard using NFTs and found some areas of improvement and strength as shown in the link below

I’m now working towards self sustainability for Spiritual DAO by

  1. Getting revenue via existing web 2.0 websites
  2. Generating revenue through digital products like guided meditations and physical products like tarot cards
  3. Onboarding more people by partnering in real life events in India and Brazil

Apart from offering services required to the community of creatives DAO and other communities associated with it, my main focus with creatives DAO would be to offer strategies and operational support to increase the longevity of the DAO and make the creatives DAO and associated DAOs more self sustainable.

I’d like to propose a 2 way approach for self sustainability of Creatives DAO and other DAOs associated with it.

  1. Generating cash flow for the DAOs
  2. Investing in NEAR owned protocols.

My main objectives -

  1. To be always prepared even if the funding gets a hit
  2. To have a steady source of income through various corporate and non corporate partnerships
  3. To find the best resources in the NEAR ecosystem to invest in so the income can grow a bit more and communities can achieve interoperability.

In the post mentioned below you can see some of the ideas I’ve offered

I’m open to any responsibility and role that might be given to me and would be very eager to learn more and help more so we can grow stronger as a community!



have a great day!
i feel strong inner response to set reply here, so
please, submit my interest :slight_smile:

TG: @johanga_n
Lead Council of #goa-dao since November-December 2021
actively and successfuly proposing and reporting to Marketing and (later)Creatives Verticals. it’s the greatest 6 months among last 6 years I’ve had! being grateful to NEAR ecosystem for that experience, i wish to bring benefit and growth to the community back - the reason of posting here now:)
*education: Bachelor of Media and Communication; Master of visual and cultural studies (European Humanities University, Lithuania); Curator of cultural projects (European Cultural Foundation)

as GoaDAO i’m onboarding creative projects and people to NEAR ecosystem, exploring dApps and tools on NEAR Protocol, educating about it through holding weekly meetups and monthly contests, preparing guides, and curating individuals with great creatives ideas and projects. with basic purpose - to spread awareness about NEAR Protocol, its opportunities and instruments - answering questions and clarifying is my main activity that i’m totally excited with:) supporting not only initiative and enthusiasm, but the quality of realisation the idea, openness to study, and achieving excellent results.

according to roadmap i’m planning to perform a number of inter-DAOs events (both educational and creative), to join and gather community’s activities and projects of different regions and creatives sub-categories. here i see the way of unity and collaboration between DAOs as an option to grow in a powerful sustainable community for the future.
the main points in every my effort and decision are 1) discovering the real aim/purpose/goal (of action/activity, conversation or direction); 2) to move on to it purposefully and fluidly with 3) recieving feedbacks from surrounds and changing strategy accordingly to it. this helps to follow the line of guidelines in creative ways, to have open and strong community interactions; and to be encouraged every day by exploring new. with this approach and energy i feel myself quite prepared to become useful part of Moderation team :pray:


Hello, Creatives i loved to try and Join This Open Call.Im not as knowledgable like Other People here In Near Community but i will try my best to Learn Everything Needed.

I am Ligaya a digital Artist since 2018 and A Council Of Hype Dao, and Grafitti Dao as Of Now. And Also Building and Expanding Filipino Artist Guild Here in Philippines in Different Province.
As my experience In Creatives Dao in 5 months as Council i already learn lot of things and Still learning day by day.

I am Focus on Near Projects and Building Community and Introducing Near Protocol in my Own Country.
I am Also love to learn more about Near and How can i Contribute more in Near Community…

You can Also Check The Hyperlinks i attach and My Profile In Near Forum.

