Onboarding 20 student in Yaba College of Technology

Hello, I’m Samuel Madu and my stage name is Ankarayw. I have being with the nxm family for 5month and i have contributed vividly to near and it ecosystem. I have a plan to on board 20 student in Yabatech and to empower them with the opening of near wallet and also funding the wallet to encourage them with the support of their school fees . I will be requesting 500$ in executing this plan.

Many Students in Yaba College of Technology, Yabatech have drop out of school because of financial instability, many struggle to feed and many give up their dreams and i am once a victim, thanks to @larkim who brought me in and empowered me. So this will be very important especially to Yabatech student.

I will be having a get together meeting with the students of Yabatech in a mini hall to educate them on Near protocol and it ecosystem and also encourage them to also make an impact to the growth of near and it ecosystem. I will be selecting 20 out of them for rewards

I will be needing a hall which will cost $150
Sounds instrument(Dj) will also cost $80
The 20 selected student will get a reward which will be in ‘Near’ after creating a near wallet. The budget for that is $170 with refreshment all making a total of $500

@kc_sollano @FritzWorm @Serhii @zubairansari07 By doing this, it will lead to the growth of near and it ecosystem and attract more people in working together to improve near protocol. It is important for the community that new opportunity for Yaba College of Technology have to be taken.

I will appreciate if the Council members look into it and i will be so delighted if my proposal is acceptable. Thank you @NatalieCrue and other Council members for your time.


In which country is this city located?

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Hello @Romanus ,

Thanks for the proposal.
I didn’t find a clear description: what hall cost 150$ and what it will provide in this price, why do you need a DJ for onboarding students, how many people you expect visit the event, how many wallets do you plan to open, how will you choose 20 selected students.
Why you ask for $500, but budget is 150+80+170 = 400?

Onboarding-dao already supported some events in Nigeria (Lagos), so we would like to support onboarding events in other countries to support decentralization, as one of the keys of blockchain technology.


@zubairansari07 Yabatech is an institution located in Lagos, Nigeria

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Sorry friend, we have supported many events past months from Africa, We want to give other regions chance as well for this month :slight_smile:


@mr_free thank you for your time… This is more of a seminar. The hall has a wide space and it is located in Yabatech, The hall comes with Air conditioner and also chairs will be provided. The Dj/sound engineer is going to bring the speaker,mic, basically they will be in charge of sound. Our expected invite is up to 60students and more and they will be registered and a group will be created for them for ease in opening near wallet for them. We are opening near wallet for all who attend. First 20 registered will be the selected ones. There will be refreshment for the attendant which i never added. Yaba College of Technology have not have a feel of Near as a community. I as a student of Yabatech and a president of OTM, Yabatech and as a Nxm family will want to bring the feel to Yabatech. The student of Yabatech are going through all lot of challenges and really need to know the advantage of crypto currency.

@zubairansari07 thank you for your concern. Yabatech need this. I personally talk to people on my own even before now. This year i have opened wallet ID for 5 students not near wallet and deposit little for them to keep, and i have support 1 for his school fees according to my power. I needed to do more for my people. This will be a great advantage for me and Near and it’s ecosystem.

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You are welcome.
Where can i check pricing of the location and photos of the location? It looks $150 is expensive for the room with air conditioner. I still didn’t understand why you need DJ/sound if you expect 60 persons.
Do you have ready a program for the seminar?
What’s your wallet?

@mr_free Thank you very much for your time. I will snap the hall and send it for you to see. Yabatech has a institution have different hall for rent. This particular one is $150 and based on i’m a bonafide student of the college, i’m being given that price and the hall is the least hall in Yabatech. It is higher when outsiders come to rent. We are renting sound system from the Dj and also his service and not basically playing music to entertain the audience. Well I have 2 person who are down to educate the audience which I have being planing this before now. I would appreciate if you look into this and kindly accept my proposal. I will be delight to earn your trust through this project. There will be pictures/video evidence of this event. Thank you.

You are welcome!
I would like to see the official pricing.
Also, I haven’t an idea about your experience in Near (I don’t see the seminar program, I don’t know when you were onboarded).

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@mr_free Thank you and I’m grateful for your concern. Well in Nigeria, there is no way you can get to check on the price except by communication with the representative of the hall through phone call or you are to send a representative here in Nigeria to do that if you want to. I haven’t done a seminar with near but I have being doing it personally by sharing experience and showing support to friends and people around me, educating them on crypto currency and it advantage for generation to come until @larkim introduce me to NxM around December in which I am still enjoying the beautiful time with the NxM family till I got to know other families under Near. I have had a successful project with the NxM family and I have my song minted during the space of 5month been active. I will be sending you the picture of the Hall today. Thank you for your time.

Sorry @Romanus, but as I mentioned earlier, Onboarding-dao already supported some events in Nigeria and would like to support events in other countries.
Also, I found that there is a dao with approved budget ([APPROVED] Young fresh creative dao: (funding request for april 2022)) with the main aim to promote NearEcosystem among the students in Nigeria. You could ask for support from them.

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@mr_free thank you. I need to rest my case now. Good job :ok_hand: for your response. Thanks to all Council members.