[OPEN CALL] ARTIST STIPEND #3 - Support for 2 Artists working with the theme of nature

Our stipend goes into the third round!

muti will again support 2 artists that work with the theme of nature and/or natural materials. This can range from sound to printing fabrics, working with permaculture in an artistic way, dance, 3D animation or natural patterns. As we would like to have the option to include the work in an exhibition within the next months, we are looking for artists that are based in Portugal.

Each artist will receive a stipend of 300 DAI to be working on a project for 4-8 weeks.

The stipend serves to give the artist the freedom of creation on a daily basis, being able to buy materials and without having financial pressure for the mentioned timeframe.

muti does not expect a work that will be monetized afterward, if the artist decides not to do so. In case physical items are produced during the stipend, the artist is free to use our mutibazaar (digitally & physically) to sell them.

We do request one or two NFTs as proof of participation. The NFT will be minted in the muti Mintbase store with 25% going to muti & 75% of royalties and splits to the artist.

In addition, the artist will write a brief report about the work that has been done during the time of the stipend.

The theme/topic is once again nature and natural materials. Hence we are looking for 2 artists who work with the theme of nature and/or include natural elements in their work.


  • Artists based in Portugal

  • The theme of nature/ work with natural materials, elements, patterns or sounds (digitally & physically)

  • Strong concept for the proposed work

How to participate:

  • Please fill out this google form
  • State your interest in the comments below


  • Applications open until 30.9.22

  • Applicants are chosen until 8.10.22


portfolio: https://celinavogensenart.wixsite.com/home

instagram: celinda.art.attack (fine arts) and celina.illustrates.science (scientific illustration)


I would like to create a mural for my hometown (Chaves, Portugal). The mural would be filled with fauna and flora of the region. There would also be a QR code in which people would be able to click and be redirected to a ‘digital natural world’. This world/environment would be interactive and they would be able to have more information of each species and how to conserve nature.
Chaves is a small town and in the interior of Portugal and having worked as a volunteer I notice how climate change is impacting the natural scenery (droughts, several fires). I would like to represent these species so that people are aware of what they are seeing and what should be taken care of. I want to educate and show how Nature is incredibly diverse and stunning.


I am interested and have filled out the google form. I really appreciate the opportunity to participate!

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Que projeto lindo e necessário! Acabei de me candidatar! :heart_eyes:


Hey my name is Bárbara Sousa de Sousa and I’m really interested in this opportunity.

You can check my work on my social media page (instagram) @desousa_____

I would like to take this opportunity to develop a series that could bring attention of the public to the importance and the individual responsibility of maintaining a link between the real and the digital. This could be done by bringing a reminder of earth to the digital world.

Thank you so much for the consideration.

Much Love

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I am very much interested :slight_smile: Application form already submitted and here is my instagram account and website for further information/works:


Thank you for the initiative!

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I sent my application! : ) obrigada!

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Completed my application and very interested :))

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Thank you all for your applications. The open call is now closed and on the 8th we will get back to you with the results :slight_smile:

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The two artists are
@celinda & @Madalena :


The artist hedvig.near will not be able to participate in the Open Call for personal reasons.