Newly Elected Council of Hype Dao

Council Of Grafitti Dao
Grafitti Dao

Founder Of Filipino Artist Guild
Filipino Artist Guild

Thank You Creatives and Godbless.
GoodLuck Everyone​:heart:

Telegram Handle: @ligaya_near
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ligaya1494

Wallet Stat


I wish to apply to be a creative DAO moderator given the great work done by the DAO and my experience in blockchain, the NEAR ecosystem, and my contributions in the forum and using astroDAO.
I have been useful in the ecosystem via the following ways.
:white_check_mark: Community Manager Mentor with OWS mentorship program.
:white_check_mark: leader of 9ja Musical which has been successful in holding three events with MarketingDAO
:white_check_mark: Been active in the forum making my contributions as a member
:white_check_mark: currently a communityDAO council member with a good stat​:grin:
:white_check_mark: currently a https://app.astrodao.com/dao/9jamusicaldao.sputnik-dao.near council member

My availability within the ecosystem can be proven with my stats and a few that know me here.

I plan to work with the team, the already set roadmap so as to archive the success that will count and move the DAO forward. Also, to be an active and positive oriented moderator for effective work with colleagues.

Telegram username: @israel_igboze

Twitter: https://twitter.com/israel_igboze?t=I--x3PStiK4LmmxruBSerw&s=09
Stat gallery

I hope i am considered for this position for effective growth.


I’m part of Near since January, onboarded by #gambiarra-dao and became more active since March, as part of the #writers-guild, where I’m learning a lot from it, both as council and as member. I just finished my first proposal and I’m actually working on another one.

Being part of Near ecosystem is being something incredible! sometimes I fell like I’m some kind of Near evangelist, “Do you have some time to listen to the Near’s words?” :sweat_smile:

I wish I had more time to engage as a Creatives DAO mod right now, but I’m am multitasking on a lot of on and off-chain projects for the next months… but now that I learned how the positions change, I’ll keep myself close to apply on a next appropriated moment :crossed_fingers:

Thanks and good luck to everyone!


Oh Beautiful, I actually expect this to be up by APRIL,I taught the plan changed, cos I applied for the first open call in January [Closed - open call] - creatives dao council - 5 positions- results soon - #3 by sterryo , but was later announced to be up again by APRIL.

I’ve always been quite interested in becoming a CREATIVE DAO’s council member:

Telegram: Contact @SterryO

Twitter: SterryO

With the right energy I’m me to serve the community well.
Been a family of value in this Ecosytem for the past 8 months now

  • I am the Leader of the Successful projects on #afrostar-guild founded by me since January 2022

  • project council member of #family-dao

  • and also council member of #scout-dao

  • Community DAO Council member
    I have the intense with my consistency to push Creatives DAO further to the next level in its vision, feel good being part of it Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:.


Good afternoon Creatives!

My name is William X. Having engaged within Creatives DAO, I understand that this call is important for the transition of our Creatives community and being seriously taken by councils. I do hope to contribute my part to Creatives with my understanding about the ecosystem & the dedication I have with NEAR so far.

Telegram handle: Telegram: Contact @williamxbf

1. My background in Near Ecosystem

Open Web Sandbox Vietnamese Regional Moderator (Oct 2021-Now)

  • Manage Vietnamese Discord channel
  • Feedback contributor’s work on Rolling opportunities
  • Discuss & make OWS DAOcisions for payout requests
  • Connect projects inside the Near ecosystem to form partnerships (Cheddar, BlueBit Finance, Raiz, …)
  • Recruit contributors & supervise contributor’s work
  • Handle calls & take care of projects & partnership requests

NxM DAO council (April 2022 - Now)

  • Review monthly proposals by artists (Projects & Events) & giving feedbacks
  • Create CFC & review other CFC proposals on NxM Astro DAO
  • Internal meetings & participate in partnership calls with external partners
  • Help with reviewing and formatting documents

Founder of VN Artists DAO

  • Administration work (Proposals writing, council meeting, community calls)
  • Outreach (Contacts DAOs within NEAR ecosystem for partnership)
  • Brainstorm activities with councils & DAO members
  • Astro DAOcisions

Community DAO council

  • Create bounty proposals to activate community
  • Participate in discussion & making DAOcision

2. How do I qualify for a Moderator position?

To make it easy to follow in decision making process, here’s my activities in correspondent to criteria mentioned above:

Previous successful proposals to Creatives & Marketing

Other inputs

  • Background: I come from Vietnam, where Blockchain has become an emerging topics in recent years with lively and active communities. I do hope that my contribution in Creatives can generate the diversity of our community & closely support for all regions.
  • Stats gallery:
  • Forum profile:

Thank you very much for considering my application to the call. Having determined to engage with the NEAR ecosystem, I take the process of reading, learning & contributing seriously to grow within the ecosystem. This is a big opportunity for me and my fellows who feel ready to contribute to the community in a higher commitment level. Let’s move forward!

William X


Wow a lot of applications indeed :hugs: I wish to be part of mod but since i havnt done any proposal yet in Creatives DAo , i guess i maintain low file. Congrats to those candidates :blush:



My name is Gabriel (GabrielMuse01 on Telegram). I’m delighted to offer my service as a Creatives DAO moderator.

I’m a:

• Member of NxM and a community manager

• Council member of Dance and Culinary DAOs.

• I anchored the VanChan Song Challenge

• Versed in the use of AstroDAO

As a [musician] ([Project Proposal] Proposal For The Recording Of An EP Titled "Love, Light And Peace"] - #8 by AugustKinge), writer, sports enthusiast, etc., and an avid user of this forum, I have interacted with the Creatives DAO many times, learning the modalities of its operations, and the responsibilities the great DAO shoulders.

I will consider it an honour to be selected to be a Creatives DAO moderator.




I want to apply for the Creatives DAO Mod position.

TG: @PaulCrans
NEAR wallet - crans.near

My experience:

Moreover, I’ve had helped the following DAOs in the creation process:

I’m a web3 passionate person, especially with an interest in:

  • music production,
  • music releases & entertainment,
  • DAO management,
  • Defi,
  • NFTs.

I want to continue gaining and expanding my knowledge in terms of decentralization, DAO management, and NEAR itself.
I believe that the Creatives DAO Mod position will allow me to do it in the upcoming 6 months period.

Thank you for your support and good luck everyone!
Cheers :beers:


Yo Paul, I’m sure if you become a Creative DAO Near council, the community expansion will be much more developed :blush:


Hello Team Creative DAO, I’m Jeromemrys.
I would like to apply for this position as a Moderator for Creative DAO.
I’ve been within the Near Ecosystem since 2021, after I attended a meeting held in my country, and since then, I’ve been contributing my little quarter to the growth of the ecosystem.

:lock:These has been my experiences working for Blockchain Ecosystems:
• Community Moderator.
• Social Media Manager.
• Marketer (Ambassador).
Also, These are the companies I’ve been able to share my experience with:
•Near Protocol (Immersion), Fusotao Protocol (part time), Metamon Crew (Currently), Atocha Protocol (Currently).

:lock:I’m also an artiste; I sing​:studio_microphone:, I write songs, I’m a Keyboardist :musical_keyboard:. With these creative skills of mine, this led to the growth of one of the best Music Guild on Near Protocol (9jaMusical), which I’m also the Team Core Lead.

Telegram: Contact @n9jaMUSICAL

:lock:I’m also one of the council member for 9jaMusical, and I’m familiar with Astro Dao


:lock: I’ve featured in a music competition hosted my Metaverse, and I emerged second.
@thephilosopher can testify to that.

With my Artistic Prowess, I would be able to onboard more creatives into the Music Scene which Near Protocol is building, spanning towards Music Labels, NFTs, etc.

You can reach me via:
Telegram: @jeromemrys1
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jeromemrys1
Discord: @jeromemrys#5137


Hello guys!

I’ll present the requested info for you to consider, as well as my reasons why I think I could add value to the team.

First of all:

I understand that been in a council DAO is a big responsibility to serve, rather than a privilege. You are not a boss, but a community server. And it is the same for moderation.
This is about working with different people, each one with a particular culture, religion, social context, or way to be. And it must be done with a high level of respect for others, kindly discussing different situations, no matter if people agree with your ideas or not. Yielding in many times, more than defending one’s ideas. And to be prepare for Giving the extra mile if necesary.

I take this as a serious job! And that is why I’ve been accepted in three different DAOs as a council member. I have been actively working in them for free, proposing Ideas, and working for improvements to the community, after proving my enthusiasm and my commitment to serve.

DAO Council

I’ve been doing my part in de governance forum as well. recognized as a Community DAO Member

my personal link to the forum here

Knowledge, skills, and profile

  • NCA, NCP, NCE approved
  • Creative Artist (Musician)
  • Blockchain enthusiast.
  • Linux Server Administrator, Webmaster, crypto trader.

My contributions to the NEAR Community.

Recently I’ve been named as a Project Manager for the NEAR VENEZUELA GUILD. Among with all of our great leaders, we are currently running a successful marketing vertical campaign for several projects coming from our Guild.

Despite I’m an artist on my own, I didn’t know about the creative group! That is why I would like to be part of it, to educate, to share knowledge and experiences, as I believe this is the truly way to set the bases for any ecosystem to sustain itself, and grow.

My NCE was based in a project for artists. It was about how to protect their creations for copyright affairs, through and NFT.

you can see my pitch deck HERE

you can see more in our web page (still in construction)

Wallet Stats

In this area, I’m still on the average, I consider that my work is just starting. it is just a matters of time to improve those numbers!

ramgor.near wallet stats

Thank you for taking part of your time to consider my proposal, I’m pretty sure there is a lot of excellent candidates here to fill your needs. My best desires for all of them! :muscle:


@Ligaya should apply for this!


Thanks Sir Sg​:relaxed: already write my Reply hehe thank you​:heart:


you are perfect for this work <3


Hello Eric. Read our Guides on Creatives - NEAR Forum and join us on our TG Group for learn more about the Creatives DAO =)


Always Supportive and Guide me to Join Near Ecosystem.
I wish you all the best :heart:


Hello Everyone

I’m Lea Arafah, a Transdisciplinary artist, curator, producer, chef and philosopher from Brazil(before my transition i was called blu_simon_wasem). Born a man, but finally comfortable to claim my ‘she’ pronome. My artist name is Blua Discórdia.

I work with art for the past 20 years, on Brazillian independent art scene, organizing, performing and teaching about contemporary art topics such as the philosophy behind the Noise. I do believe knowledge its bigger than the academia can support, but i still got 2 degrees done (Gastronomy and Music Therapy) but the philosopher’s diploma still not accomplish yet.

From last year i entered on web 3 and i dedicate myself as full time job, creating on Near ecosystem, specially after my personal project, Nomade Label, became a DAO in March. I will invite you to just type #nomadelabel-dao on forum, and we will have an overview on all the actions that we’v being taken so far. Also i’v being very active member of other daos like #the-clan-guild #creatives:muti-dao #cudo-dao #nxm-dao #gambiarra-dao and others.


Other project that i’v being idealizing and sharing the organization with other nomadelabel friends is the Antimétodo, an strategy to share knowledge on our online context, hacking techniques, debating philosophic matters and creating collectively.

I believe that the Moderator’s team should have experts on Humanities(arts and philosophy), that has an strong commitment with the community. Any human that cross my path on web3 can notice that I am very enthusiast, always try to understand and explain others what should we do to grow together.

My concern about the well being of our community is not measured in numbers, but carved by the quality of deep discussions of how web 3 can impact on future of artist worker´s class in Brazil and other urgent social issues that surround our local apocalyptic scenario.

My Personal statement as a web3 creative is that the only path for sustainability is to use own work as a tool for real social transformation, through Arts and sharing knowledge we can have change the world.

Hope to get my position on Creatives DAO Moderators Team
In one way or another, I will be here, working on the ecosystem


Mama Blua Loves you all